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81 Thought his "girlfriends" were real even after being told they were trolls
82 Was Ungrateful to Michael Snyder when he opted to drop the charges against Chris
83 He made fun of 9/11


84 Forced his mother to say things on camera

How does his mom put up with this crap? If I were her, I'd kick him out of the house and throw him on the street! - SailorSedna

85 Called Mary Lee Walsh a Troll

The poor woman was just doing her job. - kcianciulli

86 Took pictures of Michael Snyder's daughter

He's a Pedophile and a Pervert. - kcianciulli

87 Took pictures of Michael Snyder
88 Threatened Mike Pence
89 Wished Death Upon Alec Benson Leary
90 Called Cops "Jerkops"

He still does this. - drdevil

91 Blamed Megan, Michael Snyder and Mary Lee Walsh for his life being a train wreck

Chris doesn't realize he's actually impacted the former two's lives for the worse as well. He shocked Megan with his sexual harassment and made her less trusting of men, while he's put Mike's life at risk when knocking him down outside The GAMe PLACe. - drdevil

92 Said the N word

He is so racist. - kcianciulli

93 Thought Alec Benson Leary actually was Fatman

He's so gullible. They have totally different voices. - drdevil

94 Overreacted to the trolls
95 Filmed himself eating a raw microwavable pizza Filmed himself eating a raw microwavable pizza

I honestly want to cringe at that image, but I just can't help but laugh at how stupid Chris-chan is being in here. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I don't like microwave pizza in the firstplace but this is worse - Getovait

Gross - ToadF1

96 Still lives with his mother

He's in his 30s and still lives with his mother. - kcianciulli

I'm 21 and I still live with my parents, I even still like some little kids' shows (along with adults ones also) and I'm more mature than this pukestain. - SailorSedna

97 Has pictures of women in bikinis on his Facebook

It's not like he's ever going to ever get a girlfriend, because he isn't.

Isn't that posting fetishes on Facebook in a way? - SailorSedna

98 Was racist towards black people several times

He should die - ToadF1

Before he got banned from The Game Place, Chris frequently expressed his suspicions and dislike towards other black customers. One time he got pissed at an older black gamer named TJ over a game of Yu-Gi-Oh! He said, "I'm going to smack your effing face down! " and TJ stands up like he's going to beat his ass. Chris shrinks back and says "I mean your face-down monster..." - alphadan12

99 Regularly bullied a gay customer of The Game Place before Chris' ban
100 Believed almost everything the trolls told him

I've sometimes fallen for and can't tell if one's a troll myself, but Chris doesn't realize that trolls should not be fed, and in real life, they're just doing what they do to get a rise out of him. In real life most trolls are sad jerks. We're the closest thing to "friends" they'll ever have, and they know in real life no one talks to them and so they try to get attention by irritating others. - SailorSedna

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1. Burned his house down
2. Drunk his own sperm
3. Created the ripoff abomination known as Sonichu
1. Burned his house down
2. Cut his perineum open with a knife
3. Maced a Gamestop employee with pepper spray
1. Cut his perineum open with a knife
2. Burned his house down
3. Maced a Gamestop employee with pepper spray



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