Top 10 Stupidest Reasons for Hating On Undertale


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61 Anything with anthropomorphic animal characters in it is automatically labeled as "furry trash"

Just because it has anthropomorphic animals doesn't make it furry trash. What matters are how the characters act.

62 Cave Story was considerably less overhyped than Undertale, which apparently also makes Cave Story less overrated somehow
63 Overhyped is apparently the same thing as overrated
64 Setting unrealistically high expectations of the game before playing it

I'm planning on getting the game on steam, but I'm making sure to make my expectations normal. - Skullkid755

65 The art style is "hideous" and "unacceptable"

It's a rpg it's supposed to be that way

66 The game "stole" its title from Cave Story V 1 Comment
67 "Cave Story was better than this game in my opinion and Cave Story was free"
68 The characters are "too cute"

Um that makes you a furry you pecificly because they have no affect on me so that makes you a furry

69 It "needs more DLC and microtransactions"

AkA, the bane of Gamer's existence.

70 The title is "stupid"

The title is the premise summed up. It's a tale in the Underground.

71 "The game won't let me play as Ness"

It isn't earthbound, it is it's cousin. - Skullkid755

72 "Earthbound was better so this game sucks"

That makes no sense and earthbound is a great game and so is undertale

73 "Having emotions and actually feeling for the characters is for losers"

You know the first game ever pong was for getting people closer and having control and these stupid call of duty games are just shooters with no story and are boring that is my opinion though

74 "All of the people who defend this overrated piece of trash are clearly hipsters even though I am probably an even bigger hipster myself for hating on it in the first place"
75 So Sorry is a disgusting fetish character who doesn't deserve to be in the game (even though he has literally no actual role in the game whatsoever)
76 All of the characters are "talentless ripoffs" of characters I've already seen before V 1 Comment
77 "Video games are for autistic nerds"

Then how do you know what undertale is

78 "The fanbase has autistic people in it, and in my humble opinion, anyone with autism deserves to burn in hell and never come back again"

Whoever wrote this deserves exactly this.

V 1 Comment
79 Real men play "man games"

Actually real men use real tones and hunt or go to a real shooting range not sit on there ass and playing call of duty

80 The vast majority of the game's fanbase is thankfully "too old for video games"
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1. Ten dollars is "too expensive" of a price tag for the game
2. The graphics are "not next-gen enough"
3. The game is fantastic yet extremely overrated, which automatically makes it "bad"



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