Why do we care about Kids shows?

Television gets a bad rep when it's aimed at children. There are advertisements and inappropriate progams that pervade the media today and studies show that children are being approached too early in their lives. However, there are certain reasons why some programs aimed at kids are actually beneficial.

Arthur, Caillou, Dora the Explorer, etc... Shows that are aimed at children 8 and younger often are designed to help cerebral development by showing colorful images and varied movements on screen. These children's shows are also designed to teach moral values and life lessons to those who might otherwise not receive instruction from parents or family.

While certain shows might not be as interesting or entertaining for older children or adults, we must bear in mind that they are not designed for the older demographic. That being said, why is there so much hate toward childern's shows by those whom they are not designed to educate? Kids older than 8 have no reason to be watching these shows, unless they are mentally stunted and are unable to comprehend shows aimed at their own age group. Yet the hatred and vulgarity expressed by young teens and those just younger is apalling and pervasive to say the least.

It is possible that these kids have younger siblings that are the primary age group deemed appropriate for these types of shows, and perhaps the older siblings feel "forced" to watch these shows along with their younger family, yet there is really no reason why a person old enough to know how to use a computer should have to subject themselves to something they no longer are entertained by. To those children I say, got a hobby, read a book, change the channel, go outside, anything. Your filling up the internet spaces with vulgarity, hatred, and juvenile rantings doesn't serve anyone and only makes the rest of us question what you are doing watching shows that are not meant for your age group in the first place.

If you choose to watch these infantile shows, you do so of your own accord. The rest of us know these types of shows aren't meant for us and therefore have no hatred toward them or the entirely fictional characters therein.


Agree with you on Dora and Cailliou, but TOTALLY disagree with Arthur. - Puga

Some people always want something to complain about so they can feel smart and intelligent but really it just results of them being really stupid. - visitor

I don't give those types of people Attention. - visitor

Nice blog, Finch (Atticus, by any chance? ), and I agree with everything you wrote. - PetSounds

There are a lot of problems with this generation. - yatharthb

Yeah like idiots complaining and not doing any thing about! - visitor

Well I'm part of this generation and I'm not dumb. Please stop making generalizations of this generation. I hate that. - MusicalPony

Best roast 2623 - purpleyoshi98

The hate against Dora is probably a joke and it's taken only in light humor. People don't really hate that show (and other kids shows), as they were a happy part of our lovely childhood. - Kiteretsunu

bruh - GrapeJuiceK

Excellent post, Finch - keyson

Great post Finch! Agreed - Magnolia

I think the hate starts with the good kid's shows. Educational shows like Sesame Street and Bill Nye the Science Guy are still pretty entertaining, but once adults watch annoying kid shows, they look SO MUCH more inferior. - PeterG99

People also hate Oswald. That's educational as well - EpicJake


The shows Everyone & I care about are shows that are ok for all ages. - visitor

bruh - GrapeJuiceK

I hate those kids shows but I don't actually rate them on an actual rating site. So awesome post, Finch! - EpicJake

Well to admit. I used to like Dora and Caillou. But now I don't like them. I also don't like My Little Pony. But other people can like shows like Dora and Caillou. I mean its not like your murdering someone or it's the end of the world. But good points Finch. - cosmo

I used to like kids shows. The quality of them has decreased but at least there are good shows. The only kids show I watch is My Little Pony. Even then, I don't watch it THAT much. - MusicalPony

Wow. And your name is MusicalPony. - GrapeJuiceK

Yeah, it's true, but I still like Dora and MLP. - Animefan12

You like Dora the Explorer? That's fine. Just don't tell anyone outside TheTopTens that unless if you want people to scream at you. Trust me. I used to be a user on Goanimate, and they hate users just because they like Dora the Explorer. - visitor

Good comment but not all children read? - jmepa1234

Excellent post - bobbythebrony

Kid shows are meant to help young children learn. If you don't like them, watch Criminal Minds instead - bobbythebrony

I don't watch cartoon shows...just not something what I like - Ananya

Great post, Finch. I agree with everything you said but I still hate Dora. - Powerfulgirl10

The best part is that most of us are completely out of the demographic for these shows yet flame wars go on. - visitor

Eh I like making fun of kids shows, but I don't outright hate them. - purpleyoshi98

This post is well written Finch. A+

As for the kids show, I prefer watching non-mind boggling kids shows (like MLP and Magic School Bus) - visitor

Arthur's good for people from 4-14 years old or so. - visitor