Top Ten Stupidest Reasons to Get Suspended from School

So here's a list of some of the most ridiculous and absurd reasons to get suspended from school. My GOD it's been forever since I've made another list. Holy cow...

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41 For writing stories about teenagers getting pregnant

Whatever happened when you write fan fictions about Star Butterfly being pregnant even though she's 14 and you get in detention until 5 while the principal makes you clean the desks? What's next? Teenagers getting pregnant with ghosts?

42 Shipping your classmates together

Okay, I'll be honest here.
For example, a friend of mine had a crush on this boy when we were in 7th grade. The three of us are classmates now. So when the teacher assigned them to sit near each other, I'm like "I SHIP IT" and would fangirl in the inside.
Another example, the boy and the girl are friends. And they once sat near each other. The two would talk to each other so closely. And one time, the boy lended the girl his jacket and I thought It was so cute.
And unfortunately, while I don't really like anime yaoi nowadays, I ship two of my male classmates because they're always hugging each other, helding each others' hands and one even said that If he didn't got the same public high school (In here, private elementary and middle schools are the bomb, but as for high schools, people rather choose public ones to have a higher chance to get into the most prestigious universities in the country. Although many rather have college ...more - MLPFan

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