Stupidest Things Chris-Chan Has Done

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1 Burned his house down Burned his house down

Seriously. What the heck?

This shows that he is an idiot - ElSherlock

This isn't autism, this is pure insanity.

Considering all the stupid things he does I wish that fire destroyed him too. - DarkBoi-X

2 Drunk his own sperm Drunk his own sperm

Someone give me bleach-flavored boba tea - RoseWeasley


That's nasty - ElSherlock

Trust me, as much as I don't want to believe it, he actually did this! I honestly had no idea why it wasn't on the list to begin with since I had to submit this item to the list. I just get goosebumps and unpleasant thoughts whenever I'm reminded of this event... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Agreed, it indeed was disgusting. I think I might've considered adding it to the list when I first made it, though I feared admin would've removed it.

3 Cut his perineum open with a knife

That is disgusting - ElSherlock

I was really disgusted just by reading it! - BorisRule

I'm surprised he didn't bleed to death or anything while doing this, and even if you wanted to change gender, you'd have to go through therapy.

Ugh... I don't want to see that, it's just gross - Neonco31

4 Created the ripoff abomination known as Sonichu

Aka the most infamous Sonic fan made character - ElSherlock

Sonichu is not everything - Xentrick-The-Creeper

And today, he's still clinging onto a terrible, unoriginal character he made for a high school project in 2000.

Even my Care Bears/Sailor Moon crossover art I did for fun (and ones I'm thinking of doing for Battle Skipper combined with some elements of Thunderbirds) are more creative.

5 Dry humped his PlayStation 3

What?! - ElSherlock

The heck?! I never thought you could hump a PS3 - TheAwesomeDude54

The hell?! - Xentrick-The-Creeper

Eww, how disgusting. *vomits* - BlazingParasol

6 Wore a sports bra in public saying "WANT WOMAN!" Wore a sports bra in public saying

That picture... - ElSherlock

Seriously what is wrong with this guy? - DarkBoi-X

I guess I'll just wear a T-shirt in public saying "SECURITY! " whenever he appears. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

*Sees image of Chris-chan wearing a sports bra* MY EYES! THEY BURN! OH, THE CRINGE! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

7 Ran over his own PS3 with his car Ran over his own PS3 with his car

That PS3 must have costed a lot of money - ElSherlock

This is just a poor man's Fat Francis breaking his Xbox 360. The only difference is that Fat Francis is actually funny. Chris-chan is NOT funny. He's just plain stupid. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This is a good thing because it put the PS3 out of it's misery. It was traumatized because Chris Chan humped it. - Skullkid755

Well, considering it got dry hmped by him, a mercy kill was probably better than nothing at all. - Swellow

8 Took photos of his genitals

Even more gross and disgusting - ElSherlock

Has he no shame for this? It's stuff like this that makes me wonder why he hasn't been imprisoned yet, especially since this could qualify as sex offense. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He also once stuck them in snow for 15 minutes once, to imitate Jackass (that incident needs to be an item on this list), believe it or not. - SailorSedna

That's even how not to do porn. ☠ - BorisRule

9 Turned against his lawyer

I don't even know how he was able to even get a lawyer in the first place. But what's really stupid is that he basically went against one of the absolutely only people in the world that would be willing to defend him in a court case (at least for the money). - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10 Maced a Gamestop employee with pepper spray Maced a Gamestop employee with pepper spray

I have a feeling something like this will happen again...

That is just horrible. He deserves to be in jail.

This is proof that he's dangerous and needs to be locked up in prison or a mental hospital. If not, like what Zach said, he could actually end up committing murder. - SailorSedna

And he did not get arrested for that - Neonco31


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11 Threatened Trump Threatened Trump

That isn't freedom of speech - ElSherlock

This got him temporarily banned from Facebook. - kcianciulli

There's freedom of speech and then there's just plain criminal threatening. Plus, I don't think even someone I despise like Trump deserves to have feel the wrath of a hideous sleazeball like Chris-chan. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Donald Trump doesn't deserve that, even if he's worse than Hillary Clinton - Xentrick-The-Creeper

12 Poorly drew art of himself drinking soda from an over-sized straw

I can't help but laugh at how ridiculously bad it looks. I drew an eating cake picture (with a Care Bears version of Sailor Moon as a rabbit) that looks better, and it doesn't even have a background. - Sailor Sedna

13 Drew Sonichu on his penis

Why do people do this? - DarkBoi-X

Why? That's disgusting - ElSherlock

My eyes! They BURN! - GehennaTheSecond

EEWWW! Even deadpool would not do something like this!

