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1 She Asks Where Something Is When It's Right Behind Her

She must be blind and deaf, or has an IQ of negative 123487508782356897, or both. If her show continues, this generation will turn into a generation of idiots. What's worse than asking where something is when it's right behind her? Asking the audience where something is when that thing is right IN FRONT of her.

Oh geez, she is so dang blind.
Dora: where's the blue bush (bush is just one inch away from her, and it's in her view)
Me: in front if you, you weird hideous racist freak
Dora: where
Me: gosh it's in front of you
Dora: where
(10000000 time)
Dora: where
Me: RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU (jumps into T.V. , grabs dora by her collar, and hits her hard with frying pan, knocking her out)

She couldn't find red ball in a blue field if her life depended on it.

Dora:Where is my jump rope with my bouncy ball on the yellow hill on star mountain
(100000000000 tries later)
Me:cry more
(The jump rope,the yellow hill,Star mountain and,the.bouncy ball bonk Dora.
(We will have no more Dora the Explorer on Nick Jr forever)

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2 She Says Swiper No Swiping

Swiper actually goes away after Dora says swiper no swiping.


What Dora should be

Dora:swiper no swiping
Swiper: (takes Dora's useless garbage) haw haw
Dora: but is said swiper no swiping
Swiper: welcome to life you silly little girl

If they had Swiper armed I actually would be interested when my 4yo cousin makes me watch it with him. - fireinside96

saying to a swiper 'swiper, no swiping' is not going to work!

But I think kids are smart enough to not say the same thing. To a thief, bully, murderer.

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3 Her Songs

They are unoriginal all it is is just the same word being repeated over and over again! Time to hire some professionals.

Here's how would have done the "Map song":
I'm the map, I'm map
If you don't where to go just call me!
I will show you where to go
Now you won't get lost.

How I would have done the "Backpack song":
I keep your stuff inside
If you want it just call
I'm a backpack!
Here you go!

This is twice as better than the original

What if this was the Dora song:doo doo Dora doo doo Dora I am stupid I am Dora I am stupid

stupidest songs ever. A 5 year old could sing better!

It’s meant for little kids! Aren’t you old to complain about a little kids show?

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4 She Yells

Oh god she shouts not speaks, she never shuts up! She say where so and so when it's right in front of her!

Shut the fudge up! The creators were probably on crack when they make her character scream every 5 seconds. I would continue why Dora is a fudging retard I'd be dead by then.

I just hope that she doesn't turn out to be a gym teacher

Imagine if Mabel or Star Butterfly got drunk - Kid_ethinederland

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5 Everything Has a Face

Why does everything have a face. Doors, books, maps, and backpacks can all talk. That is just stupid.

Even the frigging grass has a face! If not for the 54th Disney Movie I watch almost everyday then my sister would have thought that the chairs alive!

Good thing a sister knows the tactics on how to distract dear imouto-san…

I know she says the door speaks Spanish. She is so unrealistic

It's part of any cartoons. Fleischer's cartoons often uses faces in inanimated objects (such as a train or a FOOT! ) and most of Disney's cartoons uses faces the same way as Fleischer's but occasionally used in movies like Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh (dream scene), and Beauty and the Beast.

But in Dora, this one does'nt even used it correctly and make them dumb.

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6 Her Belly Sticks Out

She chases the ice cream truck while screaming 'ice cream' in a salute to the junk food peddlers sponsoring this show. 'Can you find the ice cream truck? ' May as well ask to become a ball of lard! Ditto goes for every other junk food type you can think of. Great promotion of healthy eating for small kids...not!

Her belly sticks out because she eats to much crap she a fat ass

I am fat and my name is dora

She is obese and needs a doctor. Isn't her friend a doctor? - Miauzer

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7 Do You See The...

Do you see the lake? Its right in front of YOU! Dora is blind. If she screams for help I'm gonna yell to boots LET HER DIE!

Do you see your stupidity Dora? - SamuiNeko

Dora can't see anything! Her eyes stare into your soul - Cartoonfan202

"Do you see the..."
Me: "Idiot? Yea, look right in the mirror, sweetie." - Miauzer

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8 She Always Eats With Her Mouth Open

When I was really little, I used to have good manners. That was, until Dora of course. Since I liked Dora as a kid, I watched it a lot. And Dora always ate with her mouth open, so I began eating with my mouth open. Unlucky for me, it became an instinct. Now, I find it hard to keep my mouth closed. Thanks for turning me into a rude slob, you revolting douche.

eating with your mouth open is rude, Dora. maybe you should have learnt that on one of your stupid exploring trips.

Ugh, Dora is a pig! She eats with her mouth open, she kinda looks like one and she's a fatty (nothing wrong with fat people though).

