Stupidest Things About Barney the Purple Dinosaur

Barney is a jerk! Here are some of the stupidest things about him.

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1 He Says "I Love You"

Hey Barney! Don't say I love you because that is disgusting.

That Awful Song Gives Us Hints That This Purple Atrocity Is A Child Molester

That doesn't mean anything unless you add more of the lyrics to the song: and a great big kiss and a hug from me to you. It's OK when we say it to friends and family but barney... Is none of those things not even an acquaintance

No wonder he's a pedophile

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2 He's Too Babyish
3 He Said the F Word On T.V.

What? When did this happen? - Wolftail

Woah which episode I wanna watch it on YouTube

This actually never happened

That's bulls***! - henry_danger_is_great

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4 We Used to Like Him

I never liked him, when I was a 4 I watched Cartoon Network. - nintendofan126

I never did, not even when I was a baby. - Skullkid755

L never watched him, when l was little, l only watched British shows.
Land of hope and glory, mother of the freee!

5 His Friends

They're all humans. they should die!

It's Not The Humans Fault
Barney's Imaginary Friends Who Are Not Human Should Die

6 He Makes No Sense
7 His Head Looks Like a Butt

Really? His head doesn't look anything like a butt.

Actually, it looks kind of like a trollface. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

And in ADHD's (Animation Domination High definition.) Scientifically Accurate Parody of him, he had a 12 foot penis. - Murvine_Taylor

8 Everyone Is Happy All The Time

He never tolerates negative emotions. We all need to have negativity sometimes. Agree?

Actually, in some of the episodes, kids cry. then barney sings a stupid song about trying not to cry.

9 He's a Dinosaur That Does Stupid Stuff
10 His Theme Song

It's a parody of yankee doodle.

Now it's a rap song only with a simular beat and the same words. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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11 His Eyes Never Blink

That's because he is a mascot

12 He Doesn't Have A Nemesis

Except Elmo

13 His Smile is Creepy
14 It's 50th Place for Worst Shows Says the TV Guide

More Like Number 5 Worst Show Of All Time

15 He Ruined His Own Show
16 He's Fat

I'm not saying I like Barney, but it doesn't matter if he is fat.

17 His Mouth Never Closes

His tounge must be a dried and shriveled worm by now. After years of exposure to the sun he must not be able to tast or eat by now. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

18 He's an Insult to the 90s
19 He's a Pedophile

Like Quagmire from Family Guy - Murvine_Taylor

Like Herbert the Pervert

Uh Murvine Taylor
It's Herbert Who's The Pedophile In Family Guy.
Quagmire Is Just A Pervert

20 He's Ugly
21 He Looks Like Someone Spilled Paint On Him
22 You Don't Actually Learn Anything
23 The New Batch of Kids are More Famous than the First Batch
24 He made an inappropriate episode in his first chance.
25 He has no sense of personal space
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