Top 10 Stupidest Social Justice Warrior Moments

No one likes social justice warriors. They're whiny, entitled morons who get offended over the most insignificant things. However, sometimes they go the extra mile and do something where you have to ask yourself whether or not they're mentally stable. These events are so stupid that you're gonna think I was making them up, though I swear to god I'm not (they're all floating around the internet, some of them with viral videos).

Note: I'm not including larger movements like GamerGate, or anything to do with the 2016 election in general. Those could have entire lists made about them. This is more about isolated incidents. Also, most of these are so stupid and damaging to society that I'm not even sure which order I'd put them in.

The Top Ten

1 Fanbases on Tumblr drive fan-artist to suicide.

Petition for all SJWs to be launched into the sun? - RoseWeasley

Drawing fat characters skinny: The worst sin ever committed!
Drawing skinny characters fat: Totally fine!
Both are bad, but driving the artist to suicide is 1000x worse. - RoseWeasley

I usually disagree with drawing characters over/underweight, but Rose is a GEM. Gems can choose what form they take. So the SJWniverse had no right to bully Zamii. And even if that was the case, was bullying her really necessary? - RoseWeasley

She didn't commit suicide, but she was nearly driven to it for simply drawing Rose Quartz skinny. Yes, of all the disasters in the world, and some idiotic "fat-glorifying" idiots threw temper tantrums over it. Babies. - Swellow

2 Lyft passenger tries to get driver fired for having a bobble-head in his car..

What? - Cyri

*Rolls eyes* One time my dad told me that someone once said it was racism when some policemen pretended to be black when they went to catch a bad guy. - Firemist

What? - RoseWeasley

I watched the entire video and all I can say is I haven't seem more idiocy than I just witnessed. I'd like to know how Hawaii is a country and that a mere hula doll that someone just added is endorsing racism to Asians. Clearly the girl is just a pathetic rich valley girl trying to dig dirt on someone who did nothing. - Swellow

3 Petula Dvorak of The Washington Post said air conditioning is sexist because it made her cold

Durr air conditioning is sexist and supports the patriarchy Durr - Cyri

You have to be kidding me. - RoseWeasley

You can't be serious... - Supersalsa

*facepalm* You-you´re not serious right? RIGHT!? - PokeFallsMagica

4 Journalist describes Super Mario Maker as racist and sexist because the hand used on-screen doesn't represent their own.

Then change it! - RoseWeasley

They didn't know you can change it? Or is the cat paw racist and sexist somehow too?

Well, change it! Use one of the kitty cat paws or Mario's gloved hand if you hate the normal one so much.

No one even use the pen tool anyways. - Maddox121

5 People getting called transphobic for assuming their pet's gender

But... You can check its gender? - Cyri

what - Crizz

Really? You can easily tell your pet's gender. - Supersalsa

Just look at the privates

6 Chanty Binx protests Jesus supporters Chanty Binx protests Jesus supporters

Just why...

7 The Return of the Micheal Jackson predator allegations

He was innocent. He's not a criminal. Er, smooth criminal. - Cyri

God, for the last time, HE IS INNOCENT! - BorisRule

8 Suing baking companies for not allowing LGBT marriage cakes to be made

Who cares if people don't agree with gay marriage let them have a opinion - Crizz

I can understand if it was because the baker was a homophobe, but what if they couldn't due to another reason? - RoseWeasley

This is why I hate it when LGBT rights are shoved into everyone's faces, whether you agree with it or not. It's the baker's own choice if they don't want to do it. Not to mention that most of the bakers being sued are called "homophobes" or "bigoted", which sometimes is the case, but it's idiotic to make assumptions. - Swellow

The others are crazy, but I can understand this one. I mean, why can't they make the cakes? - AnonymousChick

Maybe they had too many orders at one time? Or they ran out of ingredients? Or something else? The point is jumping to conclusions and calling them homophobes isn't the right thing to do - TwilightKitsune

9 YouTubers getting labelled as Nazis, Fascists, etc. for clips or quotes taken out of context
10 Nicholas Sandmann Declared Guilty

The Contenders

11 Barack Obama got a second term

Not only does this not fit on a list of dumbest sjw moments, it just seems like someone was extremely butthurt about Mitt Romney losing. - SteelCity99

12 BLM Activist claims sexual assault because man jokes that his name is "Hugh Mungus".

What a crybaby

How is that in any way sexual or assault? - Skullkid755

Dad jokes = sexual harassment - 445956

Jokes=sexual harassment to dummies. This is just like the Marilyn Manson and charlyne yi thing.

13 Simpsons bans Michael Jackson episode

How do they have so much power?

No liars allowed in the halls, 99 seconds, detention for you! Your parents will know about this one!

Yeah, a Baldi Basics reference, but banning an episode involving Michael Jackson over a lie is just being... - BorisRule

But it was awesome! - RoseWeasley

Like, completely. Removed from streaming and won't even be on the DVDs from now on.

