Top Ten Stupidest Things Parents Let Their Kids Do at the Age of 10


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1 Let them have a cell phone

Give them a boring phone with no games or internet. That's what I got when I was... Eleven? Haha! But seriously, no harm in having buddies to text and parents to call in emergencies. - keycha1n

This is stupid. Especially how they carry it around everywhere they go! Like even if it's to the store or church they always bring there phone and act like little show offs. I can't have mine until I'm in 8th grade or in high school. Every time my friend comes over, she brings her phone. Predictable. I also hate how they always play on there stupid phone and when your talk to them, you don't get an answer.

I won't get a phone until I'm 12.
One time, I was walking on the bus.
2 girls were playing on a big, fancy phone.
Wanna know how old they were.
Seriously, parents need to stop this.
Every 10 year old I know has a phone.
And the ones that do protect it like it's an angel.
And they make this excuse.
"My parents paid a lot for this, and if I lose it, I ain't getting another one."
To a party.
To a friends house.
To school.
To the gas station.
To the grocery store.
To a camping trip with my grandfather who told us not to bring any electronics.
To a store.
It's annoying.
The chances my friend will ever purposely leave his phone at his house are the chances Edge will wrestle again. Watch his retirement speech to know what I'm talking about.
What I'm saying is, letting a kid 10 years old have a phone is bullcrap.
I have a ...more

How is that bad, that's how we contact our family and friends. I got my first when I was 7 or 8. - Luckys

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2 Let them get whatever they want bye throwing temper tantrums

Reminds me of Caillou - EpicJake

Kids need to be wrangled. I didn't appreciate it when I was younger, but when I see kids who can't handle not getting something, I'm grateful my parents gave me the hit in the head to condition me. - keycha1n

I see what you mean, but your mom hitting you in the head? That's child abuse... - TheAlbinoWolf

Reminds me of Caillou as well. - Connor360


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3 Let them use Facebook

I don't know why some parents let their kids use Facebook! I saw children under 10 using Facebook! Come on people! Facebook can be dangerous! They can steal apps from you or steal your account! If your 12 and under, don't use Facebook without permission!

Really? I have a 14 year old cousin who has had a Facebook since she was 9. - IcetailofWishClan

What?! This isn't fair, I'm not allowed on social media until my 14th birthday (I mean now it's only a few weeks away, but for a long time it felt like forever). Although I'm probably not going to go on social media much anyways. It was quite unreasonable back in elementary school because literally almost everyone in fourth and fifth grade already had Instagram accounts.

Why do parents do this to their kids! I'm glad my mom would never let me use Facebook til I was 16 or older. My cousin is 15 and her mom doesn't her have one. Parents can be see on stupid! Are they trying to rush there kid on growing up! Almost every kid at my school has an account. This is NOT for kids! This gets really gets me ticked off!

My mom won't let me use social media till I'm 13, and when I went to the restroom I saw popular girls taking photos in front of the mirror and posting it on social media. - Luckys

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4 Let them act like brats

My brother gets everything and gets away with stuff, yet my parents CLAIM he gets the wrong side of the stick. He played a 13+ game and I told him to get off and he ignored. So I switched it off. He scratched me and I got mad. He cried like a wimp and I got grounded. For doing the RIGHT thing!

My friend met a brat who was whining at recess about not getting the toy that she wanted, she walked away and she said whats wrong with you, and she said whats wrong with YOU - Maya159610

I feel bad for you dude.

Spoiled brats. - Userguy44

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5 Let them play games online

I disagree. a lot. I mean, unless its rated M or T (Some 10 yr olds are intelligent and wise enough to be able to play, though. ) No one should think 10 year olds can't play games online! - randomuser2525

No wonder I hear so many 10 year olds when I play Call of Duty

In my elementary school, we have 7 year old kids playing Grand Theft Auto 5! What are their parents thinking! - An_Average_Person

When I was 9 one of my friends actually played GTA5 - DarkBoi-X

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6 Let them get Rated M games

Ten year olds should not be playing this games because they contain violence or strong language. These games are for ages 17 and up, not for ages 10 and up! If your a parent and you have a child aged 12 or under, please don't let him play rated M games until he is 17! Even some students at my school under 17 play Call of Duty which is a rated M game and be careful with the people that yay that you must play Call of Duty to be cool! If you don't play Call of Duty, please don't make them bully you!

