Top 10 Stupidest Reasons for Hating On Undertale


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21 The game "would have been so much better if it was made by Nintendo"

What... who cares? Also to the person below me, you can't believe everything you hear just because matpat said it. It's just a theory, a theory, thanks for reading

Ummm guess what? Earthbound was made by Nintendo and is connected to undertale

22 The player character's movement is a little too slow

It's a kid. Probably not even 7 year old.

You can't hate a game because of a character's movement. (Well you can, but that's kinda stupid). It would be more of a nitpick.

23 "Video games are for autistic nerds"

Then how do you know what undertale is

24 "The fanbase has autistic people in it, and in my humble opinion, anyone with autism deserves to burn in hell and never come back again"

Whoever wrote this deserves exactly this.

That, is just, mean! - Skullkid755

25 Alphys is a fat weeaboo nerd loser, which apparently automatically makes her the worst-written character in the game even though she is actually the best-written

I heard that

26 "Every game has to be on Playstation or XBOX or else I'm not playing it"

Actually Undertale is supossed to be coming out for both of these so haters now what

27 "Anything related to or made by Nintendo sucks"

Undertale isn’t even Nintendo, so what’s your point...?

28 "The game feels outdated and poorly designed compared to (insert outdated, overrated and poorly designed game here)"

Symphony Of The Night - xandermartin98

29 The storyline is "too confusing" despite the fact that almost every core detail of it is laid out on a silver platter
30 The game's fanbase is a crap-post machine

It's mostly true. - MKBeast

31 The game is overexposed by Let's Players
32 The game takes a lot of inspiration from games like Earthbound, automatically making it a "blatant ripoff"

Sorry but Toby fox is the person who made a howoleen hack for earthbound and also owns a little bit of it and there are therious undertale
and earthbound are connected like mother and earthbound

33 The game's fanbase is "too big"

Fnaf is that you

34 The game "reminds me too much of Homestuck"

Maybe because it's the same developer?

35 The game is not entirely an RPG


36 The fandom is apparently so horrible compared to every other massively horrible fandom of the past few decades

Fnaf's fandom is waay worse.

37 Trying to get attention by trolling

That I could agree with but its funny and a good thing

38 Being able to actually communicate with other characters like a real human being is "2 boring and stupid 4 me"
39 The game has LGBT relationships in it
40 Mettaton is "too sexy"

This one is actually funny

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1. Ten dollars is "too expensive" of a price tag for the game
2. The graphics are "not next-gen enough"
3. The game is fantastic yet extremely overrated, which automatically makes it "bad"



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