Why I Hate : Nostalgia-Tards

Today, I'm gonna rant about a group of people. They are not brave, they are not bold, but they are likely to be old. They are from the 90s, they are from the 80s, they love the NES, they hate the Wii U, they love Mickey Mouse they hate Gravity Falls they like Dragon Ball Z they hate attack on titan they hate the new and love the old they are nostalgic. They are people who base their opinions on Nostalgia and claim that all first person shooters are inferior to Goldeneye 007, the shooter that aged poorly and is inferior to DOOM, Half Life 2, Halo 3, and more modern and even classic first person shooters. Yep, they are close minded and time for the rant and no more time for the intro. I'll explain in detail how they use nostalgia to be terrible and why they should think differently.

To get started, people who think the first ones are the best ones. Many people think Pokemon Red is the best Pokemon game. How is it exactly? Is it cause the story is interesting, the Pokemon are great, and the battles are fun, or that it aged well? No. It's cause they started the Pokemon series. Pokemon Red is bad by today's standards. It lacks a good plot, has boring and easy battles, local multiplayer only, and okay get this it's on a console with no color except black white great and green, and a bunch of 8 bit sounds for music. Yep, it aged well all right. Also, many think Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is better than Goblet of Fire. HP and the SS is not dark, is mainly a bunch of classes, doesn't kill off any good character, while Goblet of Fire killed off Cedric, had a interesting plot most the time,and was dark. They should like what improves instead of what started cause it allowed the franchises they were part of to grow and become bigger and better.

Now for people who are against change. People hated Majoras Mask for introducing a timer to the game. I think the timer, while stressful, wasn't half bad because it allowed you to do most stuff many times within a single save file and infinite cash thanks to the resetting of treasure chests and the bank not being affected by time itself. That's what I like about the 3 day time limit and wish it didn't give the game negative feedback at launch. People didn't like Super Mario Bros 2 since it was different from the first Mario game. Neither game holds up well to me and I don't care for any of the NES Mario Bros platformers except maybe 3. The games that set new standards or start their franchises typically age poorly and become overrated despite that.

And finally, we have those who judge new stuff based off what is coming out when they come out. People have said "Legend of Korra sucks, it is to modern Nickelodeon." Same thing with Gravity Falls and Regular Show. A good show can happen during a bad time and actually become a savior for that channel. And that good show can lead to more good shows. Don't judge the show by the time, judge by the content of it.

So, in conclusion, overly nostalgic people should accept change, accept new stuff, and judge by the content instead of the time.
They are one of the worst adult fan bases and should quit being close minded. This will be my last post before I go on vacation tomorrow for a few days and I'll see you when I return. I hope you enjoyed this rant and goodbye.


Good job m69 - Nateawesomeness

It's even worse with music, as 10 year olds pretending to know everything say that the 70s, 80s, and 90s were so good. Remember everyone, 1998 was a thing. And they bash this generation for having Justin Bieber, when he's ONE mediocre singer in an ocean of insanely talented people. - WonkeyDude98

Wasn't 1998 the year In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, Mezzanine, Music Has The Right To Children and Psyence Fiction were released? - visitor

I meant 1989, not 1998. - WonkeyDude98

Plus the 70s had some pretty bad years - Martinglez

Don't forget that Modern Pop and Rap are getting bashed for no particular reason.

Besides the 70s were wack, 80s were cheesy and 90s were just overrated. - AlphaQ

"The 80s was the best decade of music because it had Metallica, AC/DC, and Queen" - Says a kid born in 1995.
"The 6th Generation was the best generation of gaming because it had Halo 2, Half-Life 2, Doom 3, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and Manhunt" - Says a kid born in 2007.
"I liked all those Nickelodeon shows in the 90s and early 2000 such as Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life, Spongebob (S1-3), and Invader Zim" - Says a kid born in 2005.

