Top 10 Stupidest Reasons for Hating On Undertale


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81 All of the characters are "talentless ripoffs" of characters I've already seen before

Skeletons named after fonts,
A homosexual, spear knight fish lady,
A self-centered transgender robot and a dorky lizard scientist are characters you have seen before?!

82 Real men play "man games"

Actually real men use real tones and hunt or go to a real shooting range not sit on there ass and playing call of duty

83 The vast majority of the game's fanbase is thankfully "too old for video games"
84 "My cat is way cuter than Temmie will ever be"

Does this even count as a reason?

85 "I hate memes"
86 "I hate everything"

Then you hate saying that

87 The game's fanbase is "full of pedophiles"
88 A game having an acutal, legitimate, sophisticated moral message is too much for the average gamer's brain to properly comprehend because they're freaking drooling idiots
89 Pewdiepie played the game and Pewdiepie sucks
90 "I hate puns"
91 "Walking Simulator 2015"
92 The game is "too cliched and cheesy" when games like Sonic exist
93 "Having an imagination is retarded"
94 The True Lab segment of the game isn't long enough

True. - xandermartin98

95 The game "copied" Portal by having blue and orange color-coded attacks

No there way more then that your just to stupid to notice

96 The game feels "too much" like Earthbound

Because Toby fox owns a bet of earthbound and made the Halloween hack

97 "Too much grinding"

There is no grinding only in genocide and genocide is the shortest route

98 I can't defeat Sans on the Genocide Route

That's your problem he's ranked hardest boss of 2015 for a reason

99 Megalovania is overused


100 "Everything made by Toby Fox deserves to die in a fire where it belongs"

He made hollowed hack on earthbound and help designed mother

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