14 Gave away most of his personal info

Giving your personal info is never a good idea - ElSherlock

What if someone hacks him or comes to his house to kidnap him? Seriously, what a bad example, he should not be doing that. He should be going to school to learn the dangers of the internet.

What an Idiot! Doesn't he know that there are hackers out there that can steal your identity? - kcianciulli

Good. That means someone can hire a professional hitman to break into his house and kill the little maniac. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

15 Curse-ye-ha-me-ha'd Mary Lee Walsh Curse-ye-ha-me-ha'd Mary Lee Walsh

What did Mary Lee Walsh ever do to him? - ElSherlock

Chris can't differentiate fantasy and reality. What an idiot.

Come on Chris, The poor woman was just doing her job. Leave her alone. - kcianciulli

Like that would destroy her?.. - Getovait

16 Giving autism a bad name

I too am starting to doubt he is autistic. - Sprightly

He also gives transgender people a bad name - ElSherlock

It annoys me how some people think all autistic people are like Chris. He clearly has other mental illnesses/disorders underlying which impact his behaviour.

He is a disgrace to autistic people

17 Had sex with a blow-up doll and filmed it

Nope, just nope. Not even going to watch it. - GehennaTheSecond

I won't look that up - ElSherlock

I don't even want to think of it. - DarkBoi-X

Nasty, he reminds me of he-who-must-not-be-named(you know who I am talking about). How can he show that on the internet? That is disgusting, never looking that up.

18 Squandered all his money on toys Squandered all his money on toys

He could buy something else instead of toys - ElSherlock

It makes me wonder how he's so fat since he wastes all his money on toys when he could be using it to eat more healthy so he wouldn't be so obese. You'd think he would be malnourished and all bony and anorexic because of how he prioritizes toys over his necessities. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

If you want toy for all ages, go and buy LEGO! Or Rubik's cube. - BorisRule

He should be on hoarders

19 Stormed out of his high school graduation crying

Crybaby - DarkBoi-X

Whether it be tears of joy or sadness (or stupidity), all he ever did for himself at one of the greatest moments of anyone's life was humiliate himself in front of hundreds of students, parents, teachers, school staff, the principal, and pretty much setting himself up to be a loser when he grows up. Which, in this case, came true. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He actually did this? What a wimp. Me, I felt sad when I had to leave my school because I'd miss the friends I'd made among my classmates, teachers, principal, but I didn't cry like a baby at all, I still felt happy and proud (I even got to visit one of my teachers' house to see a dog of hers too).

The reason he was crying was because he wanted to win an art award (he had done some horrible totem Sonic statue thingy) and it went to someone else, kinda similar to the Adam Stackhouse incident but he just cried like a baby instead of getting all mad (saw the documentary). - SailorSedna

20 Knocked down Michael Snyder

One thing I'm wondering is, why the hell does Chris STILL have a driver's license and is able to drive a car? He should have had his license revoked and be forbidden by law to use a motor vehicle, that hit and run he did on Michael is clear proof he's dangerous and he could have even killed him! - SailorSedna

Didn't he went to jail because of that? - Getovait


Yeah, both he and his mom (who assaulted a cop) went to jail. They almost went to prison too (should have gone there).

21 Drew ShecameforCWC.jpg

I regret searching for this - ElSherlock

Creepypasta - BorisRule

If curiosity gets the best of me, wish me luck I don't die. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He must have some issues with that picture - Neonco31

22 Drove to Ohio to try and rescue Julie from Max

Apparently the troll that pretended to be both Julie and Max was 13 years of age at the time he trolled Chris, and his disguise was paper-thin to boot (a prepubescent teenager doing a squeaky girl voice). At the time, Chris was in his late 20s to early 30s. Yes, Chris managed to get trolled by a young kid. - Swellow

I can't believe it. A preteen tricked a full grown man into driving all the way to Ohio to rescue his "girlfriend". Just shows how thick Chris is.

Chris makes a rock look smart. - kcianciulli

When you also consider the aftermath of the whole Julie saga, I'm surprised Chris didn't get arrested/imprisoned... - SailorSedna

23 Hates Sonic's new look Hates Sonic's new look

What's the point of getting mad over blue arms? - ElSherlock

Are Sonic's arms being blue that important? - Xentrick-The-Creeper

He literally attacked a GameStop store over Sonic's redesign for Sonic Boom. Not that Sonic Boom is a good game, but you could interpret Chris-chan's idiocy in this act through two ways: as a pitiful laughing stock (what am I saying? He doesn't deserve pity.) or as a bumbling literal retard in every sense of the word. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He didn't realize that Sonic's redesign was only for Sonic Boom, not for the whole franchise.

