Top Ten Stupidest Reasons Why People Like Certain Pokemon


The Top Ten

1 It looks cool - Charizard

I'm pretty sure a lot of people, including the people who voted for charizard, like a lot of Pokemon because of their designs.

Exactly...and his Pokemon X mega evolution...DAYUUUM!

2 It is the series mascot - Pikachu

If it weren't for Pikachu, you might not even like Pokemon at all.

3 It is the god of Pokemon - Areceus

But I like Arceus! - RiverClanRocks

4 He was originally the strongest Pokemon - Mewtwo
5 It is the God of Twitch plays Pokemon - Omanyte

Praise lord Helix he is the true god! Arceus is a false god! He has 500 in all stats!

This is a fantastic reason to like a Pokemon!

6 Everyone else likes it - Charizard

Some people just aren't capable of having their own opinion

7 It is Ash's best Pokemon - Pikachu
8 It's cute - Pikachu

Charizard is a strong pokemon, as well as Areceus and Mewtwo. However this is the only item that really makes sense. My sister claims be obsessed with pokemon, but she only likes pokemon like Pachirisu or Piplup (although they are terrible and extremely weak.) - Flowersocks2137

9 It's cute - Mudkip
10 It has a creepypasta - Hypno

The Contenders

11 It's hot - Lopunny

No, it isn't - Bramblestar

Well, it is.

12 It's easy to pick on - Magikarp
13 It looks cool - Greninja

This pokemon actually looks horrible discusting and retarded and chesnaught in my opinion is infinity times better looking. This pokemon made me actually like ninjas less, And it doesn't help that it has by far the worst fan base I ever knew existed.

14 It's hot - Gardevoir
15 It's a famous glitch - Missingno

This is probably the only one I find stupid. It is not even that cool, really.

16 It's beautiful - Milotic
17 It Can Kill Legendaries - Magikarp


18 Its splash attack - Magikarp

Like Azurill,Wobbuffet and Hoppip can't learn Splash... - Epicsauce45

19 It’s Underrated - Bulbasaur
20 It's Based on a Wolf - Lycanroc
21 Its Lore - Mimikyu
22 It's a cat - Litten
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