Top Ten Stupidest Things for an American to Say to an Asian


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1 Even a six year old has better grammar then you.

I used to have awful grammar when I was 6 or 7 (I'm Asian), so people ALWAYS used to correct me. - Catacorn

They could be just learning english - Nateawesomeness

Say that to me and I will kill you. (Not for real. Not a death threat)
PS I'm Chinese. - Ultron123

Come on we have to learn English.I am an asian.Beside my mother language I automatically learnt two languages,without any classes or courses.I had to learn two languages more.And one of them is English..Plus I was taught to speak British English and Now I follow American English.So its quite hard for me to speak good english.But I am glad that none of the foreigners insulted me for my English. - zxm

2 Are all of your citizens identical brothers and sister? V 1 Comment
3 Why do you eat such adorable animals, you should get executed!

I've only eaten an adorable animal once (rabbit), and I ate it because I didn't know it was rabbit meat (if I knew I wouldn't eat it) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Dude I'm Chinese I hate people eating dogs and cats, not all Chinese are like that

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4 Aren't ching and chong the only two words in your country's dictonaries?

I'm Asian, but I'm not Chinese, so there's no chings and chongs in the language I speak (Actually, I'm PARTLY Chinese, but Chinese isn't my main language) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I think by asian you meant Chinese or Japaneses.Cause I am an asian and we don't have Ching or Chong - zxm

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5 The police officers are dumb in your country, they don't even use normal handcuffs!

Oh How Do They Ever throw someone in the slammer - Nateawesomeness

6 I'm just a trying to inform you about your safety, but your kind should never be in NASCAR. V 1 Comment
7 Your government is very cruel, why can't I chew gum in your land? V 1 Comment
8 Your eyes are pointing the wrong way, you should probably get plastic surgery. V 1 Comment
9 Your kung fu classes does not help you in any way, it just teaches you to be a violent, merciless, monster.

Did you mean asian as a japanese and/or chinese? cause in our country about less than 2 % people actually learn Kung Fu or Karate And most people find it boring. I am an asian. And not from Japan,Korea,China or India - zxm

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10 Why do you celebrate new years with dragons, they aren't even real, stop trying to summon them

Hey my country doesn't celebrate new years with dragon. - zxm

@Nateawesomeness,you mean I shouldn't say this to other asians,like Japan or Chinese - zxm

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1. Even a six year old has better grammar then you.
2. Are all of your citizens identical brothers and sister?
3. Why do you eat such adorable animals, you should get executed!



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