Stupidest Things to Do During the Olympics


The Top Ten

1 Start a fight with an athlete

Yeah, you'd get kicked out. - Catacorn

2 Throw food and drinks onto the play area

Well, it could be kinda convenient, imagine you running in a marathon, hungry and tired. Someone throws a hamburger at you. That would be great. - Martinglez

3 Try to get close to an athlete

...Especially during cycling. - Britgirl

Ask for their autograph while they are competing, and make them lose. You are evil :3 - Catacorn

4 Wear a broccoli mascot and jump into the play area shouting GO VEGAN!!

Vegangains, don't take notes - Martinglez

5 Pee on the play area

I don't know anybody who would be stupid enough to do this. - Powerfulgirl10

6 Push people out the way on the line waiting for the next event
7 Go on the play area and then show a banner saying being fat is healthy and being thin isn't healthy

Be fat! Always be fat! It's very healthy for you! Be fat! (Sarcasm) - Powerfulgirl10

Meghan Trainor, don't take notes - Martinglez

8 Try to steal an athlete's medal

You'll be screwed by then. - Powerfulgirl10

9 Freak out after your favorite athlete loses a game

Imagine somebody in the crowd screaming and crying over their favorite athlete losing a game. - Powerfulgirl10

10 Try to go into the stadium without a ticket
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