Top 10 Stupidest Things to Bully Someone Over


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1 Their Looks

Bullying is a stupidity itself. - Ananya

There's nothing worse than body shamers. - FGH67

Sadly I did, I haven't been bullied for 4 years now and I still feel ugly. "Oh, Kiana's lips are too huge! " "Kiana is dark as hell" "Kiana has ugly hair" "Kiana was an ugly baby, she looked like a boy! " The people who said those things for years were in fact African-American males. I look up their facebooks and laugh, "Those were the idiots who said all that shyyt about me OOMG? " *Hair whip* lol.

My friend was bullied because he was a guy and had long hair, but he looks better w/o, but he should do him. but it is probably for the best he has short hair, less picking. but id watch out for him, he does like ninja kicks and stuff, and it can be scary - EliHbk

2 Their Weight

I'm literally the lightest kid in the whole high school. I'm about 36 kilos FYI. - DankGodX

3 Their Height

I'm 5'2" in a community with tall people. - DankGodX

4 Their Penis Size
5 Their Sexuality

Why does sexuality matter? It's just what gender someone is attracted to. If bi/homosexuality is a sin or bad or something like that, then being straight is the same. Homophobes are hypocrites. - JakePlaid

6 Their Gender
7 Where They Came From

A lot of my friends get bullied because they came from Russia. Aparently no high schooler like Rusia.

8 Their Clothes

That just worst thing to make fun of in my opinion

9 A Disorder

I have been picked on here actually for "faking" my depression and being "Paranoid" and even by my own family members. If you had severe depression, anxiety, and always feeling like you don't fit in, then you would understand, but my family is too stupid and ignorant that they don't. They call my mental illnesses and my thoughts "White people shyyt" My depression comes from bullying, being left out for years past and years to come, and my low self esteem. You don't know what a person is feeling, the best you can do is understand and not be judging, clearly, my family doesn't do that. Plus, I'm supposed to find out if I'm Autistic or not within a few weeks. There will be some days when I'm depressed THAT I'M REALLY SICK AND THROWING UP AND BARELY GETTING ANY SLEEP! I hate it when people get bullied for their disorders, especially Autism. It makes me think about myself and I cry. For the bullies of this, you're not a focn doctor.

You shouldn’t bully people just because they have Autism or something. That is flat-out WRONG.

I'm on the Autism spectrum, and I was bullied.
People often made me believe things that aren't true, which was easy because I take a lot of things literally.
I'm easily influenced.
And a lot of people in my school use 'Autist' as an insult.

10 How Different They Are

This goes hand and hand with much of the list. Good list.

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11 Their Crushes
12 Their Race
13 Their Hair
14 Their Aunties Cat

A mate of mine gets bullied because his aunt has a fat cat

The bullies makes great human scratching post

15 Their Opinions

A bad reason, but sadly VERY common - EliHbk

16 Their Flaws
17 Their Religion
18 Their Penchant for Blueberries
19 Their Name
20 For Liking Trigun (Anime)
21 For Not Liking What Other People Like
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