Top Ten Stupidest Reasons to Commit Suicide


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1 You don't want to go to school

What if school is the source of your depression? - GleamingShadow

This could actually make sense. Could the person be depressed because of school? Could they be bullied? Could they be embarrassed?

Well a little part of the reason i’m suicidal is because school stresses me out.

Well it depends on why. Maybe they were getting bullied a lot.

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2 You played Bubsy 3D

Good reason, actually.

That game is awful, so there's a good reason. - Powerfulgirl10

3 You found out you could blink


I can't stop laughing at this list. - Powerfulgirl10

This is literally stupid.

4 SpongeBob SquarePants got cancelled

SpongeBob is still airing. - Ilovestephanie

You must be VERY immature if you kill yourself over a show. - Powerfulgirl10

It's just a show. - Jordansalesguy2392

Eh, SpongeBob is declining in quality so yea... - AlphaQ

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5 You want to visit Jesus

The fifth stage of grief, acceptance.

You would actually visit the devil of the Bible is correct.

wow lol

Jesus exists. this is not meant to be offensive just my opinion.(i'm Christian)

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6 Your Favorite TV Show is not on Right Now

I have 2. Adventure Time and Regular Show. I still like other shows like South Park which is mature and a good example for kids and Family Guy (though it's become more inappropriate it's fine). - AlphaQ

7 Forgot to save in a video game

I'm gamer but this reason is so dumb. - DarkBoi-X

Lol or even worse deleting a profile in a video game.

This list is so weird yet so funny. It's just a game. Start over. - Powerfulgirl10

Deal with it. marathon games make start all the way back to the beginning.

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8 You got Rickrolled

Rickrolled Yes! I heard of this term on Spotify lyrics powered by genius I never got rickrolled but I first recognize the song from family guy. - Kevinsidis

Lol - Neonco31

9 You had to watch Video Brinquedo movies
10 You accidentally got someone's skin color wrong in fanart

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11 Tyga broke into your house and won't stop humping your goat

why - GleamingShadow

Can confirm



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12 You had to watch Super Minecraft Kid

Just because you've watched a racist 11 year old squeaker doesn't mean you have to kill yourself . God has sent you on this earth for a reason. And you were not sent here to commit suicide, you have a big future waiting for you. You will have a great life if you don't kill yourself .

13 You're bored

Stupedest thing ever, bored? go jack off

14 Your boyfriend left you

Who cares? Everyone should have the opportunity to feel loved and if it ends, remember it, don't kill that moment. I agree with two comments down. I get it of girls go through hard breakups but, remember girls, he's a jerk. And also, whatever, get a new one! Take me for example, My boyfriend left me two months ago and now I have a new, much better boyfriend than before, also who cares? - Swiftdawn

No its not. I attempted because of this.

Still is a dumb reason whether it was you who attempted it or not. - DarkBoi-X

I mean I get it if girls go through a hard breakup. But if it's just one that you didn't car3 about then there is no reason to care

This is like, 50% of girl suicides these days. - AnonymousChick

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15 TheTopTens went offline


I would be sad, but not enough to die. - Powerfulgirl10

Product place ment

That would be great

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16 Just out of curiosity to see what would happen if you died
17 Your TV broke

*cries* My true love I stared at everyday!

18 You are forced to go to a Justin Bieber concert

It's better to die rather than going to justin's show.

I would actually rather commit suicide. - RockFashionista

Someone replace Justin Bieber's name with - AlphaQ

I'd rather shoot myself in the heart than go to a Justin Bieber concert. - Powerfulgirl10

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19 Liv and Maddie got cancelled


I am not into Liv and Maddie, so I would be okay with it getting cancelled. - anonygirl

That would be a dream actually. - Powerfulgirl10

Why? It's just a show. If you don't like it, don't care about it. It's ridiculous to be happy over a show getting cancelled. - Jasmine21064

I didn't mind the first 5 episodes then sh! t became cringey and awful. 0/10 - AlphaQ

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20 You are over 90 years old and in pain

This is actually a good reason why you want to commit suicide.

