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21 Poorly drew art of himself drinking soda from an over-sized straw

Even my 10 year old cousin's drawings are way better than Chris. - ChatNoirFan18

22 Masturbated in his kitchen over Julie


*vomits* - NikoX

Ohh…thanks for Chris Chan for scarring me permanently. - Ultron123

23 Drew creepy fanart

He literally drew himself drinking soda... WITH AN OVER-SIZED STRAW! This creep is just too dumb to know the basics of drawing to scale. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That's not even getting started on the sex scenes he drew... - alphadan12

Even I can draw better than him and my Sans drawing looks like I picked it from the trash. - Ultron123

I can draw better than him as well probably. - AnimeDrawer

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24 Hates Sonic's new look Hates Sonic's new look

There's no problem with just disapproving of it deep down, but Chris-Chan took it way too far. Worse still, the giant fuss was over the colour of his arms more than anything else! - Entranced98

He literally attacked a GameStop store over Sonic's redesign for Sonic Boom. Not that Sonic Boom is a good game, but you could interpret Chris-chan's idiocy in this act through two ways: as a pitiful laughing stock (what am I saying? He doesn't deserve pity.) or as a bumbling literal retard in every sense of the word. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He didn't realize that Sonic's redesign was only for Sonic Boom, not for the whole franchise. - drdevil

Who fusses over the color of someone's arms?

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25 Drew ShecameforCWC.jpg

If curiosity gets the best of me, wish me luck I don't die. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He must have some issues with that picture - Neonco31

Obviously, Megan didn't take it well. - alphadan12

Nope, she didn't at all. It shocked her a lot, and it lead to the end of their already dying friendship. - drdevil

Curiosity kill my soul. - ChatNoirFan18

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26 Left his mother behind at the mall

Should have been the other way around, if you ask me. I find it quite unbelievable that for a mother whose own son is an incompetent, demented, and haphazardly moronic oaf that she hasn't disowned him yet. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He has no respect for this? Left his mom who cares him a lot on the mall? What an idiot... - ChatNoirFan18

Well that is just wrong - NikoX

This happened on the same day as the GameStop incident.

27 Wrote an entire Sonichu comic page dedicated to demonstrating how Rosechu's reproductive system worked.

I know this is pretty messed up but I'm surprised this is so high on the list, seeing that he's done many worse things that were more of an annoyance and disruption to those around him. - Entranced98

I'm not letting my piqued curiosity get the best of me on this one. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm not was shown in full, GRAPHIC detail... - alphadan12

In other words, Chris-chan thought it would be a good idea to teach Sex Ed in one of his comics. - alphadan12

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28 Got mad at Adam Stackhouse Got mad at Adam Stackhouse

Over not winning a contest. - NikoX

What a sore loser. - alphadan12

I'm surprised he was actually able to 'forgive' him and move on, though. - drdevil

29 Giving autism a bad name

I'm sure only naive kids and lowlifes with no sense of the world around us would possibly use just one narrow-minded fool as a reason to stereotype a wide, complex spectrum of disorders. It's important for us to understand that a very, VERY small minority of autistics are as crazy as Chris-chan. - Entranced98

It annoys me how some people think all autistic people are like Chris. He clearly has other mental illnesses/disorders underlying which impact his behaviour. - drdevil

He is a bad example to autistic people - Neonco31

He is the reason why autism people got bullied. - ChatNoirFan18

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30 Shouted at little boys when playing Pokemon with them

Lol, did he really do that? - NikoX

31 Called Michael Snyder "Heartless and Cruel"

Michael Snyder was just doing his job, Chris. Leave The Poor Man Alone. - kcianciulli

No Chris, You Were the one being Heartless and Cruel. - kcianciulli

Remove quotation marks in "Heartless and Cruel" because that is exactly what he is. - SelfDestruct

...Before he and his mom attempted a hit-and-run on him. - alphadan12

32 Believed that a troll posing as Surfshack Tito from Rocket Power really was Surfshack Tito

Not surprising, considering he has no grip on reality. - alphadan12

He is so stupid - Getovait

But that character's not even real.

33 Lied about making a hamburger and mashed potatoes

What a random thing to lie about. A quick Google Images search shows he stole the picture of the internet. This isn't the first time he's did something like this. - drdevil

Taking into account his intelligence, he probably can't even make something as simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I bet Chris-Chan can't make scrambled eggs and oatmeal much less a hamburger and mashed potatoes. - Ultron123

He can't be serious. It's not THAT hard to just make a simple hamburger and mashed potatoes. - Entranced98

34 Apologized to a Sonichu character for his homophobia

Apologize to a fictional character? Lol - Getovait

35 Set up a Facebook page called Brassieres for Males Set up a Facebook page called Brassieres for Males

I can already hear unpleasant foghorn blows as I look at that hideous image for this item! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Pathetic. He wants all men to wear bras just because he's uncomfortable looking at their chests. - drdevil

The image! *screams*. - ChatNoirFan18

36 Called Michael Snyder a jew

Talk about a deluded anti-Semitic racist Chris-chan is. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

37 Used autism as an excuse multiple times

If you have high functioning autism or Asperger's syndrome, autism shouldn't be used as an excuse. There are many autistic people in the same age group as Chris that have more sense than him and aren't that immature. - drdevil

38 He vandalized Sonic Boom merchandise

Over the color of Sonic's arms... - SailorSedna

39 Stated that people should keep their original gender in mind when playing with the opposite gender's toys Stated that people should keep their original gender in mind when playing with the opposite gender's toys

Yeah, like anyone's gonna forget what gender they are. - drdevil

Did this really need a picture? - kcianciulli

40 Hoards his house Hoards his house

This led to a fire eventually, as hoarding can be a fire hazard. Thank God I make sure not to do that... - SailorSedna

It must be so miserable living in all that clutter, yet he wastes his money on toys to make even more of it. - Entranced98

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