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101 She's Anatomically Disproportionate
102 She Talks Too Slow V 1 Comment
103 She's a Girl

Just because she's a girl that doesn't mean she is stupid. The other thing that she does or is are stupid. Dora is still the Stupidest person on earth.

Women aren't stupid, just because she's a girl doesn't mean she's stupid.. I'm a girl and do people think I'm stupid? NO! - carafa0123

Did Gaston come back to life? Run Belle! Do I smell-

This is a sexist reason to hate Dora - Chromium

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104 She's Fat

Considering fat an "annoying" trait is offensive. You guys rant on supermodels because they all have "perfect" bodies, and then say there should be different body sized in magazines. Then, Dora is released. FIRST, you say featuring only a certain body type in media is wrong, THEN, you say showing FAT people in media is wrong. There are fat people reading this who are trying to loose weight, and - you see my point, hopefully.

This is like the third time I've read this on this list.

She needs to go get some exercise.

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