Top Ten Stupidest Reasons to Get Arrested


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1 For speaking out against a corrupt government
2 For disliking a popular youtuber

You can't get arrested for that

If this wasn't legal, I'd probably be arrested for hating Pewdiepie. - Powerfulgirl10

Who is pewdipie

If it is illegal I'd probably be in prison for hating HowToBasic.
PS I am ashamed to subscribe to channels that are trash to me. - njalabi63989

3 For speaking out against feminists

If this was law in America, I'd be jailed for life. (Anti-feminist as kriff, guys.) - RiverClanRocks

4 For making memes

I heard about a Mexican congresswomen who wants to outlaw memes because it can be humiliating and if you do make memes about her in Mexico you would have to spend 4 years in jail and pay about 2000 pesos. - Jordansalesguy2392

5 For trolling on the internet V 1 Comment
6 For speaking out against safe spaces on colleges
7 For giving a business on yelp a bad review
8 For having coffee

I don't drink coffee, so I'd be lucky. But my brother and mom both drink it. - Powerfulgirl10

Well, I don't like coffee so there's no way that I'll get arrested - funnyuser

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9 For disliking a music artist

What if it's Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj? There's no way this should be illegal. - Powerfulgirl10

10 For singing happy birthday

Lol. I bet when someone starts singing it, the police will barge in and arrest that innocent person if this was illegal. - Powerfulgirl10

I don't know anyone that's got arrested for doing that,That really is stupid any police that arrest someone for doing that is a moron

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11 For taking someone else's parking spot

"You're under arrest for taking Johnny's parking spot." God, this is stupid. - Powerfulgirl10

12 For being a brony

I know a couple people that are going to jail then. - funnyuser

This definitely is a stupid reason

This sounds awkward

Bobbythebrony would be mad if he sees this. - njalabi63989

13 For texting lol,4,ur,u,etc.

All I say is "lol," so I'd probably be arrested for 2 years. - Powerfulgirl10

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14 For watching My Little Pony

I'm definitely not going to get arrested for this, because I don't even like the show. - Powerfulgirl10

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15 For being a certain race
16 For being born in North Korea

There's a good chance that if your born in North Korea, you will be born imprisoned in a concentration camp.

That is so racist. Nobody should be arrested for that. - Powerfulgirl10

17 For murdering flies

Well they bother us, so that's why we kill them. - Powerfulgirl10

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18 For hating The Lion King

Seriously, I swear to god, most TLK fans are close-minded that they treat their favorite movie like it's a family member when it isn't.

19 For killing in self defense

Well... Actually people get arrested in India for that,

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20 For littering

I guess this makes sense, but I don't think they should go to prison. - Powerfulgirl10

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1. For speaking out against a corrupt government
2. For disliking a popular youtuber
3. For speaking out against feminists



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