Stupidest Stunt by a Pro Athlete

Ok, Athletes are physically better than everyone. But are they mentally better? Aside from Hollywood starlets they commit some of the dumbest acts ever. O.J. murdering his wife, Mike Vick’s dogfighting, Pac Man at strip clubs...the list goes on! What do you think are the top 10 dumbest acts ever committed by an athlete?

The Top Ten

1 O.J. writes a book: If I Did It

Way to stay innocent big fella. I wonder if Bill Clinton should write a book called, "If I Did Sleep With That Woman".

If I WOULD HAVE KILLED HER, this is what I would have done. :( How stupid are we?

2 Mike Tyson Bites Evander Holyfield
3 Michael Vick's Dogfighting

Vick also got suspended but he unlike Warne got arrested. Warne missed a few matches but Vick missed a whole year and possibly another one.

4 Chad Johnson calling Michael Phelps overrated

now that is just plain stupid...

5 Allen Iverson not showing up to practice
6 Warne's Text Messaging

Shane Warne, the most prolific spin bowler in the history of cricket, couldn't leave his mobile phone. It cause him a divorce, match suspensions, and he even lost points in a recent poker match for using his phone during the game. - wainboy

7 Ron Artest vs. Pistons Fan

Granted he was provoked by getting a drink thrown at him but, you gotta show a little restraint. - kyhickabilly

8 Brock Lesnar Back Flip Dive to Kurt Angle

Nobody will forget this stunt, that almost ended his career! WrestleMania 19!

9 Ugueth Urbina's Machete Incident

The MLB pitcher chased a man down with a machete, tied him up, and attempted to set him on fire. He is currently serving a 15 year prison sentence in Venezuela.

10 Ken Williams trading Aaron Rowand

Sox fans miss him so much

The Contenders

11 Ryan Leaf yelling at Reporters
12 Diego Maradona and the Mano de Dios

You're not supposed to play soccer with your hands. - edsel

13 Kobe Bryant Rape Allegations
14 Sean White's Half Pipe Mishap

He came out of the pipe by accident and hit someone! ouch!

15 Pacman Jones Topless Bar Visit in NY

After multiple incidents including a shooting that left a bouncer paralyzed at topless bars Pacman Jones has to go to NY to discuss his punishment with NFL comish Roger Goodell. The night before when he arrives he decides to spend the evening at a topless bar in NY and is seen there by media, he explains his visit with "what wrong I was just there for the food"

16 Bob Burnquist Grinding Into The Grand Canyon

omg he could of killed himself. somehow he manged it

17 Gramatica Tearing a Knee Ligament In a Celebratory Leap
18 Tom Watson tries to get golf analyst Gary McCord fired
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