There's a reason we have the rating system it shows people what to expect in the game like blood and violence, bad language and nudity. - egnomac

I honestly think our game rating system is more accurate on content in games than our film rating system.

I sometimes do this, but not on xBox or whatever (I don't have one) - Luckys

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7 Let them do drugs

What parent in the right mind would let their kids do drugs? And we're not talking about some kid having a secret stash, we're talking about letting them do drugs. Something's fishy here. - SlimVeggie

What sort of sick parent would do this? - TwilightKitsune

There is a lot of stuff on this list that parents shouldn't let their kids do. You don't have to make a long list, you can make at least 10 things. I don't think parents that do drugs won't let their kids do them. - art2400

Now this is bad. - Userguy44

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8 Let them get an earring

Kids where I live get ears pierced before they learn how to crawl! - AnonymousChick

It's better when you're younger because your ears harden as you get older. - Catlover2004

I got mine when I was a baby, not even old enough to remember or speak. I think this is totally fine, because the kid is old enough to know not to get an infection. However, I think ear piercing in other parts of the ear, and body parts is wrong. It makes the kid look like a prostitute and/or a gangster. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Got my lobes pierced when I was 5. I think that is totally fine. I know so many people who get them so much sooner. But cartilage and other body piercing should wait.

I disagree, I got my ears pierced when I was a baby. - Luckys

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9 Let them have a boyfriend/girlfriend

I hate middle school because of this. Every single day is, "Nina is dating Josh! THEY ARE SOOO CUTE! 1! " Then you just wait 3 days and they break up. It's so senseless. These parents are so irresponsible to let them do such a thing. When I'm older I'll let my kids date at age 16, no more, no less.
It's so hard to live like this, because every single person of the opposite gender is so controlling and offended. For example, my friend was helping someone's boyfriend with a math problem, until that girlfriend came over and thought she was cheating with him. Complete stupidity. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

So, you won't let your kids date when they're 17 or older? You said no more, no less. - Skullkid755

My parents said I could have a boyfriend when I was ten and I was like what? Cause the person who asked me was 13 - AnonymousChick

I got a dance partner when I was 11. Does that count as "romance". Cause we kinda like each other. - PizzaGuy

My dad once told me I wasn't allowed to get a boyfriend... Forever. I hope he was joking! Ah well... Its not looking too bright regardless... - keycha1n

I rather want to be single. - Userguy44

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10 Let them have a YouTube channel

I saw a kid cussing and he is called "the loud house and SpongeBob fan 1999". I have no idea how old he is but still. He said there was dirty jokes in The Loud House (That wasn't even true) and said he wanted the old one. He doesn't look like he watched it! He must've been copying people. And his titles of his videos are rude. I watched Smosh and learned their foul language. Therefore I will never say them again like What The Heck? He was so annoying and putting his sister's tablet on the screen. He screams so much. He is naked in TWO of his videos! And he said Lincoln was naked and I am like "NO YOU PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON! ". He was only wearing his underwear and he scream in his "The Loud House EXPOSED" video this: "STUPID Nickelodeon I WANT THE OLD ONE BACK! ". These are hillbilly videos.

Ugh, my stepsister who's now 10 got a YouTube account when she was like 8 and some of the stuff she watches on there is too inappropriate for her age. I'll admit some of the videos she introduced me to I watched on my own time during my depression, but I don't anymore. I mean I went on YouTube as a visitor because I don't have an account and mainly saw old music videos or just random age appropriate videos, but now I don't even go on YouTube because my old computer (which was crap) couldn't play any videos so eventually I just lost interest in YouTube. Though seriously 10 year olds shouldn't be on YouTube because if they try to go to a video that's age appropriate, but instead click on an inappropriate one then their childhoods could be scarred. -Anonymousxcxc.