24 Shoplifted from Best Buy Shoplifted from Best Buy

El bandito! - Xentrick-The-Creeper

Is he friends with the police? How is he not in jail?

Please don't tell me children were a victim of this crime... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

True that. I was just hoping he didn't scar any children for life due to his horrid appearance and existence while in the act of shoplifting! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

25 Kiss people at the convention "toomanygames"

He's a harasser - ElSherlock

Cause he's el harassero! - Xentrick-The-Creeper

Just lock Chris up in prison and/or give him a mental evaluation, the fact that he still hasn't learned anything and only went into that fetal position because he was getting kicked out and not because of him regretting anything is just showing how much of a dangerous...thing he is. - SailorSedna

He didn't just do that, he grabbed the butt of a Link cosplayer and tried to pull his pants down. Hope he got arrested after that sexual harassment.

26 Shouted at little boys when playing Pokemon with them

If I saw little boys with him I'd scream PEDO! At the top of my lungs.

Ohhh I would love to see proof of it How low can he go? - Getovait

@ NikoX
Yup, he did. It was said at The GAMe PLACe, Chris, who used to wear an old Ash costume, would often get angry at opponents he played, especially children, didn't have any aptitude for deck-building or strategy in the Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card games, rarely won, and even though he declared himself a Gym Leader, he wasn't one, just a substitute who took the place of the regular gym leader on a few occasions and would repeatedly be angry and snap at others. - SailorSedna

27 Threatened to Kill Sega

Over blue arms. That is stupid - ElSherlock

...really now? - GehennaTheSecond

Chris, stop it! Blue arms doesn't mean anything. - BorisRule

This also shows how pathetic he is. He wanted to kill an entire company over Sonic's damn blue arms.

28 Can't hold down a job

@MSBS He CAN get a job (which would make more money than the disability benefit money he receives) since jobs outside of the legal system don't check a person's history, but he blames his lack of a job on the fear of being discriminated against. - Swellow

Considering Chris is now practically known everywhere on the Internet now, there's no way he'll ever be able to get one... - SailorSedna

Do you really expect ANYONE to even give him a job? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

29 Lied about making a hamburger and mashed potatoes

He doesn't know to make hamburger - ElSherlock

HowToBasics ripoff - BorisRule

What a random thing to lie about. A quick Google Images search shows he stole the picture of the internet. This isn't the first time he's did something like this.

Taking into account his intelligence, he probably can't even make something as simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

30 Wrote an entire Sonichu comic page dedicated to demonstrating how Rosechu's reproductive system worked.

That's disturbing - ElSherlock

He also did one that showed how Sonichu's worked too...Good Lord, what was he thinking?

I'm not was shown in full, GRAPHIC detail... - alphadan12

I'm not letting my piqued curiosity get the best of me on this one. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

31 Believed that a troll posing as Surfshack Tito from Rocket Power really was Surfshack Tito

Stupid - ElSherlock

He needs a reality check

Don't be silly, Chris has lost their grip on reality. - Swellow

Too naive - BorisRule

32 Attempted to get his page on Encyclopedia Dramatica taken down

It deserves to stay on there.

33 Blames the trolls for everything
34 Apologized to a Sonichu character for his homophobia

Apologize to a fictional character? Lol - Getovait

Mind you, this was the same guy who, when he was in Mary Lee Walsh's office, PRETENDED TO HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH SONICHU (dunno how to do italics or something, hence the caps), relaying what Sonichu had said to her. - SailorSedna

35 Drew torture scenes with trolls as victims

He could ignored the trolls a long time ago - Getovait

36 Kissed people at TooManyGames

Besides that, he also groped the butt of a Link cosplayer and tried to pull his pants down. And after he was kicked out, he immediately broke down into fetal position and threw a huge meltdown, to where the cops had to take him out, and he was also permanently banned from the convention not too long afterward. And this guy is supposed to be 36? Just pathetic. - SailorSedna

He thew a fit when he was getting kicked out. I didn't find the photo funny, I found it quite sad. - kcianciulli

37 Thought Ted Bundy was framed

Really, Chris? Ted Bundy was one of America's most notorious serial killers! There's no way he could have been framed. - kcianciulli

38 Made fun of Notre Dame Burning Down

The Notre Dame is a historical landmark. Making fun of it burning down is just wrong on so many levels. - kcianciulli

And turns out Chris wasn't the only one who did that. Doug Walker/Nostalgia Critic, who was now revealed to be a total scumbag and not the awesome reviewer I thought he was, did a horrific joke like about that just a few weeks after the tragedy in a terrible Final Fantasy review, which makes me wonder why any person still supports him after doing THAT. - SaintSheepy

