Stupidest Things Chris-Chan Has Done

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1 Burned his house down

Chris Chan should be go to Iran and executed for burning his house and doing nasty thing.

You know, what? As horrid as him drinking his own semen made me think that it was the stupidest thing he has ever done, I think this item in particular is much more deserving of the first spot on my remix than the former item. The guy could have easily killed his parents in that fire, you know. I seriously need to put this on my remix right now.

His dad wasn't alive when this happened. However, the house fire did kill one of his cats.

I wish he burned to death while his house was on fire. Death from smoke inhalation isn't enough for one of the most revolting losers on the Internet and in real life.

What the heck? Why would he burn down his house? Is this guy insane or mental? Why doesn't he go to jail? Screw this guy, he could have killed people including himself by doing this. Plus, he made the firefighters work even more by doing this, what a jerk.

2 Drunk his own sperm

Trust me, as much as I don't want to believe it, he actually did this! I honestly had no idea why it wasn't on the list to begin with since I had to submit this item to the list. I just get goosebumps and unpleasant thoughts whenever I'm reminded of this event...

Agreed, it indeed was disgusting. I think I might've considered adding it to the list when I first made it, though I feared admin would've removed it.

He mixed it in with Fanta and drank it. I felt a little sick while watching that video.

Disgusting! He won't save any unborn babies that way. You can't recycle sperm. The chance is bigger he crap them out afterwards...

Someone uploaded an image for this? Now nightmares about this are inevitable!

3 Cut his perineum open with a knife

I'm surprised he didn't bleed to death or anything while doing this, and even if you wanted to change gender, you'd have to go through therapy.

Ugh... I don't want to see that, it's just gross

This could've killed him if it weren't treated quickly enough.

Where is it proof of that?... Never mind what I said I don't think I want to see that

4 Created the ripoff abomination known as Sonichu

Sonichu deserved to be killed by Toothless and Ho-oh or Pikachu, Sonic.

And today, he's still clinging onto a terrible, unoriginal character he made for a high school project in 2000.

Even my Care Bears/Sailor Moon crossover art I did for fun (and ones I'm thinking of doing for Battle Skipper combined with some elements of Thunderbirds) are more creative.

Aka the most infamous Sonic fan made character

5 Dry humped his PlayStation 3

I feel so sorry for that poor console.

Just sick just sick

The hell?! - Xentrick-The-Creeper


6 Wore a sports bra in public saying "WANT WOMAN!"

I guess I'll just wear a T-shirt in public saying "SECURITY! " whenever he appears.

*Sees image of Chris-chan wearing a sports bra* MY EYES! THEY BURN! OH, THE CRINGE!

Seriously what is wrong with this guy?

There also was a photo where he was talking to a girl who looked about the age of 8...WHILE HE WAS WEARING THIS. How did he not get questioned by police officers, is this an appropriate fashion to be wearing near young children?

Oh right, I forgot, logical thinking is the last thing Chris is capable of. - SailorSedna

7 Ran over his own PS3 with his car

It deserved to be banned from using any Sony products as punishment for destroying PlayStation 3.

This is just a poor man's Fat Francis breaking his Xbox 360. The only difference is that Fat Francis is actually funny. Chris-chan is NOT funny. He's just plain stupid.

This is a good thing because it put the PS3 out of it's misery. It was traumatized because Chris Chan humped it.

Well, considering it got dry hmped by him, a mercy kill was probably better than nothing at all.

8 Took photos of his genitals

Has he no shame for this? It's stuff like this that makes me wonder why he hasn't been imprisoned yet, especially since this could qualify as sex offense.

Even more gross and disgusting

Ah, this is worse than most of the other things he did

He was dancing in the SHOWER while this happened. And don't even get me started on what his genitals looked like. I wish curiosity hadn't gotten the better of me. - alphadan12

He also once stuck them in snow for 15 minutes once, to imitate Jackass (that incident needs to be an item on this list), believe it or not. - SailorSedna

9 Turned against his lawyer

I don't even know how he was able to even get a lawyer in the first place. But what's really stupid is that he basically went against one of the absolutely only people in the world that would be willing to defend him in a court case (at least for the money).

10 Maced a Gamestop employee with pepper spray

I have a feeling something like this will happen again...

That is just horrible. He deserves to be in jail.

This is proof that he's dangerous and needs to be locked up in prison or a mental hospital. If not, like what Zach said, he could actually end up committing murder. - SailorSedna

And he did not get arrested for that

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11 Threatened Trump

There's freedom of speech and then there's just plain criminal threatening. Plus, I don't think even someone I despise like Trump deserves to have feel the wrath of a hideous sleazeball like Chris-chan.

I am kinda neutral on Trump, but dislike him more than like him. However, at least Trump is not a nasty sicko wasting his time doing useless and pointless things like this.

This could've gotten him arrested. He needs to watch what comes out of his mouth.

I Don't Like Trump either, but Chris-Chan Went way too far.

12 Gave away most of his personal info

What if someone hacks him or comes to his house to kidnap him? Seriously, what a bad example, he should not be doing that. He should be going to school to learn the dangers of the internet.