Dora should go to bootcamp - Miauzer

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9 Her Parents Let Her Out the House With No Supervision of an Adult

Dora's parents should be sued for child neglect. She goes ON ADVENTURES through FORESTS and her parents don't even care! This teaches kids that they can do random things without parent supervision. What if Dora got run over with a truck? What if she fell in quicksand? Her parents probably wouldn't even notice. Dora is just so terrible and stupid.

Dora's parents are idiots because they let their only Daughter go on crazy, stupid, boring adventures.

That's cruel, unless you're talking about Ash Ketchum.

Dora's parents are bad parents, they can't just let Dora explore alone what if she gets kidnapped. I hope when Dora gets hope I hope that her mother spanks her ass

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10 It is still on the air

This show got cancelled a year ago... - carafa0123

It got cancelled a year ago, but they came back with Dora in the City.

Yeah it's airs most of the time but not all the time

Dora migby be 10 years old! BUT "STILL" SHE'S STUPID!

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11 The Stupid Insect Band

Rather pointless if you ask me... - Celestius

Finally found a band worst than one direction

I'll give them lessons at music. PS: They suck.

Actually it's called the fiesta trio

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12 Boots

Boots is as stupid as Dora. In one episode, he complained that his boot had a hole in it and started whining about it. Boots should get a life.

She never asks permission to go exploring what a idiot

Oh god boots is so whiny. whoever commented that once you find a way into the T.V. her future will be in heaven is wrong! Her and boots will perish in hell!

In my version of dora, boots hates her. And, respect my opinion, I actually like boots.

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13 She Always Asks For Help

She asks the fat chicken for help I mean how can a chicken help you

She can't help herself with ANYTHING that fat retard!

SHe's too lazy to even do anything by herself! - Powerfulgirl10

If she keeps asking for help, then why even go on a whole retarded explore if you always needs help!

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14 She Is an Awful Example for Kids

Some kid will go exploring, get lost, and when someone robs them they say swiper no swiping instead of calling the police

Why is she even traveling into a jungle without her parents? Because her parents don't give a fudge about Dora.

A VERY bad example. She says a stupid phrase to get a thief away from her, she goes exploring without permission, and she exposes her mid-drift all the time. Need I say more? - Powerfulgirl10

She Is The Worst Role Model - JPK

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15 She Is a 5 Year Old Girl Who Travels the World With a Monkey

Where are here partners while this is all happening?!?!?

She appeared in a Geico commercial once.

I am not helping you and your dumb monkey

Ever heard of the monkey who ripped that ladies face off? That should've happened to Dora long ago, with what she and Boots do sometimes. -Sigh- someone should make that a creepypasta, I'd read it.

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16 She Has the Worst Show Ever

My Little Pony is a THOUSAND MILES better than Dora - Chromium

I agree very much. This is the worst show in history! It's worse than My Little Pony, Teletubbies (even though I've never watched it, but it looks very stupid), and Go Diego Go! go Diego Go is WAY BETTER than this crap. Come on Nick Jr.! You can do better than that!


Exactly. - Powerfulgirl10

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17 Always Ask the Part You Like the Most and Agrees

Dora: What was your favorite part? Me: When you nearly died and when Swiper stuck dynamite up your ass! Dora: I like that part too! Me: DAMN!

Dora: What was your favorite part?
Me: When Benny shoved a stick up your ass and it was bleeding
Dora: I liked that too

I don't like the show, yes it's a show for toddlers, but dora is an exception, it sucks, its not even educational, but I think this reason shouldn't be on the list because this is for toddlers only and they don't know any better, if this part were for older kids, yeah... It would be stupid, but its not, because toddlers aren't dirty like us

My favorite part was when it got cancelled. - GengarGuy

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18 Every Single Character Except For Swiper And The Grumpy Old Troll Are Brain Dead Morons

This show is stupid. die die die.

19 She Always Speaks Spanish

I didn't understand any of the spanish and I didn't learn anything from it - SmoothCriminal

I get enough Spanish at school, thank you very much!

Why do three and four year olds need to know Spanish when they don't even know how to read and write their own names!?

She doesn't speak Spanish properly.

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20 She's a horrible role model

Think about it: She's blind, ugly, retarded, a total freak, you name it! I wouldn't be surprised if the kids in the age group her show is targeted at grows up to be criminals all because of a Mexican brat. (Excuse any racism)

Absolutely a horrible role model. Goes on stupid adventures without asking permission, list goes on. By the way Dora, you might get your parents arrested.

Even Miley Cyrus Is Better Than Dora Even Though She Is Extremely Questionable

We need that wall.

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