Top Ten Stupidest Reasons to Get in Trouble

We all have those days when our parents just get mad at us for stupid reasons. Here's ten of the dumbest reasons to get in trouble.

Shout out to BlueFrostOfThunderClan for helping me make this list!

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1 For being autistic

Cop: your under arrest! Me: is that so hmmh! Cop:that is enough of that you have the right to remain silent whatever you do will be used against you in a court of law you have the right to an attorney if for those who cannot afford one will have a attorney given to you you have the right to know and do you agree with the rights than shall it be!

Whoever made their kid get in trouble for being autistic, let me tell you this: Did your child ever CHOOSE to have autism?! - HyenaLover

Ever notice how whenever a list mentions autism and someone's says that they have it? No offense but I didn't know they're were that many. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

I'm not saying they're all like this, but most autistic people I've met are either violent, unintelligent, or whiny. And this is coming from an autistic person!

While I do not necessarily agree with your comment, I know where you're coming from. I am autistic, and I do not like being autistic because as a child, I got placed with unsuccessful autistic students and not successful, nice students. As a result, no one (except for Special Ed teachers and a few special needs students) knew me at all. That made me feel lonely. You are an awesome person. - anonygirl

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2 For listening to certain music

Why would people get in trouble for listening to certain music? A couple of curse words won't cause the end of the world or anything!

I listen to my favorite songs and my parents say that it's either really annoying or makes them wanna fall asleep

Yup. It's true. All these reasons sound like reasons that would be used for someone being grounded in a lame Go! Animate grounded video. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yeah, like listening to music with sexual and inappropriate lyrics. - DynastiSugarPop

Ok one time I showed my friend a Slipknot song called "Wait and Bleed", which is one of the few songs by them that doesn't even swear. The teachers got mad and wanted me to put my phone on her desk. She told me I'm not allowed to listen to music that swears when it only said "hell" in it. - Metalmaniakkk

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3 For missing an episode of a TV show

People get in trouble for this?

Ever heard of iPlayer? - Entranced98

I have missed every episode of my favorite T.V. shows. I even missed a new episode of The Loud House! - DynastiSugarPop

What the hell
this is a stupid reason to get in trouble - RoseCandyMusic

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4 For using your device or playing games

This is just unfair! Its our devices! I'm not on devices 24/7. What do you do when you're bored?!

That's so messed up. What else will you do when you're bored? - Powerfulgirl10

This is very relatable.

I barely have anything else to do when I'm bored. - njalabi63989

There are actually lots of things to do, so this is an excuse. You could read, draw a picture, play outside, spend time with your family, study, tidy your room, make up a fun story using your imagination, play board games, or with siblings or friends, you could play hide-and-seek or tag (Outside.) - Flowerfriend4407

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5 For breathing


Wut... I hope you’re joking... because, wouldn’t that teacher have been fired? That’s even worse than having to run up and down a staircase as punishment (mom’s teacher)

I had a teacher who was so strict, you weren't allowed to breathe during her lessons.
She would stand out in the front going

NO BREATHING! - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

6 For "wasting" money 

In 2013 one of the arcades at Seaside Heights NJ had a coin operated horse. As usual, I got on it. I had no idea that it was broken until I put some quarters in. It would not move at all. I thought that it didn't move because I was over the weight limit (it had a sign that said max. weight is 75 lbs), so I got off of it. It STILL wasn't moving. My parents were like "Good job you wasted my 50 cents on a fake horse that doesn't even work".

I don't waste my money... because they're's nothing I want to buy.

Control freaks and their whacked up ideas

I got grounded for buying a bag of Cheetos without asking. - Drawbox

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7 For wearing certain clothes

This is for real. Schools and restaurants and other public places enforce dress codes all the time.

If you're wearing see-through clothes, I think scolding would be needed. - BKAllmighty

I wanna wear jogging bottoms and a hoodie but of course, I have to look all fancy and formal - jmepa1234

There's a fine line between wearing whatever you want and dressing up for a porno. - MKBeast

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8 For eating junk food

Vegetarians need to eat meat to be a big boy/girl. Some vegetables are good but some meat is good to me. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

Meat isn't junk food. Stupid hippies! In fact, meat can be as healthy as your vegan crud.

So what if I had a few slices of pizza?! What I eat is not your concern!