People are just gonna troll them or flag one of their videos.

My BFF is a GachaTuber with over 12K subscribers, she's family friendly. Yet, some kids curse on Youtube and they're under 18. *COUGH* PINKANT - Luckys

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11 Let them have sex

I doubt that any parents would let them do that unless... OH NO - Chaotixhero

Dude that is so stupid almost all 10 year olds have not gone through puberty and developed fully this is so stupid - trender2004

I know girls in elementary school now that have sex and get pregnant.

All thanks to their justin bieber looking boyfriend and their dumb idiotic parents - B1ueNew

Sex at a very young age? - Userguy44

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12 Let them have too much candy

My parents made this mistake. I'm trying to lose weight. Stop giving kids too much candy. ONLY Halloween AND BIRTHDAYS! - iiKyodaiKickz

I don't even like most candy and almost everyone in my school has too much candy. The teachers give them out as rewards, but I deny the candies all the time. Literally on Halloween I got a lot of candy while trick-or-treating and only ate two or three pieces of it, I think my dad donated the rest or threw it away. -Anonymousxcxc.

Too much candy will give them cavities.

My mom lets me have lots of candy on occasions, but if my dad lived with me he'd kill me. - Luckys

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13 Let them watch Gravity Falls porn

I know what porn is, and I'm 10. It's disgusting, and it's way too accessible.

Letting them watch porn in general is wrong

The first time I saw this was at New Year's Day when Grandma accidentally switched to one of these channels. - TopTener

I’m 11 and now cursed from accidentally seeing p***

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14 Let them smoke

Not Even Adults Should Be Smoking - RockStarr

No one does that - simpsondude

Smoking could cause cancer.

You should never smoke anyway. It can cause lung cancer. - Userguy44

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15 Let them read this list

I'm eight and reading this. Please do not underestimate me, I'm mentally older than you think.

Hey! This was me when I was eight except I didn't have an account back then. Now I am 10 but I'm almost 11. - Flowerfriend4407

At least I'm not a ten year old - MLPFan

Why is this is on this list this is dumb I'm 13 And reading this list most people in middle school are between the ages of 11-15 not 10

You shouldn't do that, because you will give them bad ideas. - Userguy44

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16 Let them into a strip club

Wow,their parents are okay with their 10 year olds going to some nudity club? Gross... - MLPFan

Well according to my calculations I'm at least 99% sure that its not allowed. - trender2004

NO ONE DOES THAT oops I was on capitols

That happened in The Simpsons Season 1. - PatrickStar3

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17 Let them abuse animals

I saw it how this stupid snotty bastard was "playing" with a kitty, and throwing it, and squeezing it, and his jerk father was watching, and smiling like a retard, and enjoying how his dumb brat "loves" animals. Also, many couples have a pet and an idiotic kid and it seems they don't give a single f about the horrible attitude I've seen again and again. This people are so underbred, because they don't learn their children to love and respect animals.

I hope the kid being a jerk to the cat was hanged.

I hope that cat scratched their eyes out

Animal abuse is horrible. - Userguy44

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18 Let them listen to rap music

Kids are way too young to be listening to adult stuff like drugs, money, making it rain in the club, getting high off weed, and shooting (I know not all rap music is like that but still).

They should have checked out Big Bang SpongeBob Ready on YouTube. They go real hard and cool with that in school most likely, regardless of the language. It's a stupid, but funny rap song, involving one of their favorite cartoon shows, but with some swearing in it.

