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41 Called Michael Snyder a jew

Talk about a deluded anti-Semitic racist Chris-chan is. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

42 Used autism as an excuse multiple times

If you have high functioning autism or Asperger's syndrome, autism shouldn't be used as an excuse. There are many autistic people in the same age group as Chris that have more sense than him and aren't that immature. - drdevil

43 Stated that people should keep their original gender in mind when playing with the opposite gender's toys Stated that people should keep their original gender in mind when playing with the opposite gender's toys

Yeah, like anyone's gonna forget what gender they are. - drdevil

Did this really need a picture? - kcianciulli

44 Hoards his house Hoards his house

With Toys and Books - ToadF1

45 Dressed as a woman

He even considers himself a transwoman now... What in the world?!

"Dressed as a woman"? He's been doing this for years. This item makes it sound like he only did it once. - drdevil

46 Cursed Michael Snyder after he opted to drop the charges against Chris
47 Blamed Keurig for his house fire

It's his fault so he shouldn't blame anyone else - Neonco31

48 Threatened to Kill Sega

This also shows how pathetic he is. He wanted to kill an entire company over Sonic's damn blue arms. - drdevil

Sega owns Sonic, so they should be allowed to do whatever they want with him. - kcianciulli

Why? Just Why? - ToadF1

49 Overturning his bans

The fact this list hasn't collapsed from more items than the most popular list shows how idiotic Chris Chan really is. - Swellow

50 Can't hold down a job

Do you really expect ANYONE to even give him a job? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

51 Created Sonichu

The worst thing I've ever seen in My life - ToadF1

Sonic + Pikachu= This garbage
- Dandere Dev

52 Wished Death Upon Surfshack Tito
53 Made bizarre attempts to attract a 'boyfriend-free girl'

I'm surprised this wasn't on the list yet. - alphadan12

54 Hates gay people

This is no longer the case. He now totally supports LGBT rights. - drdevil

55 Keeps getting in trouble with the police

Just execute him - BorisRule

56 Made Awful Music

His just mumbles over real songs. Like What?! - kcianciulli

57 Doesn't care about anybody but himself
58 He disabled the comments for his recent video

This item is stupid. It will obviously become outdated quickly, as this "recent video" will no longer be recent. Plus, he's did this many times. That being said, it's cowardly of him when he does this. - drdevil

This just shows that Chris can't take criticism - kcianciulli

59 Wore a Women's Swimsut

Gross - ToadF1

Also, I feel the need to detox my brain after reading this list...and maybe also throw up. - eventer51314

60 Tried to prank call the police

Maybe if he does it again, he'll finally get put in jail for life? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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1. Burned his house down
2. Drunk his own sperm
3. Created the ripoff abomination known as Sonichu
1. Burned his house down
2. Cut his perineum open with a knife
3. Maced a Gamestop employee with pepper spray
1. Cut his perineum open with a knife
2. Burned his house down
3. Maced a Gamestop employee with pepper spray



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