Top Ten Stupidest Reasons to Hate a Fictional Character


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1 They're overrated

I just when people use excuse. - MorlaTurtle8

Like FOXY Rainbow dash. And there's so much more.

That doesn’t make them bad - blackflower

I hate when people use this as an excuse to hate something! - MegaSoulhero

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2 They're being shipped with your fictional crush

For those who hate characters because of this, here's my advice:

3 They have a terrible character design

Looks aren't everything. Not in judging an actual person or a fictional character. A good personality and intelligence is a lot better than a good looks or character designs because a bad personality can make the most good looking person ugly and that a good personality also can make the one you thought is the ugliest in terms of look attractive. In other words, looks aren't everything. Besides, once you grow old you'll get wrinkles while a good personality and knowledge won't get them once you age. You can photoshop an ugly face but not a terrible personality. So in conclusion, physical appearance shouldn't be treated as the most important thing. A great personality and intelligence should be. - MLPFan

4 They're the good guys' rival

I used to hate Bowser, Eggman, Plankton and any other antagonist for this reason when I was little. Thank goodness I don't anymore. - Jasmine21064

Foxy a good guy well there all good guys.

Like the previous item, this is a stupid reason. So what If they're the good guys' rivals? The good guys need to have competition throughout the story, too. They can't be insanely overpowered, have everyone lick their shoes and have no problems in life. Because If they have a very easy life and they don't have any problems, yup they're gonna be a hated character. - MLPFan

5 They're a big insult to the real animal they're supposed to be.

*cough*Shenzi, Banzai and Ed as well as Janja, Chungu, Cheezi, Nne and Tano*cough*

6 They look like your least favorite character from another show

Just because they look alike, doesn't mean they act alike. - MLPFan

I agree. I wish the Sephiroth fanbrats would realize that not every character who looks like him is the same as him, too.

7 They tried to take the protagonist's partner under the reason'the protagonist's partner was his/her partner before the protagonist had the partner'

Inspired by the biased Diaspro hate and the whole Rilliane is evil thing, try to think of what happened.
Rilliane/Diaspro was engaged to Kyle/Skye. But Kyle/Skye left them to be with Michaela/Bloom (funny how how both Michaela and Bloom are annoying mary sues who get everything). Rilliane/Diaspro was very angry at Kyle/Skye having an affair with Michaela/Bloom (In Rilliane-Kyle-Michaela's story, Kyle's love was one sided, but he wanted to betray his entire kingdom, country and family to run off with Michaela who is already worshipped by everyone). So Rilliane/Diaspro, started a war/tried to fight with Bloom.
Try to take things from the supposed crazy ex girlfriend character first, not the one the show wants you to take because remember, she was just as happy as the girl who took him away from her.
If you try to take it from the crazy ex girlfriend's side, you'll see how she Isn't as evil or b*tchy as the show portrays her as. Her boyfriend/fiance/husband cheated on her! Of ...more - MLPFan

8 They're evil

Sometimes, the bad guys can be more well round that the good guys. Sometimes the good guys have better development too. But this is still a biased reason to hate a character. Sometimes, the good guys can be mary sues/gary stus you know (and no mary sue/gary stu character is a good character) - MLPFan

Yes to all the people who hate count veger porky and many people because they're supposed to be evil - ikerevievs

9 They're voiced by an actor or actress that you don't like

And this is a very silly reason to hate a character because, to be honest, actors and actresses are just doing their job and they're not hurting anyone with the characters they voice. They're just a different kind of 'artist' in my opinion, just like how animators draw the characters or how composers create the music for various media. And a voice artist doesn't need to look like the character in order to voice him/her, unlike live-action actors and actresses.

