Top 10 Stupidest Things to Do in High School

If you're in high school or are going to be high school soon don't do any of the following things. Because the consequences could result in suspension, expulsion or possibly detention.

The Top Ten

1 Get into a fight

You'll get suspended for this so there's no point in allowing someone to belittle you to the point you want to start attacking them.

2 Do nothing in a group project

I now know why my entire English class hates me and doesn't want to work with me. Doing nothing in English class is pretty bad... - Lucretia

You'll get fired from your group pretty fast.

3 Trust students with your belongings

Chances are they'll lose it half the time.

4 Stare at your phone the entire time you're in class

1. You'll lose your phone
2. You won't get back til' later
3. It could've been avoided.

5 Try to smuggle drugs in your backpack

Someone brought weed and is still at my school though - Lucretia

Automatic expulsion to be honest.

6 Copy and paste stuff you found on the internet and claim it as your own

AKA: Plagiarism.

7 Smoke in the hallways

Depends on what your smoking. But seriously, if you smoke its bad I think - Lucretia

You'd be suspended or possibly expelled easily.

8 Go to school drunk

I think this quite honestly best explains itself.

9 Have sex

For obvious reasons...

10 Masturbate in class

Not only would everyone hear it but... no one wants to see anyone feeling their fishing rod in class.

The Contenders

11 Pull the fire alarm

Oh yes this is quite stupid too.

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