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61 Argued with a black man

I'd love to see every violent member of Black Lives Matter beat this racist and sexually disgusting retard to death for that. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This got him banned from Michael Snyder's game shop. - kcianciulli

62 Making cringe-inducing videos Making cringe-inducing videos
63 Tried to pose as a troll named JenkinsJinkies Tried to pose as a troll named JenkinsJinkies

I have nothing to say about this because it's too stupid to be described. - Skullkid755

64 Made crappy comics Made crappy comics

This is why it's good to have some sense of shame. It's just far too brave of him to post these terrible comics online for the world to see. - Entranced98

Most Sonichu comics are about sex life. - ChatNoirFan18

His art makes mine look like Kazuko Tadano's (great anime artist).

I drew weird/crappy sketches and comics before I got an account too, and I threw them away as I found them cringeworthy. - SailorSedna

65 Gave Mary Lee Walsh a signed drawing

And she gave him a trespassing notice in return. - drdevil

66 Punched Megan's brother when he was defending her from him

Wow.. - NikoX

67 Tried to attract girls by playing his Game Boy Advance SP at the shopping mall

I think him trying to attract the girls by playing his video games is the least of the girls' problems. Don't forget his hideous appearance and poor hygiene and mannerisms as well! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That's not how you get girls Chris. - NikoX

68 Harassed girls and Cole Smithey on Twitter

Make sure he would got banned if he harrass girls on Amino Community App instead of Twtter - ChatNoirFan18

69 Added an "S" to LGBTQ Added an

I'm guessing that S stands for stupid since, of course, Chris-chan IS stupid. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

What's "S" means? >:v - ChatNoirFan18

70 He stalked girls

Stalking girls will ALWAYS make sure that you'll get a girlfriend, amirite? - SailorSedna

71 Protested Sonic Boom just because Sonic's arms were blue

There's a lot of problems with Sonic Boom and its games, but out of all the things to criticize, why the color of Sonic's ARMS? That's just nitpicking. A better thing to criticize is how lame Sonic Boom is in general. - drdevil

WatchMojo, as much as they frustrate me, criticized it best: Sonic moves at a slow jogging pace instead of running, the combat is boring and repetitive, frame rate issues abound and there are even glitches that allow you to skip large sections of the game and complete it in under an hour. And sadly since Sonic games nowadays have mostly been bad, I agree with them that maybe Sega should just put Sonic out of his misery...

If that was the case, I wonder how Chris would react... - SailorSedna

I guess Chris-Chan's IQ is -999999999. - ChatNoirFan18

72 Trespassed at The Charlottesville Game Store even though he was banned

He obviously can't handle people restricting him from stores and places. - SailorSedna

73 Stalked Girls at Target

Stalking a girl is not going to make them your girlfriend. Hey Chris, I'll bet your girlfriend is just a plushie of Amy Rose or Sally Acorn... - SailorSedna

74 Vandalized Sonic Boom Merchandise

All because Sonic's arms are blue... - SailorSedna

75 Vandalized an Xbox One Sign to read "HEXbox One"
76 Blamed the trolls for his father's death

The trolls had nothing to do with your father's death, you Idiot. - kcianciulli

77 Thought his "girlfriends" were real even after being told they were trolls
78 Was Ungrateful to Michael Snyder when he opted to drop the charges against Chris
79 He made fun of 9/11
80 Forced his mother to say things on camera

How does his mom put up with this crap? If I were her, I'd kick him out of the house and throw him on the street! - SailorSedna

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