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21 Halloween costume panic

This is really annoying me - The belief that dressing up as another culture for Halloween, even if you are of the culture itself (or descended from) or have respect for the culture itself, is automatically racism, even if it's not the intended purpose. It's tiring me that people give so much panic over this when there's literally conflict going on between Tibet and China, but hey, let them nitpick. Gives us something to mock more. - Swellow

22 Yale students slamming Samurai Jack for homophobia, sexism and cultural appropriation
23 Woman Considers Air Conditioning Sexist

The hell... - drdevil

24 Boycotting Beauty And The Beast (2017) For Having A Gay Character

A cinema in Alabama refused to show Beauty and the Beast because it had a gay character (Gaston) - TwilightKitsune

25 Fictional Characters Given a Realistic Makeover

This is just so wrong. This makes me think that what kind of distortion goes theough your head to think this artwork is pleasant to you? This is a perversion of the original work and a disrespect to the creators who spent hours, days and possibly months designing their story and characters and only to be perverted by butthurt social justice warriors. - YourWaifuSucks

What is more important? The Muslims in Myanmar getting slaughtered? Trump building a wall to block Mexicans? Fictional characters being sexy? - YourWaifuSucks

26 Anti-fascist feminists throw urine at libertarian-conservative writer for dismissing made-up genders

Even though Lauren Southern's "Triggering" movement is BS, they went a bit too far with throwing urine at her. - Swellow

27 Pepsi commercial controversy

In early 2017, Pepsi released a commercial featuring media star Kylie Jenner taking a photo shoot during the riot. Ripping off her disguise from the public, she goes up to the riot police and offers them a Pepsi, effectively ending the riot and Jenner getting cheered on as a hero. Regardless of whether or not you like Jenner, some neo-liberals took the commercial so seriously that they thought the commercial was both false-advertising and a big "screw you" to activists, which it clearly was not. Pepsi pulled the commercial soon afterwards.
Remind me why I live on this planet again. If you're that inclined to think that a soda can stop a riot, then you have no right to call yourself an "activist". - Swellow

28 Woman sues Drake and Future for a rape charge associated with the venue

I hate Drake and Future with a flaming passion, but if this woman was sexually assaulted by someone on the venue... shouldn't she sue the venue? What do Drake and Future have to do with it? - PandaDude98

29 Grand Theft Auto V accused of sexism

Just stop with these damn controversies. - Swellow

30 Accusing Sing For Portraying Black Gorillas As Criminals
31 Texas Woman Claims Hobby Lobby's Cotton Stalks are Racist
32 People Complaining About Tower Of Terror Closing
33 Creating a Kickstarter to Set Up a Doxxing Site in Order to Eliminate Dissenters (
34 Calling Conservatives or Libertarian Fascists

Fascism requires big government to work and all conservatives want to do is cut government and the alphabet agencies. These people do not even understand how real fascism works. They are just scared that they can't dumb down society with fake genders and fake pronouns anymore.

35 School not letting 9 year old boy having rainbow dash backpack in school
36 Bliss (Powerpuff Girls Reboot)
37 DC Fans Try To Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes Because Of Bad Suicide Squad Reviews

Say What You Want About Rotten Tomatoes, But This Is Unacceptable - JPK

38 Frozen being called a "Work of the Devil" by Evangelist Christians just because of hidden LGBT-related themes

While I don't like the film itself, calling it a "work of Satan" just for it's hidden homosexuality messages such as the "coming out" metaphor during the song "Let It Go" is just ridiculous. Seriously! Read " Disney's Frozen and the 'gay agenda'" on BBC news for example. This proves that anything containing hidden gay messages will be criticized by the fanatical Christians no matter what! - Neonco31

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