Sorry, I read the title wrong. I read it as "Top Ten Reasons to Commit Suicide", not "Top Ten Stupidest Reasons to Commit Suicide." - anonygirl

21 Your favorite character on Supernatural died
22 Because it's monday

Fun fact:The day I attempted suicide was on a Monday.

Goodbye cruel world - Disturbedpotato

23 Justin Bieber becomes the next Micheal Jackson

Justin Bieber will never become the next Michael Jackson...

But what if Justin Bieber is actually good? - AlphaQ

I would. I'm gonna see you never

oh yess

24 You hate Sword Art Online

I am in the middle of watching SAO... lol

Seriously, you can just watch better anime series if you don't like it. I love it, but I don't think people should kill themselves just because other people love it and they don't. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

25 Someone took the last piece of cake or pie


26 Your phone got destroyed

Yes boo your so relight

Just go buy a new one, for Pete's sake! - Powerfulgirl10

What if you are broke because your evil brother stole it to buy cancer like Disney? - AlphaQ

27 Boredom

When I've tried to kill myself when I was bored. It's not the boredom, it's the underlying mental illness that makes you unable to deal with boredom - aka antisocial personality disorder

28 You don't have a girlfriend

Hah I will never have a girlfriend and I do not want one. I think I'm to ugly and I struggle to open peanut butter jar lids. So I am not really interested in girls at all.

This is NOT FUNNY! This isn't a ridiculous reason at all! People need love!

Lonliness is actually a common cause of suicide - Evanmb36

Listen, I'm on the verge of suicide because of loneliness so why don't you just go off!

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29 Favorite show got cancelled

Regular Show got cancelled. Oh well, at least Adventure Time isn't...but Regular Show... - AlphaQ

30 People don't like Liv and Maddie

No need to commit suicide.

Disney1994 might relate to this. - Powerfulgirl10

Someone had to add it. - Puga

31 You got bullied

It actually is a dumb reason.Just get stronger and beat up the bullies. - DarkBoi-X

It's not a stupid reason.

This is actually a legitimate reason why people commit suicide

No at all weird, in fact bullies should commit suicide

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32 YouTube went offline
33 You don't have the newest iPhone

I'm glad I don't have the newest iPhone because it doesn't have a headphone jack.

I have the iPhone 6S and right now there's the iPhone 420 which allows you to be high. - AlphaQ

Ewww iPhone

34 You have a terrible runny nose
35 You lost a game

That's stupid

36 Being allergic to cats or dogs

I am allergic to cats but I wont kill myself that's just stupid - TheMinecraftGamer

Dogs are awesome though...cats just smell... - AlphaQ

37 You're so happy you want to die

I wanna die - DarkBoi-X

If animal jam shut down, then that's a dream come true, and I would probably be so happy that I'd do this

Lol the list should be top ten funny reasons to commit suicide

Try to get angry or sad at least before dying. - Powerfulgirl10

38 You become lactose intolerant
39 You step on a Lego

I just imagined a boy screaming because he stepped on a lego, and then commits suicide. Dang that's stupid. - Powerfulgirl10

40 Scarlett Johansson Died in a Car Accident
41 You got raped

Why would u commit suicide over this?

I think that’s a good reason.

42 You did not want to help your family
43 Your favorite celebrity died

Not stupid

44 Your Favorite YouTube User did not Post any New Videos
45 You don't have a boyfriend
46 Failing your exams

Finals are extremely important. Colleges, your friends, your family. You have to get a good grade for them.


47 You overslept

That's the worst reason

48 Your car blew up

Horrible cars these days

Like I said, go buy a new one. - Powerfulgirl10


Totally not

49 You found someone twerking

I would not be pleased by this. - Powerfulgirl10

If Tyga Twerks, hand me the bleach... - AlphaQ

50 You're too attractive

Um I think this is backwards. I would love to be attractive

Then get uglier. Problem solved. - Powerfulgirl10

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