All because they believed the lies about this man I have losing respect for the writers over the years this WILL come to bite them in the butt someday one way or another. - Mario8

14 Begging for colleges to install "safe spaces"

College sucks now. The liberal arts have installed idiocy and fake majors. People actually believe that they are a different gender because of it and they are being programed into Tumblr dummies.

Isn't college supposed to help you prepare for the real world instead of trapping you in a plastic bubble? - Pony

It’s completely sad how people think they need a safe space for something so minor.

15 Justin Trudeau wins
16 Turkish Government tries to ban Minecraft for being too violent.

No blood. No visible injuries. It's like a cartoon. - Cyri


Erdogan is ruining Turkey. - DarkBoi-X

They said Minecraft glorifies violence against women. Seriously? I have played the game for 6 years now and have not seen ANYTHING in the game that would glorify violence against women specifically. - allamassal

17 Simpsons pulls Apu
18 Calling Mario racist for being able to wear a poncho and sombrero in Super Mario Odyssey

My favorite food is sushi, I guess I'm racist. - Cyri

Then I guess it is racist to eat a taco or wear a kimono. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

It's just a video game!

Isn't this literally the opposite of what the Trump haters are supposed to be considering racist? - Nonpointed

19 Dead Rising 4 email with zombie grunt considered racist.

He clearly wasn't saying a racial slur. - Supersalsa

Saying the N word as a reference to your relatives might not cause issues, racist if used as an insult. (I won't encourage you to do this). Also these people have bad hearing. - BorisRule

How... - Camaro6

How is that racist?

20 African-American mother assumes gorilla character in Sing is a racial stereotype

The thing is no one even makes the simian-African comparison that much anymore in the first place, until someone points it out. It's like saying a kangaroo character represents everyone in Australia: Ridiculous. - Swellow

Calling a black person a gorilla is racist in its own right. Johnny was voiced by a white british man. - 445956

It's not a stereotype!

21 Gay pastor tries to frame Whole Foods employee for writing fake homophobic slur on cake.

9th commandment: Am I a joke to you? - RoseWeasley

He broke the 9th Commandment, what an idiot. - Swellow

There's a such thing as a gay pastor?

He wrote it himself?!? What a liar! Not bearing false witness is commandment no. 9, Mr. Pastor.

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22 NPCs banned on Twitter

Non-player characters have bad AI sometimes. - Cyri

23 Spanish teacher gives middle school students a "How privileged are you?" quiz.

Is that even legal? - Cyri

Me: Am I a joke to you?! - BorisRule

Was it in Spanish? - RoseWeasley

This is just messed up

24 Walt Disney labeled anti-semitic Walt Disney labeled anti-semitic Walter Elias "Walt" Disney was an American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor and film producer. A pioneer of the American animation industry, he introduced several developments in the production of cartoons.

It's not right, but still a product of the time. - Cyri

But he was. I'm not saying we shouldn't enjoy his movies, but we can't deny that he was anti-semitic. - RoseWeasley

25 Woman accuses officer of rape when he arrests her

That's just ridiculous

How is it rape? - Cyri

I saw this video, and I read many articles. Apparently, asking a woman to exit a vehicle is sexual harassment, and arresting her is rape. Brilliant. - NoEntranceHere

26 Campus employee assaults white man for wearing dreadlocks.

Why is it always white people seen as racist? It's really annoying to see that. - Swellow

Lol, the urban dictionary definition of 'cultural appropriation' sums up my opinion on this:
"The ridiculous notion that being of a different culture or race (especially white) means that you are not allowed to adopt things from other cultures. This does nothing but support segregation and hinder progress in the world. All it serves to do is to promote segregation and racism."

Me: So I'm not allowed to use things from Japanese or German cultures just because I'm neither Japanese, neither German? Bro, disowning your culture is bad, but discourage people from using things that don't belong to their culture is bad too. - BorisRule


27 The Ghostbusters (2016) controversy


The movie was a waste of three funny actresses. And Melissa McCarthy. - PanteraForever

That was the exact opposite of SJWs - 445956

28 Racist Facebook Group Attempts to Attack Black Panther on Rotten Tomatoes

That is the opposite of SJWs - 445956

Yeah, but the "blue haired" stereotype is associated with the left wingers, the right winged ones I would rather call "Neo-Nazis" and that's coming from a RIGHT WINGED TRUMP SUPPORTER myself. - Maddox121

29 Backlash Against How to Train Your Dragon 2 for Making Toothless Heterosexual

Why do we need to make characters gay? - Crizz

What has humanity become? - PokeFallsMagica

You sure this is a controversy? If anything, people are digging that white dragon. - Swellow

Do dragons even have sexualities?

30 Assuming that people are "transphobic" for not agreeing with their made-up genders or using the wrong pronouns

A lot of lgbt people agree with this and it get's annoying where they don't even wanna be apart of the community. - Crizz

Yeah, I am thatdirtysockIfound underthelaundrymachinegender. - Cyri

Seriously they think any inanimate object is a gender - Randomator

This is actually thd least stupid item here

31 Woman sues Drake and Future for a rape charge associated with the venue

I hate Drake and Future with a flaming passion, but if this woman was sexually assaulted by someone on the venue... shouldn't she sue the venue? What do Drake and Future have to do with it? - PandaDude98

What did sexual harassment have to do with drake and future?

