Why I Hate : Social Justice Warriors

Skullkid755 Man - Hi.

Woman - Hi.

They shake hands.


Man - I didn't harass you!


Everybody looks at them.

Man's boss - For sexual harassment, you're fired.


The woman in that story was an SJW. In my opinion, she deserved to be legitimately raped for doing that. If you're conservative, white, straight, and a male, there's a high chance of this happening to you. She was a modern feminist, a more specific type of SJW. There are multiple kinds. I'll go over each kind I know of. All originating from Tumblr, they include but aren't limited to -

  • Hetero-phobes

  • Black Lives Matter

  • Feminazis

  • Trump Protesters

  • Too Selfless

Now to rant about each kind.

Heterophobes - Notice how I didn't say homophobes, I said heterophobes. Basically they think that straightness is a bad thing. And that heterosexuality being more popular means gays are as oppressed as Jews were when Hitler had power. Or blacks were until slavery was abolished. I think gay marriage is a good thing, but others disagree and I'm fine with that, since you can't easily undo the effects of how you were raised (raised to be a Christian, good chance of being against gay marriage but not gay people). And they create a bunch of sexualities and genders to. I mean, they even made up one where you can change what gender you feel like. It's officially straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian, male, female, and transgender. No need to change what doesn't need to be changed, and is as good as it can currently be.

Black Lives Matter - Oh no! A few cops make some mistakes! And the cops were white! And the people killed were black! Slavery is gonna start back unless we riot and burn down people's homes and businesses! - That's what the Ape Lives Matter people said. Thanks 2cool4u for that parody name to give them. They believe black people are very racially oppressed and discriminated against. I just read online that a white person was shot by a cop, and I didn't know about it until doing research for this. And I heard people talking Michael Brown being shot at school. Also, black on black crime is more common than white on black, at least when I did research that's what it said.

Feminazis - And now we have what the woman in the intro's story is. A feminazi. Feminism = power to women, but keeping the same power to men. Nazism = oppression against Jews. Thus, feminazi = oppression against men. Oppression against men isn't in any laws, but it does exist. Racism existed in the 70s, it just didn't have any laws involved. I once heard about feminists wanting to kill off male babies. Yes, you read that right. Kill off male babies. I know I'm repeating what's been said by others 1000 times in the next sentence but I don't care. They think all men are perverted rapists who are violent demons while women are perfect angels. Even girls hate them, and that's the group modern feminists want to be more powerful.

Trump Protesters - While Trump is president, he's like all average people in one way - he's got his pros and cons. And if you like him for his pros, that's fine, it's just an opinion. If you hate him for his cons, that's also fine, it's just an opinion. But if you riot like a f**king maniac. Jumping on cars isn't gonna do anything to help, if anything it makes Killary Clinton look even worse. And here's a fun fact. They were protesting about Trump. That's not all to the fact, they also did it, after he was elected. They were thinking making the president they supported look even worse would get the president they hated impeached. If they are just blowing off steam, they really needed therapy. And they think liberal = angel while conservative = demon. I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to politics, but I know enough to include this in my rant.

Too Selfless - Have you ever heard of people wanting possible terrorists to enter our country and possible kill people? Well if you have, you've heard of those who are too selfless. I don't want innocent people to suffer, but I don't want evil people to succeed either. And there's no way to ensure that we're safe when we have our doors open for terrorists to enter. Thus we keep the doors closed. If we keep them slightly cracked we can't allow them opportunities to attack or the ability to do so. I am not prejudice, just protective.

Well those are 5 types of SJWs. And all ranted about in one post. I know I haven't ranted in several months so I know fans of the series were happy to read this. You might be asking what my least favorite kind is. Well, Black Lives Matter. They burn down the places people live, work, and have fun! Imagine going on vacation and coming back to see your home burnt with a Black Lives Matter sign in front of it's remains. You'd be angry and sad at the same time. Well, the rant is over. I enjoyed making it, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Nothing more to say in this post so bye.


I wouldn't go as far as her deserving to be raped, being an SJW is bad but not that bad. Good post - Martinglez

And this is an example of someone taking an exaggeration literally. - Skullkid755

Well dammit lol - Martinglez

You think BlackLivesMatter is worse than Heterophobia?