Ugh, there is this kid in my grade who is so obnoxious I hate him a DNA wanna punch him. He is younger than, and because of his stupid parents letting him do whatever and listen to whatever, he said to me and my buff "f you! "

I listen to rap, but not bad rap. - Luckys

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19 Let them scream in public

Especially on the bus while I'm going home from school

Well, there is an exception if a stranger tries to take them away. - Connor360

We are talking about 10 not 5!

It just makes me want to strangle them. - Catlover2004

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20 Let them fart in public

Okay, so this is weird, but farting is natural, it is a gas bubble stuck in the intestines being released through the anus

Actually...I read and it's ACTUALLY good for your health to fart. LAUGH OUT LOUD!

Oh gees you don't control when you fart that is the most stupidest reason I ever heard

So you can't do that until you're 10...your kid might die of fart gas by then.

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21 Let them drive cars

No, they haven’t even reached the legal age the drive a car so. - JoeBoi

22 Let them have a Instagram account

People in my class say they have an Instagram account and 10,000 followers! What liars! - PatrickStar

I saw a book in Barnes and Noble in the "What kids are doing today" section and I found said book that looked like a PICTURE BOOK and it was about Instagram. - mayamanga

Almost every 6th and 5th grader I know have instagram! It all started with this kid signing up then he told his friend about instagram, then he told her. And it kept spreading, now almost everyone has instagram. I don't even think their parents know :P

I think you can let then have an account but make sure they're on private like me. - DankGodX

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23 Let them listen to Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj sucks, especially her song "Anaconda", the beat is so unoriginal and the lyrics are bad

That is so depressing.

I know some second graders on my bus who keep singing Nicki Minaj's Anaconda. It just made me lose faith in humanity even more.

My anaconda don't got none, unless you got buns hon. - Luckys

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24 Let them play with guns

What about Nerf Gunz? - nko32

Nerf guns aren't dangerous though. - Userguy44

In the UK you would be sentenced for a long time in prison if you did that

25 Let them kill themselves

Parents are so stupid in this generation, that they let 10 year olds kill themselves, they're so stupid.

Yeah not vary controversial

My friend is so annoying...she claims to have deppression when she doesn't. Self-diagnosis, people!

Wow. Just...Wow. -LetsGoSwagger

26 Let them watch South Park

By the most violent show ever I thought you meant happy tree friends. And let's pray that any parent wouldn't be stupid enough to show their kid such a bloody show (and that goes for watership down)!

Everyone's like "What's your favorite South Park episode"? Well, some people don't watch South Park! - PatrickStar

I hate those dumb children and their dumber parents that watch South Park. I mostly hate how PROUD they are because they watch it. They say, "I'm 8 and I like South Park" If you're trying to look cool, you're failing cause we don't care! And the CREATORS themselves have said that anyone who is a child can't watch it. And no, just because you think you're mentally mature doesn't mean you are. - Drawbox

I thought kids were South Park's target demographic. Sarcasm

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27 Let them play with weapons

My 7 year old cousin had toy weapons since he was 2!

If it's a toy gun then they can - Chromium

28 Let them play with knives

This is seriously wrong

Just don't let them do the knife game song... - kaitlynrad11

There just toys so big deal this list sucks.

29 Let them listen to songs about drugs, partying, sex, and butts

This needs to be in the top 10. It really does.

I Made The List Of Songs About Drugs, I'm 10 - BeatlesFan1964

Like we don't know about these things

Yes, songs about partying can be inapropriette. Thanks a lot, Ke$ha.

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30 Let them dress sexy

That Is How You Get A Boy/GirlFriend - RockStarr

My friend says I keep on dressing like a hooker and if I keep on wearing leather it's because I look too much like a girl...

What?! I just like leather! I don't wanna attract attention!

31 Let them litter
32 Let them watch rated R movies

Cannibal Holocaust from Italy I think is a perfect example a violent R movies and don't forget Cannibal Holocaust is one of my favorites but I refused to watch it again - CerealGuy

A kid in my second grade class was obsessed with rated R movies, it's all he ever talked about.

