Top 10 Stupidest Things to Ban


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1 MAGA hat

Nothing wrong with showing support for my president. - Randomator

First Amendment. - Maddox121

If you don't like that I'm supporting something, a political stance or person,that's your problem. Grow a pair and educate yourself on what the hell is going on in this country. - RustyNail

2 Manspreading

I don't know why people complain about it, but whenever I go to atlanta, I go on a metro, while "manspreading" aka, SITTING DOWN COMFORTABLY! I'm 14 and having a hard time getting adjusted to puberty, so Manspreading helps. - Maddox121

Is womanspreading a thing? - EvanTheNerd

What’s the big deal about how people sit? - Randomator

3 Breathing

Everyone would die. - DarkBoi-X

What? I need OXIJEN! - TriggerTrashKid

4 Surprise Eggs
5 Pooping in the woods

Only in places where animals are known to roam we don't want them accidentally eating poop do we? - XxembermasterxX

Before you say "COPROPHILIA! " It is a natural function, and is still used as a camping procedure... Besides, camping was invented to be a naturalist for a weekend, and naturalists poop in the woods. - Maddox121

Yep... - Maddox121

6 Walking

Well I guess, that I'm banned from school then lel.

7 Running Running Running is a method of terrestrial locomotion allowing humans and other animals to move rapidly on foot. Running is a type of gait characterized by an aerial phase in which all feet are above the ground.
8 Sitting
9 Hate Speech

I hate that speech as much as the next guy, but it's human choice, banning it only gives them more fuel for those words. - Maddox121

10 Guns

Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Also notice how pretty much all the major shootings have occurred in big cities or areas with strict gun regulations? Funny how that works - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Butter
12 Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse is a funny animal cartoon character and the official mascot of The Walt Disney Company. He was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks at the Walt Disney Studios in 1928.

One of the only good things Hitler did, un ban Mickey Mouse in East Germany, which was accepted in West Germany post-WWII and in 1989, it is legalized in all of Germany's territories after the merge. - Maddox121

13 Gay Marriage

Yep... purty dumb, glad gay people are going to the right after the liberals did dumb stuff to make the gays look homophobic for having straight friends, man, it was a long time since Anita Bryant and the Orange Bird. - Maddox121

14 Pepsi Pepsi PepsiCo Inc. is an American multinational food, snack and beverage corporation headquartered in Purchase, New York, United States, with interests in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of grain-based snack foods, beverages, and other products.
15 Fortnite

Please no Prince Harry. Don’t ruin it for the people who like the game and who don’t do stupid things. Can Fortnite hate just stop already? - Userguy44

16 Edginess
17 Phones
18 Rock Music
19 Bans
20 Talking
21 Sleeping
22 Metal Music
23 Animals
24 Televisions
25 Banning

This would be ironic though. Lmao - Misfire

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1. MAGA hat
2. Manspreading
3. Pooping in the woods
1. Breathing
2. Sitting
3. Walking
1. Hate Speech
2. Guns
3. Manspreading


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