Top 10 Stupidest Reasons for Hating On Undertale


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41 Genocide is "the only enjoyable way to play the game"

Call the cops

Who ever thinks this is a genoside. - lolololololol

genocide - lolololololol

42 Being forced to mass-murder every lovable character in the game is apparently supposed to be a fun time

The Mercy and Save buttons are there for a reason, stupid.

43 Sparing things is "hard"

Again it is easy nobody gets it's a process and som things you use an item people don't know because they suck at the game

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44 "I can't play a game without online multiplayer"

I can, but when it's not good singleplayer, it isn't. Just saying, Undertale is great though.

45 The entire game being designed by one person apparently reeks of "low effort"

He spend 2 years on this, designed the background, wrote the story, created the characters AND made the songs.

46 The lovingly crafted and heartfelt joyride of a storytelling experience is "nothing more than a soulless, uninspired fad designed to be as overrated as possible"
47 "RPGs are for losers"

That is also not true! - lolololololol

Your moms a loser

48 "Indie games suck"

I prefer regular games over indie games, but there are good indie games. - Skullkid755

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49 "Game Maker sucks"

Your gramer sucks

50 The game giving you an actual morality system with actual freedom of choice is "too preachy"
51 The enemy encounter rate is "too high"

Again no and so

52 The game having actual consequences for killing things is apparently "too much to deal with"

It has a lot of consequences if you play the whole game but you losers don't

53 The game reaching meme status on the Internet is apparently something that hasn't happened before

Tell this to Overwatch.

54 "It isn't my type of game so it sucks"


55 It isn't the best game ever, which automatically makes it "the worst game ever"

That makes no sense so every signal game in the world that is second best or lower sucks?

56 Childish jealousy of how popular the game became
57 The game "tries too hard to be edgy"
58 The game's battle system involves no strategy whatsoever, which really isn't that much less than most RPG battle systems involve
59 "Gameplay is the only thing that matters in a game"
60 "Games like Pokemon Red/Blue are better than Undertale because I have so much nostalgia for them"

That I could agree with because I love Pokemon red and blue but after that is undertale

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