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1 Gym (P.E.)

Seriously, because of this class I'm starting to get depression. I used to be a very happy, bubbly, and funny person, but then P.E. got tougher and more boring. Kids began to cry, people began to get injured - basically hell on earth. I always finished last in P.E. and always got teased for it, despite being head of my class in everything else. I had to resort to locking myself up in the school bathroom and crying while people weren't looking! It was very hard at school. Everyone liked P.E. except me. They are just trying to get all the stupid jocks to feel good at something. If you devote your life to games, you'll never accomplish anything.

Oh! I can't touch my toes! I never have been able too. No need to try and give me personal yoga lessons, also harassing me. I think I'll live without having to touch my toes or run a mile in under than 10 minutes..

Pe sucks I hate it I'm athletic but my teacher only likes the kids which play football and rugby play and lets all the jocks who do 12 mile runs a day push everyone else around and makes athletic and unathletic kids alike get pushed over so we get last

Good grief, P.E. was more inactive than I thought. If time in P.E. were spent effectively, it would be less time for explanations, more time for games. No mile run, no tests, and no excessive lecture times. Lockers need stalls for the tubby people. My worst P.E. class mate was HAMZAH Ass-lay. He is a troll with a long head who won't even stop yelling when he has the chance to. Please, I would like to talk behind his back.

2 RE (Religious Studies)

I have to go to CCD against my own will, and I'm not even a believer! What's the point, anyway? It's not really all that useful when you grow up. You don't have to go to church or even know what Christmas is and still celebrate Christmas and Easter. It's a free country, do what you want. But the worst thing is is that sometimes, kids get impressions that Jewish people are bad and start being mean to kind people because they learned that "Jewish people killed Jesus! They ruined the world! " At least it's only a small percentage. In life, we learn lessons, and we don't HAVE to learn it from a book written by primitive men.

You need to know and respect other people's religions. If you want them to join yours the best way is to be kind, respectful, give them knowledge and show them your knowledge of religions. This subject is important. And just because I am a Christian doesn't mean I don't respect and/or hate other people with their religions. I believe I must know their religion first and then try to change them from their heart.

Why are atheists forced to learn about religion? I know it promotes tolerance and respect, which is wonderful and all, but I already think others can believe what they want and respect their choices. Why the hell (pardon the pun) is this subject mandatory?

Honestly...what even is the point? If someone wants to teach someone something is both useless and not important, do that crap on your own time, don't waste resources that could be going to much, MUCH greater causes.

3 Art

My art teacher was once a mean old witch all is that what I wanted to say then

There are hardly any jobs because its hard to get a job in so people think of it as a hobby and many other subjects people have no interest in getting a job in. I have no interest becoming a scientist. Becoming a doctor, nurse, vet is something not everyone would want to get a job in because you have to be a brainiac. It does not mean we will have jobs in McDonalds there are tons of jobs you can get without being a brainiac like doctors and scientists. Working in factories, hotels, office job, hairdressing.

I'm a massive anime fan and I picked art hoping I could get better at drawing anime. But when I handed in a drawing of goku and naruto, which I spent over 5 hours on, my racist art teacher ripped it up and have me a detention. Which bothered me so much is that I am half Japanese and my girlfriend is Japanese too, and my teacher knows it. Banning anime could be considered racist, because it's part of Japanese culture. That's like banning the 4th of July in America. And also, it annoys me so much how they don't consider anime art, but you can literally splash a bit of paint on a piece of paper and they will say that's art. I almost got suspended for calling my art teacher a racist b******, but it was totally worth it.

I like it sometimes, but I hate the history they teach in it. In 5th grade, we always watched a fun movie on the artist's life. That was what made me love it. But the thing I hate was, again, the history. Why do we have to read about some stupid guy who drew 3 circles on a paper and suddenly go famous for that? No seriously, people did that. There's a difference between modern art and purely not trying. Anyway, I hope grade 6 art goes well… - BlueTopazIceVanilla

4 English

Honestly, the basics of English is all you really need. Just grammar and spelling. But upper leveled courses just have to put in annotating, understanding the meaning of literature, reading large heck novels, learning sentence structure, determining if a word is a noun/verb/adjective. Why do I have to understand what this one line of a poem means? Why do I have to read a 200 page book before 3 weeks and take a test over it? This is all pretty useless. I just need to understand basics and I'll be through with my life. Plus you're going to judge a foreign person by their terrible grammar?

Ok today we are learning about prepositional phrases, declarative sentences, complex sentences and everything else you don't need to learn even if you are an author. YEA. There is no point for this class after 3rd grade. If you know how to read and write or make a presentation, YOU don't NEED THIS STUPID CLASS ANYMORE. You need PE if your fat, You need art if you want to be a fashion designer or a video game designer, You need math for everything, science is helpful for scientists, History/SS is important if you are a journalist or detective, RE I can't fight, that class is as useless but Lots of people don't have it, Music can go on your resume, Drama is used for actors, and Foreign languages actually increase your chances for a raise or a better job like on an airplane place or something.

