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21 For having unhealthy obsessions

The problem is that an unhealthy obsession can ruin your life. Just look at those rabid Jiminy Cricket fangirls on deviantArt; their unhealthy obsession with the character came to the point that they treat him like he's a real person, their boyfriend, their true love or *gasp* their mate, so much that they dream of getting it down with him, and once they realize the errors of their ways they threaten to commit suicide by writing suicidal journals or comments on their deviantArt pages. This is not good behavior, and can be very bad for your own health, well-being and reputation.

I'm surprised Disney1994 didn't comment on this item about hating his life over this. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

My mom is upset about me having a thing for Apache helicopter porn. - MKBeast

At school, people never watched Strange Things but I do. My parents watched it and even my sister. - DynastiSugarPop

22 For defending yourself

That's happened to me a billion times, and I did not like it at all. - anonygirl

No right to defend yourself? What if you're in danger? - Neonco31

23 For being lazy

For a semi-good reason, sort of. - MKBeast

Well in my defense, what have you done all week? Watch T.V. and complain
What have I done? I wrote a 1700 word essay in three hours, played in a soccer game, had no food or drink for over 12 hours, and went to school. And now YOU want ME to take out the trash? - AnonymousChick

Seriously. I deal with it and I don't get in trouble.😎

24 For hating Justin Bieber

This actually happened. I told my parents I dodn't like him or 1D and they said 'oh well you need to be nicer. You need to have an open mind. Your music sucks too.' - AnonymousChick

25 For taking a device to school

My dad yelled at me for taking my tablet to school back in 7th grade. Now my mom grounded me for taking my phone to school! WHAT? She grounded me because of THAT? - DynastiSugarPop

But what if you need to take a device to school? - njalabi63989

I don't bring my laptop to school, I use tablets - Neonco31

Happened to me

26 For playing video games

Especially if it's M-rated or whatnot when it has no effect on real behavior. It is fiction, not reality. What's wrong with people nowadays?

I once got in hot water because I was playing American Truck Simulator. YES AMERICAN TRUCK!

I rather play video games than watch cartoons.

I'm kinda pissed that Mortal Kombat X is rated M without a good reason. Even Black Ops 3 is similar and still rated M. The MPAA is too strict. I even got grounded once for playing. Grand Theft Auto V. - AlphaQ

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27 For hating The Lion King

Too many people protect this movie too much and not realize it's permanent flaws.

I love The Lion King, but you should not get in trouble for disliking it. The part where Mufasa died was disturbing for many people. - anonygirl

I was actually happy that Mufasa died. He's a bad guy.

Remove this item off the list. - DynastiSugarPop

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28 Watching certain videos on YouTube

What if someone wants to watch comedy videos to have a good laugh? I was watching a Cute Mario Bros video (I was like, 8) then my mom said "stop watching that crap". She does the same to cartoons like Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Regular Show, and Adventure Time. They're innocent cartoons! They aren't going to brainwash me! - NikBrusk

What if the video is unsuitable? - TwilightKitsune

I have a friend at school who can only watch Aphmau and some other YouTuber since they're "kid-friendly", but my brother and I can watch whoever we want. - Powerfulgirl10

@TwilightKitsune but NikBrush wasn't watching anything innapropiate.

29 For cursing

My family consists of hypocrites. Whenever I even say the most minor cuss word, I get in the biggest trouble ever. However, no consequences are given to my sister when she says actual F bombs. Whenever I stand up for myself, I get all of my privileges taken away. If you want me to stop cussing, then you should stop as well.

Lucky for me, my mom told my sister to knock it off when she was with us and started cussing. - anonygirl

Same here. I can cuss in public! - DynastiSugarPop

Yeah, so I say Hel-k and I get murdered but you say so many swear words and think it's ok? - AnonymousChick

30 For using the Ouija board

I saw a video of Rosie, Caillou's sister, getting grounded for that. - Murvine_Taylor

Did this happen in a Christian household?

It's not actually magical.

31 For watching SpongeBob SquarePants

That happened to me, and it felt brutal. A lot of parents say that SpongeBob is too inappropriate for children yet they think that the live action shows that Disney Channel plays these days are kid-friendly enough for their children to watch. Those kinds of parents are hypocrites in that sense. - anonygirl

I once saw a GoAnimate video where Little Bill got grounded for watching SpongeBob. - Murvine_Taylor

Does it have adult jokes in it? - DynastiSugarPop

If no Squidward toture porn/hentai/sex, and/or Plankton ultimate torture, then this is a bad reason,
but if Season 6-8, then this is good reason. - BorisRule

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32 For using profanity V 1 Comment
33 For being gay

I think people should be allowed to marry who they want regardless of their gender. - anonygirl

Why I lost interest in christianity.

(Eyes on you Westboro Church) - Neonco31


34 For trolling
35 For masturbating
36 For not wanting to watch a movie

My dad grounded me for not wanting to watch The Angry Birds Movie. I mean, come on man. It's just a movie. Don't force me to watch a bad movie! - Powerfulgirl10

I got forced to watch Frozen and it's the worst film I ever seen - AlphaQ

That happens in GoAnimate Grounded Videos. - Murvine_Taylor

37 For chewing gum

It's not like we're smoking or vaping or anything of that sort. - Entranced98

38 For not wanting to do something

Why would you not wanna do something? It's boring; trust me, I know. - MKBeast

39 For wasting people's time
40 For playing fps

That is absurd. The events seen in any video game, FPS or not, is pure fiction and has no effect on reality. Any parent who forbids their kids from playing such games (even if they're AAA students who separate fiction from reality well) should be punished.

My mom deletes all of my favorite fps games because they have bad words

A study actually proved that FPS can improve your vision. Only if more people knew about that.

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