Stupidest Things About Barney the Purple Dinosaur

Barney is a jerk! Here are some of the stupidest things about him.

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1 He Says "I Love You"

Hey Barney! Don't say I love you because that is disgusting.

That Awful Song Gives Us Hints That This Purple Atrocity Is A Child Molester

That doesn't mean anything unless you add more of the lyrics to the song: and a great big kiss and a hug from me to you. It's OK when we say it to friends and family but barney... Is none of those things not even an acquaintance

No wonder he's a pedophile

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2 He's Too Babyish
3 He Said the F Word On T.V.

What? When did this happen? - Wolftail

Woah which episode I wanna watch it on YouTube

A friend of mine named aren told me this story. so that's why I put this on the list

My friend thought it was a dream do I looked it up on this sight and I found out it was real! ;)
So I told her the next day and we laughed like crap!

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4 We Used to Like Him

I never liked him, when I was a 4 I watched Cartoon Network. - nintendofan126

I never did, not even when I was a baby. - Skullkid755

L never watched him, when l was little, l only watched British shows.
Land of hope and glory, mother of the freee!

5 His Friends

They're all humans. they should die!

It's Not The Humans Fault
Barney's Imaginary Friends Who Are Not Human Should Die

6 He Makes No Sense
7 His Head Looks Like a Butt

Really? His head doesn't look anything like a butt.

Actually, it looks kind of like a trollface. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

And in ADHD's (Animation Domination High definition.) Scientifically Accurate Parody of him, he had a 12 foot penis. - Murvine_Taylor

8 Everyone Is Happy All The Time

He never tolerates negative emotions. We all need to have negativity sometimes. Agree?

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9 He's a Dinosaur That Does Stupid Stuff
10 His Theme Song

It's a parody of yankee doodle.

Now it's a rap song only with a simular beat and the same words. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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11 He Doesn't Have A Nemesis

Except Elmo

12 His Smile is Creepy
13 It's 50th Place for Worst Shows Says the TV Guide

More Like Number 5 Worst Show Of All Time

14 He Ruined His Own Show
15 He's Fat

I'm not saying I like Barney, but it doesn't matter if he is fat.

16 His Mouth Never Closes

His tounge must be a dried and shriveled worm by now. After years of exposure to the sun he must not be able to tast or eat by now. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

17 His Eyes Never Blink

That's because he is a mascot

18 He's an Insult to the 90s
19 He's a Pedophile

Uh Murvine Taylor
It's Herbert Who's The Pedophile In Family Guy.
Quagmire Is Just A Pervert

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20 He's Ugly
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