Top Ten Stupidest Things to Do In a Horror Movie

I made this list for people watching bloody stupid people doing stupid stuff so enjoy.

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1 Scream

Hate all of those people in horror movies who know they're in a haunted house and act like even a bone in the corner of the room scares them senseless. Man up! - PositronWildhawk

We don't have that smart characters in this type of movies. That's why they don't realize that they should NOT scream like crazy psychos - Magnolia

If you're hidden from a monster, screaming us the dumbest move. The monster will find you and a few minutes later, starting pouring salt and pepper on you. - AlphaQ

At least try not to die. Thank you. - Powerfulgirl10

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2 Don't Use Your Weapon

Scary movie is the best example,she has a gun a grenade and she picks up the GOD DAMN BANANA! #Pisstake of horror films

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3 Hear a Noise and Go to See What It Is

Especially if you think something horrible is going wrong. Seriously, you're in the woods/ haunted house/ basement. People have been disappearing laeft and right with no explanation. You hear a monster growl/ footsteps. Common sense tells you to GET THE #@&! OUT OF THERE! What do you think this is, Scooby Doo? Don't worry, you have NO obligation to go investigate. No one's going to blame you for being unable to scare off an immortal demon. Leave that to the police. Unless you're packing some serious firepower, GTFO.

If you hear a noise the smartest thing for a person to do is run the other way. - egnomac

Um hello WHY ARE YOU GOING THE WRONG WAY?! They could get killed geez get a brain people! (in the movies! )

Just stay still, and you won't die (well, you might.) - Powerfulgirl10

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4 Plead for Help

What the hell do you think begging for mercy will help you live?
Girl:oh there's a monster oh no don't kill me I want to live

Nobody hears you,their at beaches drowning theirselves and running from the cheese snowman - Nateawesomeness

5 Have Sex

Anytime people have sex in horror movies they die. - egnomac

Not always but in horror films this "thing" became a cliche - Magnolia

At least you wont die a virgin. - DapperPickle

Pornographic terror,sunny leone - Nateawesomeness

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6 Open the Creepy Door

Girl in a haunted house: HELLO! I'M LOST!
(Sees creepy door)
Girl: it looks creepy, and this could cost me my life, but, I'll open it anyway.
(Monster pulls her in)
Girl: AH
This wouldn't happen if she just left the door alone. Did you expect diamonds in there?

Me: This door looks creepy.

Oh no, don't open it, HE WILL KILL YOU.


Opens the door and dies

Moron - CastlevaniaFanboy128

You are just asking to die if you do this

I bet the person wants to die if he/she does this. - Powerfulgirl10

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7 Hide Under the Bed

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if someone runs into a bedroom and you can't find them, they're OBVIOUSLY under the bed. Even a child would know they simply didn't disappear into thin air.

Why don't you hide under your coffee table while you're at it?

That's the first place they'll look!

Don't,their is gum under it - Nateawesomeness

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8 Split up

Especially in the dark scary wood filled with werewolves, with thick fog everywhere, and no one around to hear you scream.

"Ok everyone split up! " - Group Genius - codydoestuff

9 Kill Your Only Friend

Your friend could've been in the FBI! He could've been on the show Ghost Hunters! I don't know but, your friend could be really smart with that stuff and you kill him/her? YOU'RE A STUPID IDIOT - maddyparrot22

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10 Go In the Basement

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11 Trip and Fall

That's the main problem in horror movies

And the fact that they run like an emu

Seriously, how many times do you guys ACTUALLY trip and fall while running?

This is the thing that is actually funny hee hee hee

This happens ALL THE TIME. - Powerfulgirl10

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12 Stay There and Die V 2 Comments
13 Hide in a Remote Location
14 Curse the Killer V 1 Comment
15 Assume It's All Safe V 1 Comment
16 Hunt the Killer
17 Run Upstairs Instead of Outside

You know what's outside? Lights, civilization, and policemen! - ethanmeinster

What the heck people? - Powerfulgirl10

18 Forget Your Cell Phone
19 Ask "Who's there"

Do you really want to know who is there

(WALkS in room) hello who's there
Killer: I'm in the kitchen do you want me to make you a sandwich

20 Trust a Stranger
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