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21 French

French is NOT stupid. Whoever added this is absolutely ignorant.

22 Russian

Stupid Russian boyfriend from military school, still lovin the soviets.

23 Sex Education

Everyone needs to know these things though

At my school they taught us this when I was 10

This is so boring

This doesn't even belong in a classroom. - Powerfulgirl10

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24 Music Appreciation
25 Spanish

So boring! The Class is to easy and it's very repetitive! The teachers don't talk about what you're interested in. During the sports lesson, they didn't even have sports such as karate and other common sports that kids do.

A lot of Spanish words are very similar to English words. - Powerfulgirl10

26 German
27 Writing
28 Greek V 1 Comment
29 Exploratory
30 Physics

To the person who said this is a stupid subject, maybe you are just too stupid for physics. Which is one of the most important subjects ever.

It's actually really important.

We all hate this complicated stuff. - Rapnpop

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31 Chemistry

Most interesting subject in my opinion.

I like making explosions and pissing off my teacher

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32 Literature
33 Theatre Arts
34 Orchestra
35 Professional Communications

Boaring propaganda and lesions on why a ba is nessisary also a chance for idiots to act stupid. And a stupid "news" activity.

36 Economics
37 Urdu
38 Lunch/Break Times

School is about LEARNING and getting EDUCATED, not for eating or doing stupid stuff.

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