32 School not letting 9 year old boy having rainbow dash backpack in school

So...They are punishing a boy for being bullied? Anyways, it's not like it will stop just because he stopped bringing the backpack. - Supersalsa

So they punishied someone for having a bag they love while people who bullied him hit off scot-free? God, we need some lighting bolts. - RoseWeasley

I admit I agree with that, because of anti bronies. - BorisRule

I agree with this, because I think they were trying to make sure he didn't get bullied - 445956

33 Ohio professor accuses The Secret Life of Pets of being racist

How is a movie with cute little pets roaming around the city racist?

34 The Apu Controversy

This was stupid. - Cyri

And then he got removed from the show because of this - ElSherlock

35 Charlyne Yi Accuses Marilyn Manson of Racial and Sexual Harassment

This is number 12 now
EvErY vOtE cOuNtS!

1st he didn't even touch her inappropriately he just made a joke about lesbian sex. 2nd he was joking around again when he called her a chinaman. This woman is a crybaby.

When you accuse 2 people it is too far. The other was David Cross - 445956

36 A MySpace User Posts "Me too" in 2007
37 Yale students slamming Samurai Jack for homophobia, sexism and cultural appropriation

There is NOTHING sexist or homophobic about Samurai Jack!

He is pure good! Yale students, you guys are controlled by Aku! - BorisRule

38 Liberals Slam Dunkirk for Not Being Diverse When It Was Trying to Be Historically Accurate

Well, history will be repeating itself if SJWs don't take it seriously - Zombieguy745

39 Donald Glover Bashed for Dating a White Woman

The list is just too much.~. - 0w0uwu

Same thing happened of Mike B. Jordan - 445956

40 Asian cafeteria food attacked for cultural appropriation.

What’s next, they come to my house & break my legs for eating ramen? - RoseWeasley

Don't give them ideas! It's even worse if they have an intention to harm someone who is innocent! - BorisRule

41 Matt Taylor shirt controversy

How could this not be on here? Remember the guy who launched the probe onto the comet? He got slammed by a bunch of SJW feminists for wearing a shirt. It caused the guy to break down into tears over it. These people didn't even care about the discovery of water on the comet! Way to go social justice warriors, you would love to see the world burn by ruining other peoples lives like this. - Nonpointed

42 Halloween costume panic

This is really annoying me - The belief that dressing up as another culture for Halloween, even if you are of the culture itself (or descended from) or have respect for the culture itself, is automatically racism, even if it's not the intended purpose. It's tiring me that people give so much panic over this when there's literally conflict going on between Tibet and China, but hey, let them nitpick. Gives us something to mock more. - Swellow

43 Boycotting Beauty and The Beast (2017) for having a gay character

Some people wouldn't even notice that, But I kind of feel like gay stuff shouldn't be pushed on everyone cause it get's annoying when an innocent thing get's turned into something else just to please someone. Gay people are already represented. - Crizz

This is the opposite of sjw

A cinema in Alabama refused to show Beauty and the Beast because it had a gay character (Gaston) - TwilightKitsune

44 Fictional characters given a realistic makeover

This is just so wrong. This makes me think that what kind of distortion goes theough your head to think this artwork is pleasant to you? This is a perversion of the original work and a disrespect to the creators who spent hours, days and possibly months designing their story and characters and only to be perverted by butthurt social justice warriors. - YourWaifuSucks

What is more important? The Muslims in Myanmar getting slaughtered? Trump building a wall to block Mexicans? Fictional characters being sexy? - YourWaifuSucks

45 Frozen being called a "Work of the Devil" by Evangelist Christians just because of hidden LGBT-related themes

The people who criticized this are gonna love Steven Universe - RoseWeasley

Sjw and anti sjw both suck - Crizz

While I don't like the film itself, calling it a "work of Satan" just for it's hidden homosexuality messages such as the "coming out" metaphor during the song "Let It Go" is just ridiculous. Seriously! Read " Disney's Frozen and the 'gay agenda'" on BBC news for example. This proves that anything containing hidden gay messages will be criticized by the fanatical Christians no matter what! - Neonco31

That is anti-SJW - 445956

46 Portland food truck closes amid allegations of cultural appropriation

A Mexican food truck called Kook's Burritos which was owned by two white women from Portland, Oregon had to close down because they were appropriating Mexican culture by using a burrito recipe they had seen while in Mexico. - NicholasYellow

47 Audiences complaining of an overlong Frozen short before Coco

How does this have anything to do with SJWs? Really most of the complaints are justified because it was too long and had forgettable songs. And this is coming from a not SJW.

Coco is an beyond super amazing movie, I like Olaf’s Frozen adventure too. Why do people over-hate on Frozen?

48 Star Wars Fans Attempt to Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes Over the Last Jedi Getting a 91%
49 The Last Jedi Controversy
50 Marilyn Manson falsely accused of sexual harassment twice in a year

These people are so stupid to think he has time in his day to harass a woman.

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