Top Ten Stupidest Things Nostalgic Retro Gamers Say

Gamers can be pretty stupid at times, but I believe the most annoying gamers are the super nostalgic retro. I feel that some of their points are incredibly stupid. Just because you play retro games doesn't mean I dislike you as a person I am just saying what I think are the most annoying things that super nostalgic retro gamers say.
The Top Ten
1 Kids today can't play the old games

90s was not the best decade ever, you miss being a child not a care in the world.
I was a child in the 90s.
Shame I wasn't an 80s kid, oh the 90s was the best.

It's the stupid idiots who rate them M and after we are old enough the games aren't playable anymore because they are "expired".

Shut the 90s were the best decade ever.

2 My childhood was better than yours

I hate when people say this. It makes some 90s kids (not all) look egotistical just because of the decade they were born in.

No. In fact Yiu guys are just jealous because you wish you were kids again. Don't worry I understand.

HEY, I do everything you did in 2002! But I have WIFI! - Stakamakataka

Hey! That's rude!

3 Today's game developers don't have respect for old games

Newer games are much better. They're more complicated, advance, have better graphics and are just as fun.

Then why do remakes and emulations exist?

And Virtual Console!

4 Call of Duty ruined gaming

Seriously I'm not necessarily a fan of Call of Duty but it has not ruined gaming

I guess they only look at the Fanbase, not the games

5 Every game today is a gritty war shooter

Well, it's kinda true! - Stakamakataka

6 Kids today are stupid because they don't know what the Sega Genesis is

People who don't live in America won't know what The Sega Genesis is if they grew up when it came out unless they read about it in some video game magazine. Its called The Sega Megadrive the original name.

If you don't know what this is, you're either a Call of Duty fanboy or not a gamer.
I wasn't even born in the 90s...

Well at least I don't have to boot up my system EVERY TIME I wanna play on it - Stakamakataka

That's not true, because my Dad in fact owned a Genesis.

7 All video games today are for adults

Yes. YAR. They let kids play RATED-M games like Grand Theft Auto
When they become adult, they will kill inocent people like the Grand Theft Auto game
My little cousin play that and I can't stop it...
~Joe victor 11 yers old

Actually that's false. Yiu have video games for kids like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

8 Old games are deep and complex

Hello? Since when we're simple games like Tetrix complex?

Bull crap alert.

9 Games today are too easy

Compared to retro games like Ghosts n Goblins, Battletoads, Silver Surfer, Super Mario Bros.: The lost Levels most modern games were a cake walk compared to those brutally hard just mentioned.

Maybe it's because you've been playing games a lot, and have a lot of practice!

No Grand Theft Auto 5 is not that easy for beginners.

''Todays games are to easy''-Ever hear of Dark Souls or the counter strike series(especially CS GO), or even Mario Galaxy 2?

10 People have no respect for Nintendo these days

That is not correct, cause that ship has sailed over 2 years ago - Stakamakataka

WHAT I love Nintendo! I just prefer the newer consoles (Nintendo Switch, Wii, 3DS) over the older ones (SNES, GBA, N64)

They only think about the Sony fanboys on this one. CLEARLY.

What? I LOVE Nintendo!

The Contenders
11 Generation 1 is the best and anything after that isn't Pokemon

Nothing wrong with later Pokemon games all of them are the same. Fights and catching.
They all have some strange creature.
Gen 1 had Muk. Do you want to enter a cave of Zubats.

Every generation after Gen 1 has been better in some way or another

Gen 1 was best. No doubt. But other pokemon games exidt. They are still fun.

Which is utterly false.

12 The NES is the best system ever

Nah not really. Nintendo Switch is a lot better.

Good when it was newer, but it hasn't aged well.

*chuckles* No it isn't - Stakamakataka

13 Sonic Mania is bad, because it's not from 90s

Well it's based on the 90's, What would you rather perfer Sonic Boom 2? - Stakamakataka

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