We are writing comparative essays on films and novels. When will I ever have to compare some bull texts in the real world. Seriously, what jobs out there require you to do this. And, why do teachers put more thought into a book than the author. The red curtain is red because the author said it was, the end. Don't go analysing every word on the page of a book and every scene in a movie.

English was made to screw the entire population and only exists as to teach kids a lesson: Most things in life are stupid such as English. No one cares about this. Let the room just be Blue, It doesn't symbolise sadness. I blame Conservatives.

5 Music

This is my experience of being in music:

Every trimester there is some stupid singing performance where we are expected to sing harmonies and sound effing perfect. Kids are NOT professional singers and this should NOT BE AN EXPECTATION.
music teacher yells at us half of the time and then yells about how we are wasting music time when she's the one wasting our time!

WORST THING ABOUT THIS: me and my friend are pretty good singers and we decided to audition for a talent show in our school (because why not? ). the music teacher was the judge and let one girl perform 2 different acts while me and my friend didn't "get in". everyone was really confused as to why we didn't make it. our teacher has a bunch of "favorites" and all of the performers were asian (chinese, korean, japanese, etc...)

I do not understand why this must be a school subject. I do not like performing in front of others, and I am abominable at playing instruments that involve more than 1 note, and all this first semester I didn't even know how to even play just 1 note on a guitar. I only know how to play Mayonnaise, literally. All I need are multiple empty jars of them and and equal amount of rocks. It's so much simpler, all you need to do is smash the jars with the rocks at different strengths to emit noises at different frequencies to make a song.

I agree that Music is pointless. All the years I have done it, I have not learn one thing. I have not learnt how to play any instruments, or to sing. The only thing that the teacher made us do was learn the recorder. That was it. He gave us a recorder and a music book and taught us one song. I still have no idea how to play it. Most schools have actual classes to learn music. I don't think it is necessary to have music as a class.

Why music class is useless:
1. The concepts won't help you in life. Do you think I'll use music theory when I play pro baseball? No.
2. People who don't play instruments will not be inspired to be a musician.
3. It should be an elective.
Music is to music nerds as PE is to athletes: easy and unnecessary.

6 Sociology

What is this teaching you how to talk I knew how to at 1 hrs old

I don't wanna learn cause People are gonna become Athletes not work needs.

What kind of subject is this? - Skullkid755

Want to learn sociology, GO GET A PYSCHOLOGIST

7 Math

Basic Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, time, money, and word problems. That's all the math you really need to live a happy life. I'm pretty sure I could go through my whole life and NOT need to know how to calculate pi. Also, ever hear of this magical device called a calculator?! Use it. You probably have one on your phone.

Math is important...But we only need the basics. Half of the stuff they teach us I gurantee we aren't going to use later in life. Math is just a boring hell. And my class gets Math homework every day! What's the point of homework? The hours we have at home is for FUN AND RELAXATION after we suffer through 7 hours of school.

Math is so useless. You can use a calculator or a scientific one. My teacher always says that "Math is important because you are going to learn calculus in the future...'. No one uses calculus or other complicated math stuff ever (other than school).

Math is a living hell and you will suffer an eternity in the class. THE CLAASS IS WHERE YOU WILL SUFFER FOR AN HOUR PLUS.

8 Drama

I love acting. Like LOVE. But it's pretty much teaching the bad kids to lie even better than they already do and kids like me to enhance my skills. - SoccerFan

It teaches you what expression you must have on your face while telling a lie. Literally. - Animefan12

I like it but the teacher in High School Musical made it less bearable - Ihateschool

It's shakespeare and stuff why not fun things

9 Urdu

If you were in my school, teachers would have to give you a dozen buckets of urdu homework and tests which sucks a lot! I have asked my mother what subject made her lose her cells of her precious-packed brain, and she said it was URDU!

obviously my mother was born in the late 1900's, so urdu back then resembled as today's but's a lot WORSE.

my mother had also mentioned that the more you get promoted a grade, the more you will have to face the stressful times of urdu homework and exams, andd-most of my classmates almost flunk in urdu tests but at least it's better than math.

this year's ( urdu ) paper's syllabus was jahanam! 18 chapters to revise including grammar ( seriously beaconhouse?! seriously?! )

if you are in my school facing the same problem as me. then you know who you are, but this urdu-education situation is across the whole pakistan! ( I'm from beaconhouse and my mother used to be in viqar un nisa noon school )

like I said, ...more - ayesha-trotter

10 Citizenship

Is this a real class?

Should be your parents teaching you to do that

"Why important? "

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11 Biology

Doesn't make sense and is useless - Ihateschool

I've never learned true biology, but it sounds cool.

