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21 Dora is Stupid

Dora is the stupidest character ever. She has to ask a map to see a mountain right in front of her face.

22 She Always Asks For Help

She asks the fat chicken for help I mean how can a chicken help you

She can't help herself with ANYTHING that fat retard!

SHe's too lazy to even do anything by herself! - Powerfulgirl10

If she keeps asking for help, then why even go on a whole retarded explore if you always needs help!

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23 Dora's Annoying Voice

I totally agree.

I totally agree.

I know right?! I'm 11'years old and I'm way to old for this poop. I was at my friends house and her little sister was watching it and the volume was really high so I was just covering my ears the whole time, and I felt like I would literally punch the T.V.. This show is complete poop. - #FanGirlSlappy❀️

24 She Makes Parents Look Stupid

She doesn't even asks her parents to go out of the house! - Jessicarabbit

Her parents ARE stupid actually. - Powerfulgirl10

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25 She Has a Stupid Pet Monkey

Boots is like a dumb spoiled brat.

This is the millionth time I heard about boots

I bet she'll eventually get ebola

I don't think he's her pet, but he's still really dumb. - Powerfulgirl10

26 She Can't Dance

Swinging arms back and forth and turning her body? BOO! Even I could dance better than her!

I can really dance better than her.

Shame to all pro dancers.

I dance amazing she shakes her fat ass back and forth

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27 Dora's We Did It Dance

Her dance is so bad

Imagine if it was the gangnam style dance?

That would be even worse

Dora: WE DID IT!
Me: You're nasty.

Serious, that song sounds like sex, and her dance is crap.

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28 She Has a Terrible Singing Voice

She sucks at singing, even the girl from hot problems sing better than her.

She sound like dumb baby

She sucks at singing I bet the pros will throw her in the trash can and then get sent to the dumpster then the truck and into the factory where she's burned to death

No! Just, no! Screaming goats sing way better.

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29 Her Friends

At our school, squirrels are robbing lunches. Imagine if Dora went there and a squirrel robbed her and Dora said WHY IS TICO LIKE SWIPER?!

Where are her actual friends?! Like PEOPLE friends?!?! - Thatgirl

Also, more about the squirrel. He once broke into a lunch just to get an orange. He also kills baby BIRDS. Whenever my teacher says PUT YOUR LUNCHES IN THE TUB THERE IS A SQUIRREL, everyone freaks out. He shishkababed a sandwich. Good thing he doesn't make his home out of Minecraft head costumes...

She had NO human friends in Dora the Explorer. And then in Dora and Friends: Into the City, her friends are really crappy.

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30 Her Outfit

I know why she wears the same thing over and over again because she is so dam cheap!

She wears the same thing every episode

Her parents should spank her. I totally agree with the person who said that!

It's a mistake it's supposed to say K-Mart

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31 She Is Boring

Dora is so boring

Arthur is boring too

Unfortunately I had to watch it with my cousins when they came over.


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32 She Does the Same Dance Moves Every Time.

Dora is recycling dance moves that will bore your kids.

It Gets Annoying FAST - JPK


33 Her Voice

When ever she sounds like a donkey with a sore throat!

Me too! A donkey with a sore throat! How about she also sounded like a sheep and a duck throat singing in a donkey and a cow's voice, as if they had sore throats, heart attacks, and very bad cancer (not to be rude).

Lol I seriously agree

She sounds like a screamin goat to me. - AnimeDrawer

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34 She Always Goes Through Things That Are Easy to Go Around

I said the same thing to my sister and she agreed

She does this because she is wimpy; can't withstand any hazard! I am wimpy and my name is Dora

I can't believe this show still exists...and the REALLY sad thing is that there is a new version of the show called Dora and Friends. Great. - Minecraftcrazy530

I bet she can't even go around a tree! - Powerfulgirl10

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35 She Asks Stupid Questions

I Hope A Certain Blue Pegasus Beats The Living Crap Out Of Dora The Idiotic Explorer - JPK

She asks Q's like that " do you see the swipper?

Like "Where's the [blank]." - Powerfulgirl10

Dora: Where is the mountain?
Me: Boots is on top in it which is right behind you!
Dora: where is the mountain?
Me: (O Ma God stop making the question over again! ) Stop! I told you that it's right behind you, Football stupid head!
Dora: Where is the mountain?
Me: OOO MYY GOD! 😑 😑 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

36 She Stares at the Audience Really Awkwardly

She steals souls with dem eyes; illuminati confirmed

37 She's Ugly

Dora is fat, ugly, fat, boring, ugly, air-headed, ugly and ugly. Did I mention ugly!?

Even more hideous than Meg Griffin even though they look a like

Dora is so ugly and so stupid every time you watch shis show she needs your help every time I'm sick of her


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38 She Runs Away From Home and Goes On So-called "Adventures".

And I respect doras opinion. but why did she have to torture US of all people - SimipourLover

Her parents should ground her for going out alone

Her parents should be arrested for letting her just run off like that

I think she's trying to be a Pokemon trainer, when all she is is a monkey - TeamRocket747

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39 She Drops Off a Vine Into Tiko the Squirrel's Car While It Is Driving.

That's a VERY BAD EXAMPLE for kids. THAT IS SO DANGEROUS! But I hope she gets killed one day. It would be funny if she gets hit by a million cars at once. Who agrees with me?!

That's just plain dangerous! Social services should lock up her parents! - Wolftail

That's a horrible example for kids. She should die. - Powerfulgirl10

And then she say to put on seat belts to be safe.

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40 She Has No Human Friends

Dora into the city has human friends but boots is gone I think he got shot by some man and died

She's a weirdo. Plain and simple

She does in dora and friends

Dora does have human friends in Dora and Friends: Into the City.

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