And people are allowed to protest, and brings up attention to the matter at hand. Trump isn't "an average guy", he's the president, he should help Puerto Rico, not rant about the San Juan leadership begging for resources from his golf course, where he's spent more money vacationing to, then Obama did vacationing anywhere throughout his four years. - ProPanda

I've heard of the Black Lives Matter people being highly destructive, not hetereophobes.

Hm, are you talking about violent or peaceful protests?

I didn't say he was average, just not perfect. And all of the trump protest stuff I saw on the news was them acting like psychopaths. - Skullkid755

What? They're just marching for black rights! There's not much depth into this, unless you count like, the 5 people who went too far. And even then, it's nowhere near police burtality numbers.

Peaceful. Violent protests are already illegal, so there's not much to care about.

When the president might move you out of the country you've been lving in, and stops your immigration and help programs, then there's a reason to be mad. - ProPanda

Fine you win. - Skullkid755

"They're just marching for black rights! " What rights do they not have? - Therandom


I don't know but I guess propanda means they are trying to get rid of problems that mainly effect black people. I couldn't respond to ProPanda's other points. - Skullkid755

@ProPanda If you came into this country illegally, you should not be allowed to stay here. If they are mad about getting kicked out of a country they have no right to live in (because they didn't come in properly), that's like getting angry because you were arrested for armed robbery. - DCfnaf

@DC That's what DACA was for. To try to help people who were forced in here due to family problems or to escape the hardships going on in worse countries like Venezuela. They'd give them opportunities and most of them used those opportunities better than the actual citizens. This program allows people to escape the hardships of their past and start a fresh new life in America, because that's what the American dream actually is. Now Trump is just getting rid of it BECAUSE HE'S SCARED OF THE OTHER REPUBLICAN SENATORS. He just blindly got rid of it and are now ruining the lives of people willing to pay taxes and work hard in this country, but called the people who marched for white supremacy fine people. That's not ok. - ProPanda

Those types of illegals make up 10% of the illegals. The majority of illegals came her illegally because they didn't want to come in properly, and therefore, should be deported. - Therandom

Getting rid of DACA was stupid, that's my point. - ProPanda


I didn't say people shouldn't protest. But burning down buildings is more bad than good. - Skullkid755

The feminazis are the worst - TwilightKitsune

F***king agreed! - BorisRule

Those exist? I have zero faith left in humanity - visitor

Yes they are. They don’t even know the true meaning of equality. - TheBMWNerd29880

To be honest, I feel SJW's are pretty misrepresented. I'm pretty sure the original purpose of social justice warriors was sincere and a good cause in the first place. It's just that most of the mainstream ones that act so easily triggered and cause violent protests and controversies overshadow the few genuine ones. Not that I'm an SJW myself, but I feel like social justice warriors are stereotyped a lot these days. However, I can understand why this group has gotten such a bad reputation in recent years both in their online presence and in real life based on how they behave and interact with others.

I do like this post, but I feel this post should emphasize that it's making fun of ONLY the stereotypical social justice warriors and not the ones who are truly genuine about their cause and aren't like their triggered and violent counterparts. Just wanted to point that out. Again, good post. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

But all SJWs are like this... - Therandom

@Therandom Not really - ProPanda

Yes they are - Therandom

Look up Mark Grondin. He consider himself a borderline-SJW, but he's smarter than basically all right-wings in office combined. - PandaDude98

I do hate Trump, I try not to let it get to extreme. And feminazi are worst.

"He makes a few more dollars being a brain surgeon that I do being a McDonalds waitress! That is so sexist, so I will rant about it for hours online! " - visitor

If anything, White American males are the most oppressed group out there. The worst part is that everyone of the above groups clearly hates them. Even the nicest White American males get hated on. The true minority during the dark ages of the Tumblr era - NuMetalManiak

Oh dear

If you think black people are treated equally to white people today them you've been living under a rock. Racism exists. The KKK exists. It's just not legal anymore so it's hidden. Am I the only one who sees where their anger is coming from? They're all descended from slaves. And racism still exists today. If you think white people are oppressed or a minority then I'm sorry but you're a retard. - IronSabbathPriest

I said whites were oppressed by SJWs. And I didn't say they were minorities.