What an Idiot! Doesn't he know that there are hackers out there that can steal your identity?

Good. That means someone can hire a professional hitman to break into his house and kill the little maniac.

Nice job, Chris, Now you just told strangers where you live.

13 Poorly drew art of himself drinking soda from an over-sized straw

I think this is one of the most popular meme of chris, and he made it himself!

I can't help but laugh at how ridiculously bad it looks. I drew an eating cake picture (with a Care Bears version of Sailor Moon as a rabbit) that looks better, and it doesn't even have a background. - Sailor Sedna

14 Drew Sonichu on his penis

WHAT THE HECK?! How is something like THAT even possible?!

He also drew, er...traced his penis on a Sonichu page too.

How did he... Well that's just disturbing

I first thought it was a tattoo

15 Giving autism a bad name

It annoys me how some people think all autistic people are like Chris. He clearly has other mental illnesses/disorders underlying which impact his behaviour.

He is a bad example to autistic people

The only good thing I learned from this list is why people even make fun of autism. This is insane.

I'm autistic and this guy's an absolute insult to my intelligence.

16 Stormed out of his high school graduation crying

Whether it be tears of joy or sadness (or stupidity), all he ever did for himself at one of the greatest moments of anyone's life was humiliate himself in front of hundreds of students, parents, teachers, school staff, the principal, and pretty much setting himself up to be a loser when he grows up. Which, in this case, came true.

He actually did this? What a wimp. Me, I felt sad when I had to leave my school because I'd miss the friends I'd made among my classmates, teachers, principal, but I didn't cry like a baby at all, I still felt happy and proud (I even got to visit one of my teachers' house to see a dog of hers too).

This was supposed to be the greatest moment of his life but he had to ruin it by storming out crying.

You know, I am surprised he was even ABLE to graduate high school

17 Curse-ye-ha-me-ha'd Mary Lee Walsh

Chris can't differentiate fantasy and reality. What an idiot.

Come on Chris, The poor woman was just doing her job. Leave her alone.

Like that would destroy her?..

What did Mary Lee Walsh ever do to him?

18 Had sex with a blow-up doll and filmed it

Nasty, he reminds me of he-who-must-not-be-named(you know who I am talking about). How can he show that on the internet? That is disgusting, never looking that up.

I won't look that up

I saw a gif of this and...ugh, God. This would count as sex offense too, am I right?

Nope, just nope. Not even going to watch it.

19 Squandered all his money on toys

He should be banned from all toy store for spending all money on toys.

It makes me wonder how he's so fat since he wastes all his money on toys when he could be using it to eat more healthy so he wouldn't be so obese. You'd think he would be malnourished and all bony and anorexic because of how he prioritizes toys over his necessities.

If you want toy for all ages, go and buy LEGO! Or Rubik's cube.

Wow, very wasteful. I may not have as much toys or money as him but at least I learn to manage them properly

20 Drove to Ohio to try and rescue Julie from Max

I can't believe it. A preteen tricked a full grown man into driving all the way to Ohio to rescue his "girlfriend". Just shows how thick Chris is.

Apparently the troll that pretended to be both Julie and Max was 13 years of age at the time he trolled Chris, and his disguise was paper-thin to boot (a prepubescent teenager doing a squeaky girl voice). At the time, Chris was in his late 20s to early 30s. Yes, Chris managed to get trolled by a young kid.

Chris makes a rock look smart.

When you also consider the aftermath of the whole Julie saga, I'm surprised Chris didn't get arrested/imprisoned... - SailorSedna

21 Drew ShecameforCWC.jpg

If curiosity gets the best of me, wish me luck I don't die.

He must have some issues with that picture

Obviously, Megan didn't take it well.

Nope, she didn't at all. It shocked her a lot, and it lead to the end of their already dying friendship.

I regret searching for this

22 Knocked down Michael Snyder

One thing I'm wondering is, why the hell does Chris STILL have a driver's license and is able to drive a car? He should have had his license revoked and be forbidden by law to use a motor vehicle, that hit and run he did on Michael is clear proof he's dangerous and he could have even killed him! - SailorSedna

Didn't he went to jail because of that?


Yeah, both he and his mom (who assaulted a cop) went to jail. They almost went to prison too (should have gone there).

23 Shoplifted from Best Buy

Is he friends with the police? How is he not in jail?

Please don't tell me children were a victim of this crime...

True that. I was just hoping he didn't scar any children for life due to his horrid appearance and existence while in the act of shoplifting! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

El bandito! - Xentrick-The-Creeper

24 Threatened to Kill Sega

This also shows how pathetic he is. He wanted to kill an entire company over Sonic's damn blue arms.

Sega owns Sonic, so they should be allowed to do whatever they want with him.

Over blue arms. That is stupid

Chris, stop it! Blue arms doesn't mean anything.

25 Lied about making a hamburger and mashed potatoes

What a random thing to lie about. A quick Google Images search shows he stole the picture of the internet. This isn't the first time he's did something like this.

Taking into account his intelligence, he probably can't even make something as simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I bet Chris-Chan can't make scrambled eggs and oatmeal much less a hamburger and mashed potatoes.

He can't even fill a cup with a water

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