10 They got in the way of your favourite ship

I think obsessing over shipping fictional characters is just incredibly stupid altogether, unless they are actually in a relationship in the show/movie/book. - Phillip873

Hating a character because they got in the way of your personal ship is just biased. - MLPFan

I like crossovers

Very true. There are many reasons why Kingdom Hearts is such a bad franchise and fanbase is that most of the fans don't get along well and all they do is fight and get into shipping wars. Kairi is hated because those fans want Sora and Riku to be a couple. They also hate Namine or Xion because those same fans want Roxas and Axel to be a couple. Makes me glad that I never played any of the KH games.

And of course, crossover ships/shippers are the worst. I would not be surprised if these people hate Krystal because they want Fox McCloud to be with Cream the Rabbit, or they hate Amy Rose because they want Sonic the Hedgehog to be with *bleh* Fuli from The Lion Guard. (sorry, big TLK/TLG hater here) Why can't people accept official or same-series couples instead of making up dumb crossover ships that will never happen? So much wars and drama in this world. Sheesh...

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11 They died

Inspired from a really asinine reason from a certain list, this reason to hate a character is ridiculous. Especially if major character death is a part of the story or If in the universe they live, death is very possible or even common to happen to any character. - MLPFan

Unless it's a pathetic death like yamcha - ikerevievs

12 They are voiced by the same person as a character you hate

I can't even watch Phineas and Ferb without thinking about the fact that Sanjay from Sanjay and Craig shares a voice actor with Baljeet. Call me immature. - 445956

13 They kill off good characters we like

The large hate towards Junko Enoshima after DR3 Despair came out is simply explained by this item. Wanna know WHY they hate Junko?
Because she killed everyone's precious cinnamon roll, a.k.a A(nnoying mary sue) tier Waifu goddess a.k.a Chiaki. I personally never liked Chiaki in DR3. I never liked her that much in DR2, but she's terrible at DR3! Nobody cared so much when Natsumi or the whole student council died, heck very few would care at the other deaths in The Animation or even at the games. So when Chiaki died, everyone threw a fit and started a large hate on Junko. - MLPFan

14 The fanbase is bad

Yeah, I hope everyone realizes that what fanbases say about the actual character is wrong and only personal opinion that will never happen.

It's annoying when people use this as an excuse. Fanbases have nothing to do with the actual character themself. - Randomator

15 They fart a lot
16 They Don't Speak English
17 They're mean-spirited

That's actually pretty decent reason to hate a fictional character.

18 They have a "Tragic" Backstory
19 They're the main character from a franchise you hate

Then why even watch it? - RoseWeasley

20 They get less screentime

I can understand why people tend to get angry when a side character gets shoehorned into focus and gets too much screentime, because believe me, I do feel that way too.
But hating a character because they get less screentime? Sounds like an asinine reason for me. - MLPFan

21 They get in the way of your one true pairing

This is a very ridiculous reason to hate a character. This is why Kingdom Hearts is such a bad franchise and fanbase is that most of the fans don't get along well. Kairi is hated because many KH fans want Sora and Riku to be a couple. Xion and Namine are hated because they want Roxas and Axel to be a couple. Crossover ships are the absolute worst, though.

22 They twerk

Of course, trolls must always feel the need to ruin lists. Someone please stop them. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

23 They pee on random places
24 They sing annoying songs to ruin the moment
25 They throw tantrums
26 They add gross out humor
27 They get small roles
28 They're stereotypical
29 They're sexist
30 They teach you to be a brat
31 They're either dumb, cheesy, or both
32 They're cliched
33 They're unrealistic
34 They have a squeaky or high-pitched voice
35 They're annoying or obnoxious
36 They poop with the door open
37 They pick their nose
38 Portraying what a real person would do if they were in the situation
39 Their appearance
40 They hate a character you like

I used to hate Squidward for this reason because he hates Spongebob, who I like. - Jasmine21064

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1. They're overrated
2. They have a terrible character design
3. They're being shipped with your fictional crush
1. They're a big insult to the real animal they're supposed to be.
2. They tried to take the protagonist's partner under the reason'the protagonist's partner was his/her partner before the protagonist had the partner'
3. They look like your least favorite character from another show


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