For Asians it’s eating in general. Then they make you lose weight if you gain even 1 lb. My relatives are Asian and they have this food bipolar thing where during vacations and family parties they would feed a lot of food to us and afterwards our parents would call us fat and make us go on a diet.

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9 For Existing

I calculated my misery, and it is true me existing is the worst disasters ever

This is what leads to suicide

My existence can not be fixed, and I feel hated.

In GoAnimate, Boris has grounded Caillou for existing. - Murvine_Taylor

10 For not playing with younger siblings

Lol who plays with siblings? - Ananya

I don't have any younger siblings, so I unfortunately would not be able to relate to this one. - anonygirl

Exactly! I can barely relax with my brother!

Ugh! When I don't want to play, I DON'T WANT TO PLAY! DAMN!

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11 For hearing a dirty joke in a cartoon show

When I was younger my parents wouldn't let me watch Simpsons because of this.

Not my probably that Adventure Time was supposed to be a teens show. - AlphaQ

Well, at least I didn't get in trouble for that. - DynastiSugarPop

12 For having an unpopular opinion

A lot of people I know cannot respect or try to change my opinion on things. When I told one of my friends that I hate anime the started saying "Why? " and "It's Awesome! ". and when I tell someone to stop ranting they start ranting about my opinion. I still wonder why I am still friends with these people. And I was ranted at by 15 people just because I said "I don't support Donald Trump". And my brother will not shut up with his ranting.

There are just some unpopular opinions that are more honest or even better than some popular opinions. (Like saying The Lion King should be hated and not deserve the praise it gets, while saying another film(s), like, well heck, even the worst non-Disney films, are better than The Lion King) Sorry but that's the truth.

@Disney1994 You can stop saying your life sucks. At least you're not in poverty.

Disney1994 will spank me with a belt for this if I was his child - Nateawesomeness

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13 For getting hurt

My Asian family thinks that no matter how minor an injury it, there is a chance that it could be fatal.

But what if it's so serious that you need to go to a hospital? That's so messed up. - Powerfulgirl10

On GoAnimate, I saw a video of Caillou jumping on Rosie's bed, getting injured, and getting in huge trouble. In that same video, Rosie jumped on Caillou's bed, got injured the same way Caillou did, and got proper treatment and care. - anonygirl

*Falls off stairs* *gets arrested* - AlphaQ

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14 For watching Regular Show

WHO EVEN HATES REGULAR SHOW? I respect opinions but I don't get why someone would hate this awesome show. Oh, cause it's supposed to be for adults but teens watch it instead?...Well same with a South Park. I'm always nagged for watching that show. It is t THAT bad. - AlphaQ

Oh come on, is it THAT BAD? - BorisRule

15 For having a horrible life

It depends on how you define "a horrible life". If you're defining a horrible life because you or someone you love is homeless, being abused, or lives in extremely violent place, then I can understand why this is a bad reason to get in trouble. However, if they are just hating their lives over different opinions, then this is no particular reason because their lives are not actually horrible. They just claim it is horrible because people have different interests. - anonygirl

Parents: (yelling at me because my cousins/sister did something bad and I got blamed for it)

Me: FML! >:(

Mom: So? Who cares if you think your life is horrible?

No one should have anything handed to them on a silver platter, but no one should have that said platter thrown at them before the person who threw it beats them down. - MKBeast

Yes just I am having a lot of stress super stressed out sorry mr Pawella I just have too many people convincing me not to get mad 😡 but then they do or I do then

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16 For farting or burping

YES! When my younger cousins burp it's OK but when I do it my parents reprimand me for "overeating", even though I say excuse me and they don't! >:(

This happens a lot on GoAnimate videos, but I rarely see this happen in real life. - anonygirl

17 For not wanting to eat something

In November 2010, I had a soup that made a second appearance as vomit the next day. As a result I developed an aversion to it in fear that it will make me sick again. That December, I went to a party and that particular dish was being served. I absolutely refused to eat it due to my experience the previous month. My mom was mad at me. (It's gonna take me a while before that was accepted into my diet again! )

My dad forced me to eat some gross soup a few times. The soup itself looked like somebody ate too much and couldn't take it. And I'm talking about Chunky's soup. - Powerfulgirl10

I absolutely hate how some parents raise their children. I was forced to eat small servings of food that tasted like garbage at what they call a "fancy" place.

