Stupidest Reasons to Like a Sports Team

The Top Ten

1 Because they're good

My favourite hockey teams are
Vancouever canucks Edmonton oilers Calgary flames ottawa senators montreal canadiens toronto maple leafs and Winnipeg jets. I like those teams because they are from my home country. I have some kids at the school I go to who like the bruins only because they are good and have an awesome name according to them.

2 Because it's a random team

Oh, I'm just going to pick a random team. Ok, Ill pull for the Akron Zips.

2 min. Later. I hate this team, I want to like the Ohio State Buckeyes.
3 min. Later. I hate this team, I want to like the Vanderbilt Commodores.
134663345664323566423234664 years later, I hate this team. I don't care about football anymore.

3 Because your 5th grade teacher likes the team
4 Because you grew tired of your old favorite team
5 They play Metallica songs
6 Because of their fans
7 Because Justin Bieber likes it
8 Because you have a crush on one of its players
9 Because they're winning
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