Top 10 Stupidest Reasons to Hate Rosalina


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1 She's Appearing in Everything

Tells me that they want her to appear in games sine they talk about her so much - ParkerFang

And You're Fine With Mario, Luigi or Yoshi Appearing in Everything? - ToadF1

2 She's Ugly

Same thing with morons calling Daisy ugly - ParkerFang

You KNOW She isn't Ugly - ToadF1

3 She's Dumb

She Saved Mario and Helped Him Save Peach - ToadF1

4 She's Annoying

She's Usually Silent - ToadF1

5 She's a Peach Clone

Give me a Reason why... - ToadF1

6 Her Use of Hentai Appeal

She, Lucina, Palutena, Bayonetta, All Fire emblem characters, Peach, are all called hentai by a racist sexist named Mariotehplumber. Him and his fanbase are toxic people - ParkerFang

Hentailina? HENTAILINA!?

Doesn't Marina (Splatoon) or Twintelle (ARMS) Have Hentai Appeal? - ToadF1

7 Just Plain Sucks

Where's the Evidence? - ToadF1

8 She's a Rip-off of Elsa (Frozen)

It is very true that Rosalina and Super Mario Galaxy came first.

Rosalina came First - ToadF1

Super Mario Galaxy: 2007
Frozen: 2013
I bet Frozen fans are mad that Mario Galaxy is more popular - ParkerFang

9 She's Replacing Daisy

She's not Replacing anybody - ToadF1

10 She's Lazy

If she's Lazy, Then How did she Appear in Mario Kart and Smash Bros. Huh? - ToadF1

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11 She's Filler
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1. She's Appearing in Everything
2. She's Ugly
3. She's Annoying
1. She's Appearing in Everything
2. She's Replacing Daisy
3. She's a Peach Clone



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