My grandma HATES it when I don't like something. She always says, "Oh, one day you'll like it and regret today when you didn't eat it."

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18 For not wanting to go anywhere

I'm always this way. I prefer to stay alone in my room all the time. I understand having to go to school, but other than that, I don't want to be dragged around to places I don't care about. I also get forced to come outside of my room and "visit" with my parents, even though I hate that too. - Element119

This list is pretty relatable - and really well-made. - Elina

When I don't want to go to shop, I didn't and stay home.

That used to happen to me all the time when I was younger. Since I am old enough to stay home by myself, this rarely happens anymore. - anonygirl

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19 For doing homework

This happened to me...while I was in another class!

Why should someone get in trouble for doing what he/she is supposed to do? That does not make any sense. - anonygirl

20 For having unhealthy obsessions

The problem is that an unhealthy obsession can ruin your life. Just look at those rabid Jiminy Cricket fangirls on deviantArt; their unhealthy obsession with the character came to the point that they treat him like he's a real person, their boyfriend, their true love or *gasp* their mate, so much that they dream of getting it down with him, and once they realize the errors of their ways they threaten to commit suicide by writing suicidal journals or comments on their deviantArt pages. This is not good behavior, and can be very bad for your own health, well-being and reputation.

I'm surprised Disney1994 didn't comment on this item about hating his life over this. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

My mom is upset about me having a thing for Apache helicopter porn. - MKBeast

At school, people never watched Strange Things but I do. My parents watched it and even my sister. - DynastiSugarPop

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21 For reading a book

My parents only want me to read chapter books, and my 5th grad teacher won't let me read comic books

How could you get in trouble over this?! It's for entertainment and learning! If anybody gets punished over reading a book, then I fell so sorry for them. - Powerfulgirl10

What? People get in trouble for reading books? What is wrong with this world?

That's so dumb

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22 For defending yourself

There is ro reason for trying to do the right thing and geting in trouble for it

That's happened to me a billion times, and I did not like it at all. - anonygirl

No right to defend yourself? What if you're in danger? - Neonco31

When my cousins were younger they would be aggressive towards me and I would end up getting in trouble for it >:(

23 For being lazy

same dude

For a semi-good reason, sort of. - MKBeast

Well in my defense, what have you done all week? Watch T.V. and complain
What have I done? I wrote a 1700 word essay in three hours, played in a soccer game, had no food or drink for over 12 hours, and went to school. And now YOU want ME to take out the trash? - AnonymousChick

This is my life. My parents would be like: You are so lazy! You just sit there and play the iPad all day long!

I do exercise! >:(

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24 For hating Justin Bieber

This actually happened. I told my parents I dodn't like him or 1D and they said 'oh well you need to be nicer. You need to have an open mind. Your music sucks too.' - AnonymousChick

25 For taking a device to school

My dad yelled at me for taking my tablet to school back in 7th grade. Now my mom grounded me for taking my phone to school! WHAT? She grounded me because of THAT? - DynastiSugarPop

But what if you need to take a device to school? - njalabi63989

I don't bring my laptop to school, I use tablets - Neonco31

Happened to me

26 For playing video games

Especially if it's M-rated or whatnot when it has no effect on real behavior. It is fiction, not reality. What's wrong with people nowadays?

I once got in hot water because I was playing American Truck Simulator. YES AMERICAN TRUCK!

I rather play video games than watch cartoons.

I played Modern Warfare and never got in trouble. Lucky me! - Neonco31

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27 For hating The Lion King

Too many people protect this movie too much and not realize it's permanent flaws.

I love The Lion King, but you should not get in trouble for disliking it. The part where Mufasa died was disturbing for many people. - anonygirl

I was actually happy that Mufasa died. He's a bad guy.

Remove this item off the list. - DynastiSugarPop

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28 Watching certain videos on YouTube

What if the video is unsuitable? - TwilightKitsune

I have a friend at school who can only watch Aphmau and some other YouTuber since they're "kid-friendly", but my brother and I can watch whoever we want. - Powerfulgirl10

My parents don’t allow me to watch YT videos that are cartoons, featuring scary stuff or little kids in them

@TwilightKitsune but NikBrush wasn't watching anything innapropiate.

