Stupidest Reasons to Get Grounded

The Top Ten Stupidest Reasons to Get Grounded

1 Swearing

This is the correct way to get grounded if you swear at your parents.

This is a stupid list. - RalphBob

2 Eating Food

That makes me think of those grounded videos where a character gets grounded for getting fat at a restaurant. - Murvine_Taylor

3 Hitting

... Why is this on this list?

4 Pissing Yourself
5 Watching South Park

No parent should ever let their kid watch south park. Kids don't know any better so that's why you parents shouldn't show your kids this kind of stuff. Along with other disturbing stuff.

6 Using the Internet

If you're 7 years old and you're watching porn then that's a correct way to get grounded!

7 Smiling

This is a GoAnimate type of grounding.

8 Dancing
9 Dying

I didn't ask you to die! Go to your room! - PositronWildhawk

10 Having a Nightmare

I've seen grounded videos where Caillou got grounded for having a nightmare, which is absurd because it's not like he was planing on having a nightmare. - Murvine_Taylor

The Contenders

11 Fighting Someone from School
12 Watching The Simpsons

It's not even that bad! - PizzaGuy

13 Not Thinking That the Garbage Disposal Sounds Like Chewbacca Taking a Crap
14 Farting

You farted! And it stinks too! Go to your room and think about what you done! - funnyuser

15 Lying
16 Watching Battle for Dream Island

Bfdi should never be a reason to get grounded also parent hears bfdintro parent :your grounded

17 Watching Youtube

Unless it's something inapproriate - Discord1

18 Hurting Yourself
19 Having a 'weird' Name

That's what happened to Caillou in the grounded series. He even got grounded for saying his name as a baby just because his parents wanted to name him David. - Murvine_Taylor

20 Being a Kid
21 For Getting an F in School

I know! You shouldn't be grounded or lectured for bad grades. It just makes us feel unnecessarily guilt and hate learning more.

22 Being on your devices too long

This is just unfair!

23 Playing With Yourself
24 Picking Your Nose
25 Crying

I got grounded for watching a show that said "crap" once. I was 11, I got my laptop taken away for 3 weeks.

26 Eating
27 Watching Sesame Street
28 Having Diarrhea
29 Being Sick
30 Hating Barney
31 Watching Regular Show
32 Falling off a Cliff
33 Pooping

Ki U how dare you poppy that's it grunses!

34 Being Alone
35 Watching uolliaC
36 Failing a Test
37 Not Doing Homework
38 Not Doing a Sport

I recently got grounded for this. SHOULDN'T IT ME MY CHOICE?

39 Watching Go! Baby
40 Going Outside Without Shoes

The family was in a rush so I grabbed my socks and shoes, and without thinking ran to the car. I got called an idiot and got grounded for two days but my dad thinks two days should be three days.

41 Not Doing Your Chores

I once forgot to do the dishes and that almost got each and every single one of my privileges taken away. (T.V., tablet, friends, computer, going out somewhere fun, etc.)

42 Losing at Rock, Paper, Scissors.
43 Listening to Kids Music

I got grounded for listening to the greatest showman (I was 11)

44 Watching Total Drama
45 Sleeping
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