Some people take rants way to seriously. - Skullkid755

Yeah but they aren't oppressed. People take tumblr way too seriously - IronSabbathPriest

Well, you get what I mean. The ones who treat the majorities like demons and the minorities likes angels. The ones who do sh*t in real life should be taken seriously, not the ones on Tumblr. - Skullkid755

What rights to black people not have? That's equality. Racism has nothing to do with equal rights - Therandom

Ikr? Whoever made this blog is retarded. The BLM and immigrant parts made me want to throw up - BlueTopazIceVanilla


I think I was going through an anti-SJW phase or something when I made this because I've changed my mind on some things. The correct grammar would be "was retarded" not "is retarded". - Skullkid755

Also I hope you're all aware that you're being a bunch of crybabies over feminazism. It's not a big deal. We're talking maybe one in fifty feminists here. At least. Again, white males aren't "oppressed" as virtually no action is actually taken following a feminazi threat.

Overall both SJW's and anti SJW's are equal crybabies and should shut the f*** up. Cause no one with common sense actually cares about your rallys against SJW's. Go and fight on tumblr where it all belongs. Cause none of it's a real life issue. - IronSabbathPriest

You obviously don't know what a real issue then. - 2storm

I do think rallies against SJW's are a waste of time. Call them crybabies, make a meme about them, call it a day. - Therandom

How does making a rant about SJWs translate to him longing to rally against them? - DCfnaf

@ IronSabbathPriest I made this rant to tell an opinion, not to rally people. And I made it to start back my rant series. If you really think I'm trying to get people to protest in the streets against a bunch of p*ssies on Tumblr, then you're taking the post to seriously. - Skullkid755

Congrats you gave the same points that literally any other Anti-SJW gives. "Hey guys I hate SJW's! Aren't I cool now? ".

Eh I could care less about them. People take the internet too seriously. You gotta remember that the more sensible people probably don't waste their time ranting on some social media site, so it often seems that everyone is a lunatic on the internet. People got lives to live, they don't have time to argue with strangers on the internet. So chill out, it's not the end of the world. - cjWriter1997

Too many people taking this post too seriously. It's just expressing an opinion and exaggerations are a thing. - Skullkid755

Ok, this is a Jared post. I get this is just your opinion, but this is so blanket. First off, ProPanda explains everything about the whole BLM thing, but second:

You say that these protests are silly because Trump is like everybody else: having both good and bad. Here's the thing: name me one good thing Trump has done. That wouldn't be seen as pro-death, racist, and sexist simultaneously. That doesn't warrant protest. Sure those Hillary supporters were downright insane, but to lump them with most other Trump supporters is just ridiculous.

by the way, my personal opinion is that liberals are bad but at least semi-rational sometimes, and conservatives are THE worst. - PandaDude98

I could defend trump, but he's been too mediocre for me to do such a thing - Therandom

The stock market is none of those. - DCfnaf

To be honest SJW's and anti SJW's do tend to seem like whiny bitches. Not saying you are one, but your post kind of gives off that vibe. - visitor

Can't we just shut the hell up about Trump already? We've been talking about him since 2015. Give it a rest already. Politics are hell. - DCfnaf

I Agree Even Though I'm Neutral Towards Trump - JPK

I see so digusted with politics I cannot be bothered. - iliekpiez

Am* - iliekpiez

Agreed. The SJWs are a nuisance. I avoid going near them at all costs. - Swellow

As of this year, I have to say the number of famous people being charged for sexual harassment went really high. I have to wonder, are they all true? Or are there some people who are lying and trying to get them fired? - NuMetalManiak

Bad post. - iliekpiez

Hetero-phobes - Homosexuals and Heterosexual both have pros and cons!

Black Lives Matter - They did some peaceful protest, but I'd say All Lives (except terrorists and pedophiles)


Trump Protesters - He has both pros and cons.

Too Selfless - There are evil people too! If you are pure selfless, people will treat you poorly. - BorisRule

And Anti-SJW - Pure ripoff - BorisRule

I hate sjws - visitor