What is biology - Unknownguy

To all teachers:we can do your job one milllion times than you!

12 Dance

This might be the worst and worst and worst school subject in History

Dance Should be an optional subject for those who love Dancing. Just like me.
It is stupid to make it compulsory as it is not useful in practical life for everyone.

Why is this even a subject?

We get to choose at my school

13 Professional Communications

Boaring propaganda and lesions on why a ba is nessisary also a chance for idiots to act stupid. And a stupid "news" activity.

14 Latin

Modern languages like French, German and Spanish SHOULD be taught in schools. At least they are actually spoken in the world and are used in many good businesses, but Latin? It's a dead language! Nobody speaks it anymore! So WHY THE HELL would you actually teach it?! All classical languages should be scrapped from the education system and replaced with French German or Spanish. Latin is useless in every sense of the word!

Though learning this language provides a lot of background knowledge for many root words, it is the official language of zero nations, and is in fact a first language to no one on Earth. - fuegoconhielopara777

Everyone who actually speaks Latin is DEAD. Why bother learning it in school? - Megalink

Only 100 People in the WORLD speak it. the only country that has it As an official language is the tiny Vatican City.

15 Health

You guys can kill me for saying this, but all of the previous things on here can actually be interesting at least some of the time. But health is completely useless, even if you are an aspiring doctor and such. Text books just recite things that we already know and have known since when we could talk. For example, it doesn't take a god damn rocket scientist to know that in order to have good mental health, you need to feel happy. And it doesn't take an astro-physicist to know that in order to have good physical health, you should eat enough fruit and such. The only thing that this class and the textbooks do is recite completely random crap that we've either learned already or just know from experience. Basically, it's boring and I do not find that anything I've learned in this stupid class is new or interesting.

If you wanna become a doctor, this is a really important class

Health is the stupidest subject ever

Health is a lot of work, it's crazy - Unknownguy

16 Foreign Languages

Who needs them, it's not like your gonna move to Mars when you grow up. - Rapnpop

Foreign languages are hard, our first French homework when I was 11 is to write a giant paragraph, - Harri666

Another pointless subject. Why bother learning other languages when everyone speaks English? Dang

Studies show that learning other languages is the second most useful thing to learn?

17 Botany

Why study something that at the end we don't in consideration?

Plants are cool.

We don't need this info in the future - Ihateschool

Nature and trees are not fun it is so boring

18 History

"Fools who don't respect the past are doomed to repeat it,"-Nico Robin

Those of you who said "They're all dead anyway," let me tell you something! Many of those people who are "all dead anyway" died in terrible wars like world war II. Do you want another world war? Learn form history and stop it from repeating itself. Thank you for reading.

Sure learning it may prevent me from being doomed to repeat it. But I should learn about certain people over others? Why not learn everyone who fought for World War II? Because I'm too busy with other school subjects and other things in life. The only place I will find this useful is in it's own class. And it's all in the past, you can't change the past, nor will it teach you the future.

They're all dead anyway

How is this this far down on the list? Social studies is horrible! Its stupid and pointless. You aren't gonna go 20 years from now "Oh no! I don't remember what the capital of Maine is! Now I can't pay my taxes! Besides they're all dead anyway.

19 Exploratory
20 Geography

Canada speaking here, the way we were taught geography was dumb. half this course was inaccurate information about global warming and how solar panels are very "environmentally friendly" (yeah right) and how everyone should have environmentally friendly electricity free homes.

The other half dealt with actual geography and is probably okay. Kids should know what the capital of every province is, but also the course should consider the rest of the world. In Canada, students are taught absolutely nothing on any subject that doesn't concern Canada. You don't know where Australia or Africa is on the world map? You think Europe is a country? It's OK, as long as you know the capital of Nunavut.

Useless, people clearly doesn't care about earth anyway plus no one cares about it

How is this ever gonna help me in the future? THERE's NO WAY! I hate music, art, literature but nothing beats geography.

You need history in order to do geography

21 Algebra

Useless, so what if you don't know a number? - sryanbruen

Algebra is so easy, geometry is hard - Unknownguy

The worst class of my life

Yeah, like seriously, who needs this? It's just getting in the way of things. In real life, nobody uses x instead of a number; FIGURE IT OUT PEOPLE!

22 Reading

Who actually summarizes stories as a kid

I read, and get top grades.

Oops I mean adult

But this should be 1 - silverfish238

23 Sex Education

This doesn't even belong in a classroom. - Powerfulgirl10

Everyone needs to know these things though

At my school they taught us this when I was 10

This is so boring

24 Music Appreciation
25 Philosophy

How many times have you used philosophy? It is more useless than art or music

It's actually a great subject

I like it because I always question every litle detail in life - Ihateschool

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