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41 She Won't Stop Singing

Yeah! She explores while singing and being stupid.


We need tape to put on her mouth or CUT HER HEAD OFF!



THAT'D make life better for us, right?

Her singing sounds like a hippo in a wood chipper.

She can't sing at all, why does she sing?

She can't sing. Her songs are too repetitive and stupid. - Powerfulgirl10

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42 Her Age

I personally think she should be older. She just acts like a 2 year old

She is like, 3, and travels Mexico by her self with a dumb monkey.

She doesn't even use correct grammar or language she says something like

She Is 7 - JPK

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43 She Has a Football Shaped Head

Look, I've got her head from her talking to the T.V., bang! Touchdown!

She swallowed a football when she was a baby...

LOL She swallowed a football as a baby. That's hilarious. Seriously her head is shaped like a football. Her head is also shaped like a lemon, lime, and jellybean.

Stewie And Arnold Are WAY Better - JPK

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44 Her Parents Let Her Out the House With No Supervision of an Adult

Dora's parents should be sued for child neglect. She goes ON ADVENTURES through FORESTS and her parents don't even care! This teaches kids that they can do random things without parent supervision. What if Dora got run over with a truck? What if she fell in quicksand? Her parents probably wouldn't even notice. Dora is just so terrible and stupid.

Dora's parents are idiots because they let their only Daughter go on crazy, stupid, boring adventures.

That's cruel, unless you're talking about Ash Ketchum.

I wouldn't say only child because she has a brother and sister the same age

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45 She Walks On the Road

She walks on the road and somehow freezes all the cars, which just so happen not to be in sight. She walks on the runway and tells all the planes to stop their takeoff so she can take her stupid friends across. She walks on the track and and never gets hit by a subway or train. She walks on thin ice and lives, while Boots is slipping over a waterfall. And she's like, "Yay! We made it! Come on, Boots! " And Boots just went over the waterfall. 5 years later, she just realizes that Boots is gone, then shrugs and says he is saying bananas. She walks on a snapping turtle's back and isn't hurt. She walks on the clouds and doesn't fall through. Anyone noticing something?
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

Come on vamonos! Everybody Let's (gets run over by bus)

This is so hilarious - N64Dude

Dora: Oh look! A TREE! (runs across the road and gets hit by a truck!

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46 Her Adventures Are Not Exciting

Once in an episode, Dora gave us a choice if we want to join or not, and then 5 seconds later, she forces us to come with her immediately, so we go on her lame adventure, like what? You gave us a choice Dora, A CHOICE!

I agree maybe she should see the great wall of China or the pyramids of the Egypt

Blueberry hill? Grandma's house, and more dumbbutt adventures? LAME! I thought Dora and Boots travel the world to famous ancient objects on that Country. And do things like Daring do (MLP:FIM) and Indiana Jones. That'll be tons better than Dora's current stupid adventures

Not Exciting In The Slightest - JPK

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47 Swiper Swiper

The only thing that swiper does is swipe your stuff. After he does totally nothing in this show. I feel like there's no excuse for brining swiper into this show. Hey it's kinda like jar jar bunks from phantom menace.

Swiper is such a jerky fox, unlike tails witch is sonic the hedgehogs best friend he's a nice fox

He's the only good character in the show, but he's a big moron.

Swiper is a idiot witch can easily be stopped by swiper no swiping - Mrsantaclaw33033

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48 A Talking Backpack

Her backpack is insanity with its variety of items and weapons coming out of that pack. She once pulled a huge raft out of that and two big paddles. The fact that it talks is bad enough but it is a kid show. Some children have started to talk to their backpack hoping there homework will come out. Also the map that can change the area on itself is dumb asf.

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49 She Makes Little Kids Look Stupid

Every time an episode comes on little kids watch it I know that but when people I watching it it makes them look stupid and when they do get older look back to themselves to be like why was I so stupid back then

50 Secretly Inappropriate

Dora The Explorer is the moat annoying show in the whole entire us world.

In one episode, she taught kids about having sex

What is the secret to make it inappropriate?

I don't get it. - Powerfulgirl10

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51 She's a Girl

Just because she's a girl that doesn't mean she is stupid. The other thing that she does or is are stupid. Dora is still the Stupidest person on earth.

Women aren't stupid, just because she's a girl doesn't mean she's stupid.. I'm a girl and do people think I'm stupid? NO! - carafa0123

Did Gaston come back to life? Run Belle! Do I smell-

This is a sexist reason to hate Dora - Chromium

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52 How they get rid of Swiper

Dora:swiped no swiping! Swipes:heck no you can't tell me what to do Dora:but-but sniper no buts butt Dora:wahh me:HAHA

53 Talks to the audience like she knows nothing

She usually says " where is swiper? " My little sister watches it so at the end of each episode when she asks, "what was your favorite part of the day" I like saying " watching you be stupid" also on Dora and friends.

Of course she knows nothing she's a dumbhead she doesn't know how to count or read or do anything for herself!

She DOES know nothing. - Powerfulgirl10

Dora: Where is the lake?

Icetail: Over there! *hisses and unsheathes claws*
Dora: Where?
Icetail:*runs away* - IcetailofWishClan

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54 The Show is Very Repetitive

When I was like 8, I got bored of this show because you heard the same songs every time!

55 Every Single Character Except For Swiper And The Grumpy Old Troll Are Brain Dead Morons

This show is stupid. die die die.

56 She Walks Everywhere

She can walk on almost ANY SURFACE!

Imagine her walking in midair. People would be shocked!

I bet she can walk on water, on clouds, and in midair. - Powerfulgirl10

Take a toy car DUH

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57 Stupid Songs

I totally agree with the Map and Backpack being retards and the two-year-old- singing better than Dora comments.

Both of her songs are worse than Baby by Justin Bieber! - AlecS172

A 2 year old could sing better

Forest farm blueberry hill
Fartest Fart Blueberry kill

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58 All Episodes are Horrible

It Goes for the Same Plot as Phineas and Ferb. - ChroniclerMan5

Dora eats tnt and go to the toilet

59 She's A Troublemaker

Where is her parents?!?!? I'm not helping her and her dumb monkey I hate her I wish she could die she's a butt cheek baby

No duh. She really is one. - Powerfulgirl10


60 She Talks to the T.V.

Dora you're not an Illuminati or are YOU? - CerealGuy

Dora Is The Illuminati

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