He literally did that. He actually claimed that a "fire Pokemon" burnt it down, showing once again how heartless and cruel this bastard is, and you'd think after he burned his own house down he'd not laugh at something so similar. - SaintSheepy

That's horrible - ElSherlock

He thinks a fire pokémon did that?! I'm much younger than him and even I think that's very stupid and cruel! - BorisRule

39 Masturbated in his kitchen over Julie

*facepalms* Really? This guy needs advice badly... - GehennaTheSecond

Glimpsing at this, the best part (and only good part), was when Bob walked in (along with hearing all those random Windows "ERROR" beeps), though what wasn't funny was the reason why Bob did so: it was because trolls were calling him on the phone. Three were made, with Bob saying Chris was asleep, but then Bryan Bash (a close friend of Clyde Cash) called him and said "OH MY GOD, CHRIS MADE A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE AND SAID HE'S GOING TO KILL HIMSELF! YOU GOTTA STOP HIM! " and Bob dropped the phone and ran to where Christian was. Gotta admit, I do feel pretty bad for Bob there. - SailorSedna

This was when his parents decided to strip him off his internet privileges. - Swellow

Ohh…thanks for Chris Chan for scarring me permanently. - Ultron123

40 Drew creepy fanart

He even drew porn - ElSherlock

If we compared my Ysorx image to one of El Chris Chano's images, which one's better? - Xentrick-The-Creeper

He literally drew himself drinking soda... WITH AN OVER-SIZED STRAW! This creep is just too dumb to know the basics of drawing to scale. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Those 5 Megan pictures were the creepiest

41 Got mad at Adam Stackhouse

What a sore loser. - alphadan12

Now, believe it or not, the two actually took a selfie together at MAGfest 2018, and they've made peace with each other. - SailorSedna

I'm surprised he was actually able to 'forgive' him and move on, though.

42 Tried to pose as a troll named JenkinsJinkies Tried to pose as a troll named JenkinsJinkies


Me three! - Xentrick-The-Creeper

I could do a better costume/troll disguise than him. - SailorSedna

I have nothing to say about this because it's too stupid to be described. - Skullkid755

43 Called Michael Snyder a jew

That makes him antisemitic - ElSherlock

Talk about a deluded anti-Semitic racist Chris-chan is. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

44 Left his mother behind at the mall

Should have been the other way around, if you ask me. I find it quite unbelievable that for a mother whose own son is an incompetent, demented, and haphazardly moronic oaf that she hasn't disowned him yet. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

If I were his mom, I'd throw that fat slob out on the streets, tell him to have fun being homeless.

This happened on the same day as the GameStop incident.

45 He vandalized Sonic Boom merchandise
46 Blamed the trolls for his Walmart ban

Walmart ban? Shouldn't every store in existence ban him for life? I'd love to have him starve to death. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

How did he even get banned from Walmart in the first place?

Soliciting with an Attraction Sign, you're not supposed to solicit in public places.

He did that in the McDonald's of the Walmart and got banned from the place by the managers but because he thought he was only banned from the McDonald's there, he went back the next day, and then was caught again trespassing, so he fled, verbally harassing them, flipping the bird, giving "Curse-ye-ha-me-has", and nearly hitting the manager with his car as he went out. - SaintSheepy

He deserves it! - Neonco31

They had nothing to do with you getting banned, dumbass. You tried to do that whole Attraction Sign thing and when the managers tried to kick you out you verbally attacked them, flipped them off and Curse-ye-ha-me-ha'd them. - SailorSedna

47 Called Michael Snyder "Heartless and Cruel"

Chris is the one who is heartless and cruel - ElSherlock

El Chris Chano is el... I don't know! - Xentrick-The-Creeper

No Chris, You Were the one being Heartless and Cruel. - kcianciulli

Remove quotation marks in "Heartless and Cruel" because that is exactly what he is. - SelfDestruct

Michael Snyder was just doing his job, Chris. Leave The Poor Man Alone. - kcianciulli

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48 Wished Death Upon Surfshack Tito
49 Filmed himself eating a raw microwavable pizza Filmed himself eating a raw microwavable pizza

I think I'm going to throw up... - GehennaTheSecond

Gross - ElSherlock

I don't want to ruin my like to pizza - BorisRule

I honestly want to cringe at that image, but I just can't help but laugh at how stupid Chris-chan is being in here. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

50 Made Awful Music

His just mumbles over real songs. Like What?! - kcianciulli

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