Top 10 Stupidest Reasons to Hate Steven Universe

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1 The characters are gay/lesbian

Steven is gay As gay can get or could they make him gayer perhaps his extremely feminine personality nearly ruins the whole story - Psyluv


This is such a stupid reason

In a show full of 'females' do you seriously expect them to be straight

2 Steven is fat

Yeah so what? It doesn't impact the show at all?

It doesn't!

3 Pearl is salty/thirsty
4 Half the fandom made a girl nearly commit suicide

This Was A Really Devastating Incident, But I Still Watch The Show - JPK

I wouldn't hate it for this, but this is actually a better reason to hate it. I agree it's not the creators fault though. - RalphBob

Sure the fandom's bad, but I still love the show

I don't know this story

5 Steven farts too much

Steven never farted in the show! - SamuiNeko

Steven has never farted

Um... Steven never farted in this show. - LapisBob

Hehehe...i was chuckling at this one lol - trender2004

6 The songs are annoying

Very annoying worse then Disney songs how is that even possible - Psyluv

You gotta be kidding me... I can't see how they could be considered "Annoying".

Whoever said this needs to rethink their life

I kinda like a lot of the songs - HYDRAflash

7 The characters have out of the ordinary skin color
8 Steven's gem on his belly button

Whats wrong with that? There's gotta be a body part for the gem... - SamuiNeko

This disturbs me too, but I got over it.

Yeah it's on his belly button. Big whoop. Be mature

The main reason I hate this show

9 Lapis is ugly

I bet Lapis Lazuli is prettier than you. Lapis Lazuli is one of the best looking characters.

Lapis is awesome no matter what.

She's gorgeous

Lapis is super awesome and pretty

10 Steven is ugly

Tee-Hee it keeps going on. - trender2004

Steven looks ok. That's a pretty retarded reason to hate SU

The Contenders

11 It's Overrated

If it's overrated, then you try to think of a better American Cartoon that talks about realistic issues and diversity mixed with comedy, action, romance, and good music. - Stevenuniversefangirl

12 Ruby yells too much

I agreed with this lists. - LapisBob

13 Sardonyx looks like an ant
14 Steven swears

That is crap. Steven never swore in any episode! People are just making stuff up to make this awesome show look bad

I've watched the entire show up to date and I have not heard Steven swear once. - FluffyBanana

Lol. Steven is too pure to swear. - Stevenuniversefangirl

Okay I am cracking up big time - trender2004

15 The gems are ugly

How are Lapis, Rose and Pearl ugly? I can understand the others, but those three are really pretty.

The gems look better than that Pickle and Peanut show

16 Has a terrible fanbase
17 Yellow Diamond looks like a meme

Half the things aren’t your opinion or aren’t true or confirmed, so, take a chill pill.

18 Ruby has anger issues

Really? That's a dumb reason.

19 Kofi Pizza has an ugly hairstyle
20 Ruby is gay
21 Sadie's mom is a butch
22 You can't understand Yellowtail
23 Smoky Quartz Is Ugly

Smoky isn't ugly! - LapisBob

24 Connie Has Ugly Rude Parents
25 Amethyst has a crush on Pearl

No, she doesn't? It was never stated!

26 It's a kids show
27 Malachite looks like a bug
28 Greg Universe is ugly and fat

He may be ugly n fat, but he's a cool dad.

29 Blue Pearl does not get a speaking role

No one gives a solid .

30 The Cluster is demonic
31 Vidalia was hot when she was young but got old and ugly
32 Onion is evil
33 Garnet covers her eyes
34 Alexandrite is crazy
35 Lion is too cute
36 Lars is transgender
37 The Cluster gives you nightmares
38 Sugilite is Nicki Minaj
39 Ronaldo is too weird
40 Sugilite tries to kill Pearl
41 Rose Quartz is too beautiful
42 Nanefua Pizza is too old
43 Garnet is a lesbian
44 Kevin is a pervert

I hate Kevin. But he only appeared in like... 2 episodes? So he doesn't effect the show in any way.

45 Sapphire is a cyclops
46 Shipping wars Shipping Wars is a reality television series that aired on A&E from January 10, 2012 to April 29, 2015. The show follows various independent shippers who have discovered that money can be made transporting large items that traditional carriers either cannot or will not haul.
47 Concrete is racist
48 Pearl is ugly
49 Crying Breakfast Friends
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