29 For watching SpongeBob SquarePants

A lot of parents say that spongebob is bad for kids and yet they think that caillou, dora the Explorer, and other baby shows that have a bad influence on kids (or that don't teach anything) are actually good for them. Even some scientists believe that! I totally disagree. I'm sure that "scientific study" that said spongebob is too speedy for kids and that useless educational shows like caillou have a good influence on them is false. People these days are becoming WAY too overprotective over some things.

That happened to me, and it felt brutal. A lot of parents say that SpongeBob is too inappropriate for children yet they think that the live action shows that Disney Channel plays these days are kid-friendly enough for their children to watch. Those kinds of parents are hypocrites in that sense. - anonygirl

I once saw a GoAnimate video where Little Bill got grounded for watching SpongeBob. - Murvine_Taylor

Does it have adult jokes in it? - DynastiSugarPop

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30 For cursing

My family consists of hypocrites. Whenever I even say the most minor cuss word, I get in the biggest trouble ever. However, no consequences are given to my sister when she says actual F bombs. Whenever I stand up for myself, I get all of my privileges taken away. If you want me to stop cussing, then you should stop as well.

Lucky for me, my mom told my sister to knock it off when she was with us and started cussing. - anonygirl

Same here. I can cuss in public! - DynastiSugarPop

Yeah, so I say Hel-k and I get murdered but you say so many swear words and think it's ok? - AnonymousChick

31 For using the Ouija board

I saw a video of Rosie, Caillou's sister, getting grounded for that. - Murvine_Taylor

Did this happen in a Christian household?

It's not actually magical.

32 For using profanity

Huh? I said "My a** is F**k ing your Bi**h to my nemesis in front of my mom and didn't get in trouble. But avoid using deez kid users. - AlphaQ

33 For not wanting to watch a movie

My dad grounded me for not wanting to watch The Angry Birds Movie. I mean, come on man. It's just a movie. Don't force me to watch a bad movie! - Powerfulgirl10

My dad grounded me for not watching a movie called Coco or whatever. UUGGHH!

I got forced to watch Frozen and it's the worst film I ever seen - AlphaQ

That happens in GoAnimate Grounded Videos. - Murvine_Taylor

34 For being gay

I think people should be allowed to marry who they want regardless of their gender. - anonygirl

Why I lost interest in christianity.

(Eyes on you Westboro Church) - Neonco31


35 Watching porn

This is a pretty reasonable reason to get in trouble...

36 For wasting people's time

That's my mom. She always complains that I'm "wasting her time"

Mom: come do this
Me: OK give me 5 seconds
Mom: NO, NOW!

37 For trolling
38 For masturbating
39 For chewing gum

I got in trouble for BLOWING BUBBLES with my gum. Once on a flight to San Francisco I was bored so I chewed some gum and when I blew bubbles and they started to pop/snap my mom was like "stop blowing bubbles with your gum"

It's not like we're smoking or vaping or anything of that sort. - Entranced98

40 For having a potty accident

This is incredibly stupid. Accidents are all part of the potty-training process! They will eventually learn to make it to the bathroom on time. Don't rush them!

I saw a video on GoAnimate where Caillou got grounded forever just just for accidentally defecating in his pants. Before anyone says anything, Miss Martin did not let him use the restroom, and his body did not have the capacity to hold it. - anonygirl

41 For not wanting to do something

Why would you not wanna do something? It's boring; trust me, I know. - MKBeast

42 For playing fps

That is absurd. The events seen in any video game, FPS or not, is pure fiction and has no effect on reality. Any parent who forbids their kids from playing such games (even if they're AAA students who separate fiction from reality well) should be punished.

My mom deletes all of my favorite fps games because they have bad words

A study actually proved that FPS can improve your vision. Only if more people knew about that.

43 For Hating Invader Zim

Opinions are opinions. - DynastiSugarPop

44 For flying a drone inside
45 For trying to protect someone from getting in trouble

I've had to protect a lot of People like my older brother a lot. - AlphaQ

I'm sorry if you think this isn't a good one. I tried my best, OK?

46 For Hating IXL Math
47 For stripping
48 For wearing a bikini to the office
49 For twerking

TWERKING IS GROSS! - Carsrule300

50 For watching a sex scene in a teen drama

Wh. Nothing bad about that...unless you're under 10. - AlphaQ

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