Stupidest Reason to Hate a Metal Band

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Because of their name

A bad band name doesn't mean bad music. Don't judge a book by it's cover after all. - Mrveteran

This is a very stupid reason to hate a band - christangrant

A better name for this list would be "Stupidest Reasons to Hate a Music Artist". - SwagFlicks

My friend doesn’t know who Megadeth is and he gives me a weird look whenever I’m listening to them

Because they are loud

Just lower the volume - yungstirjoey666

Indeed. A genre label like heavy metal doesn't exactly scream soft and quiet now does it? - Mrveteran

Being painfully loud is a brain-numbing cover for crappy music.

Because of where they are from

Somebody would seriously hate a band for a reason like this? It's their music that counts - all decent bands deserve to be appreciated no matter where they come from. - Entranced98

Just because Pantera is from the South of the USA doesn't mean they are a bad band - christangrant

If you hate a band just because they are from another country I question your intelligence - MetalWorldOrder

No, people don't hate them for where they are from. Some people actually ignore them. For example- Fokofpolisiekar. A great African band. I don't understand their language either. But I like their music. People don't hate them. But they don't like them either. Simply ignore them. - zxm

Because they are popular

Liking Metallica or Avenged Sevenfold does not make you a poser - yungstirjoey666

Metallica is popular and they are still making good music to this day - christangrant

Because they changed their sound

Just Metallica changed their sound doesn't mean the Black Album Load and Reload are bad albums - christangrant

It depends - if they changed their sound for the better it is stupid to hate them. - Metal_Treasure

Because someone left the band

Some people hate Metallica just because they kicked Dave Mustanie out of the band - christangrant

Because of their image

What happened to "don't judge by looks? " - yungstirjoey666

This goes for Glam Metal and Black Metal bands - christangrant

Yes, there is no need to judge a band because of their image made by online haters and media. - Ananya

Yes, glam metal may be a poser metal, the musicians may act like girls. But still glam metal have good songs. Guns N' Roses, Skid Row, Mötley Crüe, Whitesnake etc. - zxm

Because of their opinion

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine may be controversial for his opinions, but that doesn't take away from his musicianship for example. - Mrveteran

Because they switched the lead vocalist


Because they made one song you didn't like

Every music artist under the sun, even the best ones, created songs some people may not like. - Metal_Treasure

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Because the populars at your school hate them

This no is silly, popular kids are renowned to liking generic music, why would you choice to like generic music because of the kids that you will not be hanging out with ten years from now like it - germshep24

Because you don't think the band members are hot

I bet some Black Veil Brides fan dismisses actual bands just because they're not "attractive" enough. Like, music is about the music, not their image.
(not a hater of BVB, I honestly like a couple of their songs) - yungstirjoey666

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