Top Ten Stupidest Things Nostalgic Retro Gamers Say

Gamers can be pretty stupid at times but I believe the most annoying gamers are the super nostalgic retro and I feel that some of their points are incredibly stupid (just because you play retro games doesn't mean I dislike you as a person I am just saying what I think are the most annoying things that super nostalgic retro gamers say)

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1 Kids today can't play the old games

It's the stupid idiots who rate them M and after we are old enough the games aren't playable anymore because they are "expired". - AlphaQ

Shut the 90s were the best decade ever.

90s was not the best decade ever, you miss being a child not a care in the world.
I was a child in the 90s.
Shame I wasn't an 80s kid, oh the 90s was the best.

2 My childhood was better than yours

I hate when people say this. It makes some 90s kids (not all) look egotistical just because of the decade they were born in. - Pony

Hey! That's rude!

No. In fact Yiu guys are just jealous because you wish you were kids again. Don't worry I understand. - AlphaQ

3 Today's game developers don't have respect for old games

Newer games are much better. They're more complicated, advance, have better graphics and are just as fun. - AlphaQ

Then why do remakes and emulations exist? - Skullkid755

And Virtual Console!

4 Every game today is a gritty war shooter
5 Call of Duty ruined gaming

Seriously I'm not necessarily a fan of Call of Duty but it has not ruined gaming - Gamer4life

I guess they only look at the Fanbase, not the games

6 Games today are too easy

Maybe it's because you've been playing games a lot, and have a lot of practice! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

No Grand Theft Auto 5 is not that easy for beginners. - AlphaQ

Compared to retro games like Ghosts n Goblins, Battletoads, Silver Surfer, Super Mario Bros.: The lost Levels most modern games were a cake walk compared to those brutally hard just mentioned. - egnomac

Tetrix is too easy as well. - AlphaQ

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7 Old games are deep and complex

Bull crap alert. - AlphaQ

Hello? Since when we're simple games like Tetrix complex? - AlphaQ

8 Kids Today Are stupid because they don't know what the Sega Genesis is.

To whoever put this on the list thank you how did I not think of something like this when I was making the list and I've encountered so many people who use this argument (mostly 90s kids) - Gamer4life

That's not true, because my Dad in fact owned a Genesis. - Pony

I have an AtGames Sega Genesis so I know it exists. - Skullkid755

To be fair, Genesis did what Nintendont - WickedWeavile

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9 All Video Games today are for adults

Actually that's false. Yiu have video games for kids like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. - AlphaQ

Yes. YAR. They let kids play RATED-M games like Grand Theft Auto
When they become adult, they will kill inocent people like the Grand Theft Auto game
My little cousin play that and I can't stop it...
~Joe victor 11 yers old

10 Generation 1 is the best and anything after that isn't Pokemon!

Which is utterly false. - RiverClanRocks

Gen 1 was best. No doubt. But other pokemon games exidt. They are still fun.

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11 People have no respect for Nintendo these days

What? I LOVE Nintendo! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

They only think about the Sony fanboys on this one. CLEARLY.

WHAT I love Nintendo! I just prefer the newer consoles (Nintendo Switch, Wii, 3DS) over the older ones (SNES, GBA, N64) - AlphaQ

12 The NES is the Best System Ever

Good when it was newer, but it hasn't aged well. - Skullkid755

Nah not really. Nintendo Switch is a lot better. - AlphaQ

13 Sega Megadrive
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