Don't be nostalgic at stuff before you were born. Act like your generation, not the past. - visitor

Nice rant - Therandom

Potato - bobbythebrony

Banana - AlphaQ

Tomatoes - BorisRule

Well people can like whatever game, movie, show, or any music they want. They should judge by content and not time periods. Good rant you made. - visitor

Preach it, my friend. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Nice rant - ProPanda

Great - visitor

Nice rant m8y - EpicJake

Good rant - Martinglez

You're right. They continuously bash new shows, movies, and music just because they didn't grow up with them. Well guess what? Times change. The 90s and 80s aren't gonna last forever. If they did, then it would get boring. We wouldn't have things like iPads, iPhones, tablets, or laptops. Plus, they need to come up with new shows for the modern generation. - visitor

The Legend of Korra is beautiful. I can't believe people hate it just because it's not like the old Avatar. I admit, I kinda hated the first episode because I was salty that Avatar ended, but the next episodes were FANTASTIC. It was a breath of fresh air and a much-needed sequel for the unanswered questions of the last episode. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

IKR - TwilightKitsune

SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy in the nutshell.

I agree with this post. Nostalgiatards loves 2000s things although some of them already cancelled and they have annoying hatred to modern stuffs. Oh, they also sometimes caused the bandwagon hates of the modern stuffs *cough* GrojBand *cough* Phineas and Ferb *cough*. In Google Plus, there are many nostalgiatards there. - visitor

Nice rant. Well I prefer modern Pop compared to older pop.

Nostalgiatards like 80s things although 80s was not impressive compared to 2000s. Also, the biggest culprits are old people. The only thing "nostalgic" I said was old-rap is better than modern-rap because it actually has declined a bit in quality (although I still have hope in this awesome genre).

Also yea TTT is full of them, even younger people ate getting influenced by these fagets because I see in lists that all the albums people hate are modern and all the albums that are considered good are old 70s rock albums (I think the 70s was wack). - AlphaQ

True lmao - BlueTopazIceVanilla

You also can called them as early 2000s kids. They are obsessed with old shows and keep hating modern shows with stupidest reasons (including flash cartoons). - visitor

Yes, they are annoying. *cough* Pokemon genwunners *cough* - visitor

Thank God, I thought I was alone on this. The nostalgia craze is nothing new, but in this era with social media, it's expressed more.

I'm a 2000s kid, but I feel like slapping the many who go "I was born in 1998 and the 90s were better and innocent".

Yeah, sure. You barely experience the decade and say all that. As for "innocent", look up From Dusk Till Dawn. - SereneSoap

Sounds funny how someone would boast about their YEAR OF BIRTH and parade it around as if it was some kind of accomplishment. People must really be desperate for attention. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Whew thank god. I know this is old but you are exactly right. These f**s just need a good beating. And may I add that these double standard contradicting s***bags like cartoons that they claim are from the 90s even though the show started in September 1999 and had like 3 episodes in the actual decade. These asshats tried to take sponge bob. They are a bunch of shrewd morons that like contradict by liking stuff from mid 2000s just because it started in 99 and need to shut their disrespectful ass up. - Crediblesea

Whew thank god I'm not alone. They are a bunch of shrewd morons that contradict them selves by liking cartoons went to the 00s. They will try to claim a cartoon that started in September of 1999 and had literally 3 episodes in the decade. These idiots reached down 3 years and took full house that started in 1987 but we can't reach down a couple of months to take sponge bob? They will also claim that the 1st season of south park was the best even though the first season sucked b@lls. What makes south park funny is all the side characters, and season 1 showed nothing but the 4 boys. Season 1 & 2 was very bland and boring because the plot showed nothing but the boys. Also someone needs to tell those sheep that were born in 1998 that they are not 90s kids and to stfu. - Crediblesea

Nice, I thought I was alone. Also someone needs to tell those posers that think they were 90s kids but born in 1998 to stfu! - Crediblesea

SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy - 445956

All these nostalgia t***s are wrong, especially with the "today's kids will never know the struggles" crap. There's always been crappy T.V. shows. Remember dragon tales?

Raise the hate shields, I'm about to get yelled at by nostalgia-tards, no regrets! - 404_name_missing