Top 10 Stupidest Reasons to Hate Something

These are the dumbest reasons ever to hate something. Whether it is a person, a TV show, a video game, a book, a movie, or a song.

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1 Everyone else hates it

Bandwagons are so annoying

One of my ex friends, who claimed to be a huge Marvel fan was interested in seeing Captain Marvel and then she suddenly went "I'm not seeing it now cause my friends said it sucked". Seriously? You shouldn't let other people affect your interests. -_-

Pre-2013, group of Internet people loved a lot of the good 2010s cartoons. Post-2013, same group now hates all the 2010s cartoons not named Regular Show because one person made rants on them - codgtamk34

So dumb to be honest. - PatrickStar3

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2 The fanbase is annoying

I still love Rick And Morty despite some stupid things the fans have done

I like my little pony, five nights at freddy's, rick and morty, steven universe, the loud house, and serena from pokemon and they have bad fanbases - BoyGenius234

The fanbase does not affect the quality of something.

I wish fans of video games, movies, and shows would stop posting inappropriate fanart to the internet.. -_- - HondaCivic

3 It's overrated

Overrated is a subjective term - yungstirjoey666

OVERRATED DOES NOT MEAN BAD! I mean some stuff I hate is overrated, and I don't specifically hate those things because they're overrated, but for other reasons!

I agree. Some overrated stuff I dislike, I don't hate those things because they're overrated. - HondaCivic

True Overrated doesn't mean its bad for example Smells Like Teen Sprit is overrated BUT its not a bad song - christangrant

Just because it's overrated doesn't mean it's bad - HondaCivic

4 It's for girls

Just for girl's? Is that the extent of someones imagination to hate something? Why not remove every Disney move that's "just for girls" like Beauty and the beast, Cinderella, the little mermaid, Mulan,or tangled for crying out loud. (I would like to mention frozen but people will end up ignoring this vote just because I mentioned it, that's how ridiculous society is)

Ties into #5. Just because it's for girls does not mean it's bad. Even though Barbie and Bratz suck, but I don't hate them because they're for girls.

Good enough reason to hate wearing a bra. - Britgirl

5 It's for kids

Hit high school and my friend does this - codgtamk34

I don't care if Disney's Hercules is for kids! I'm 26, I love it very much (to the point where I am obsessed with it), and I'm proud of my obsession with the movie and T.V. show!

6 It's by someone you dislike
7 It's your enemy's favorite

Now that is just really, really dumb.

8 It's long

I wish my favorite song was long, but instead it’s one minute!

-I don't mind that blue bloods lasts for an hour instead of 30 minutes
-I once was forced to read harry potter, and I didn't care that it was long
-I don't really mind long movies that much

9 You're not allowed to watch/play it

That's my cousin right there - codgtamk34

10 It's popular

Now that's just weird why people hate stuff because it's famous.. -_- - HondaCivic

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11 It's for babies

I don't hate things because they're for babies, but for some other reasons. - HondaCivic

Not all preschool shows are bad - BoyGenius234

12 It's for adults
13 It's associated with a gender

Remember "Dora is a Girl"? That argument is just pointless and kind of sexist. Who cares what gender is the main character, celebrity, or singer?

14 It represents minorities

What I'm talking about is sometimes people hate on a person, T.V. show, game, etc for representing minorities or being a minority. For example, a person might hate a famous celebrity for being transgender. While someone else hates a movie for having an Asian protagonist or something. Who cares if they're a minority? Give me real reasons to hate something!

15 It doesn't win awards

I love some things that didn't win awards - codgtamk34

16 No reason at all
17 Your least favorite actor/actress is in it
18 It is a specific genre

People are hating on songs just because they are metal or pop, and NOTHING more. That is dumb. Some pop and metal songs can be good.

Thank You for adding this item I agree with this item 100% - christangrant

19 It's from a specific source

Andi Mack is on Disney Channel (which a lot of people hate, but it is getting better in 2017), and it is one of my favorite shows.

20 Because of one character
21 You'll get attacked for liking it
22 The plot is formulaic
23 It's boring
24 It's not part of your life
25 It's Inaccurate

I'm talking to you here, MegaSoulHero, aka the Disney's Hercules hater! Keep in mind here that the target audience for the movie are FAMILIES WITH YOUNG CHILDREN. Rape doesn't belong in a children's movie! Infidelity doesn't belong in a children's movie! And neither is mass murdering!

26 It's dumb
27 It insulted something you like
28 It’s for boys
29 It's not popular
30 It came from another country
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1. Everyone else hates it
2. You're not allowed to watch/play it
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2. The fanbase is annoying
3. It's for girls

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