Top Ten Stupidest Things Nostalgic Retro Gamers Say

Gamers can be pretty stupid at times but I believe the most annoying gamers are the super nostalgic retro and I feel that some of their points are incredibly stupid (just because you play retro games doesn't mean I dislike you as a person I am just saying what I think are the most annoying things that super nostalgic retro gamers say)

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1 Kids today can't play the old games

Shut the 90s were the best decade ever.

2 My childhood was better than yours

I hate when people say this. It makes some 90s kids (not all) look egotistical just because of the decade they were born in. - Pony

Hey! That's rude!

3 Today's game developers don't have respect for old games

Then why do remakes and emulations exist? - Skullkid755

And Virtual Console!

4 Every game today is a gritty war shooter
5 Call of Duty ruined gaming

Seriously I'm not necessarily a fan of Call of Duty but it has not ruined gaming - Gamer4life

I guess they only look at the Fanbase, not the games

6 Games today are too easy

Maybe it's because you've been playing games a lot, and have a lot of practice! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

''Todays games are to easy''-Ever hear of Dark Souls or the counter strike series(especially CS GO), or even Mario Galaxy 2?

7 Old games are deep and complex

If you're meaning games like Metal Gear Solid 1 or Final Fantasy then I can understand that but that's the only game that I find deep and complex.

I'm telling you, they've missed out on Mass Effect, Heavy Rain, Halo and lots of indie made by lesser known game developers - SuperHyperdude

Agreed I wasn't saying there weren't some old games that had some complex stories I was talking about the people who make claims about how super Mario bros shows the nature of the human condition or any of that stuff that seems like making stuff up to mask the fact that most (not all) people who played these old games in the 80s or 90s just can't accept that their childhood is over and that maybe times have changed, and since you mentioned mass effect what game in the 80s or 90s had the style of player choice that mass effect did - Gamer4life

8 Kids Today Are stupid because they don't know what the Sega Genesis is.

To whoever put this on the list thank you how did I not think of something like this when I was making the list and I've encountered so many people who use this argument (mostly 90s kids) - Gamer4life

That's not true, because my Dad in fact owned a Genesis. - Pony

I have an AtGames Sega Genesis so I know it exists. - Skullkid755

To be fair, Genesis did what Nintendont - WickedWeavile

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9 All Video Games today are for adults

Yes. YAR. They let kids play RATED-M games like Grand Theft Auto
When they become adult, they will kill inocent people like the Grand Theft Auto game
My little cousin play that and I can't stop it...
~Joe victor 11 yers old

10 Generation 1 is the best and anything after that isn't Pokemon!

Which is utterly false. - RiverClanRocks

Gen 1 was best. No doubt. But other pokemon games exidt. They are still fun.

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11 The NES is the Best System Ever

Good when it was newer, but it hasn't aged well. - Skullkid755

12 People have no respect for Nintendo these days

What? I LOVE Nintendo! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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