I watched The Shining... It was disgusting and horrible.

Unless the 10 year old is super mature or about to die and this is their last request I wouldn't let my innocent 10 year old watch an R rated movie. I might let them watch a pg 13 movie, but R? naw.

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33 Let them into a bar

If it's a restaurant bar you could let the kids sit there - Unknownguy

You can't go to a bar until you're at least 21.

34 Let them go on the internet

How are kids supposed to do research for school, eh? - 906389

Overprotective parents, just go AWAY - JaysTop10List

Hi, I'm on the Internet. Oh no, now I am grounded, sarcastic face

I've been on the internet since I was 4. - Luckys

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35 Let them cuss

I'm 12 and I will NEVER cuss - slytherinforever

Needs to be in the top ten

It's so bad it was put here twice.

I cuss sometimes. - Luckys

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36 Let them have a TheTopTens account

I can see why you wouldn't want them watching Happy tree friends, (the only good episode was the copyright one) but TheTopTens is completely innocent!

I had this account since I WAS 9 - JaysTop10List

This site have always been overpopulated with bunch of ten year olds. - Vip3r

I'm going to be ten this year. And also in third grade. Whoopsie I'm a baby

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37 Let them use swear words

Oh please... - Userguy44

38 Let them have Twitter
39 Let them listen to Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber

Actually, I think this is bad for ANYONE!

That sums up the list. - nko32

Justin will sing this one to them
"And you're not a Baby Baby Any-mooore."

40 Let them not brush their teeth

I brush my teeth 7 minutes if I forget to brush them

41 Let them be rude to people

It depends on the kid and the parents really. -Anonymousxcxc.

42 Let them watch 9/11 videos

Was this posted today? Oh that's why we never even heard of 9/11 my mom told me about it when I was like 8 or 9

My cousins learned about 9/11 in elementary school

My English teacher was 8 when 9/11 happened. - Coastergirl003

Don’t show kids 9/11 footage of they’re fascinated by it or else they’ll probably grow up to be terrorists. - JoeBoi

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43 Let them watch YouTube Poop videos

I watched YouTube poop videos a lot when I was 10, but that was before I knew their were bad words in them. Now I only watch the ones without swearing (although it's nearly impossible to find a YouTube poop without any swearing). - Imreallyboredrightnow

I watched YouTube Poop when I was 10. I liked them but why all the swearing? WHY? - RiverClanRocks

I watched them when I was ten. Don't like them now but I remember watching them.

There was a Peppa Pig youtube poop on the T.V. at my best friend's birthday party and all the viewers (visitors) were somewhere at age 10-12.

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44 Let them sing inappropriate songs

I know some second graders on my bus who keep sing Nicki Minaj's Anaconda.

I heard a 4th grader at my school singing, " My anaconda don't, my anaconda don't..."

At our Homecoming Pep Rally I played for the Marching Band and during one of the pep rally games, they started to play Hit the Quan and Whip and Nae Nae (not the marching band) and all the elementary kids (we let everyone in our elementary, jr, and high schools join) started to dance to those songs. Even Preschoolers! While the Jr High and High school kids were just standing around like "what? " Seriously. That's the kind of stuff Nazis would've used on Jews in concentration camps to burn their eyes. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Despacito and shape of you are perfect examples - VideoGamefan5

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45 Let them watch Happy Tree Friends

Happy Tree friends is a really, really messed up show - Imreallyboredrightnow

I watched this when I was 10 and got in trouble for it - mayamanga

I watched it when I was 5...I got scarred for life. - Epicsauce45

I hate happy tree friends

When I was 7,8, or 9 I thought happy tree friends was your good innocent kid show until I saw I had blood & gore


It’s a gore cartoon disguised as a kid show

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46 Letting Them Get Plastic Surgery
47 Let them watch porn

I agree adults probably made this list - trender2004

I swear a lot of kids, especially teens, do this

No one does that

Porn is disgusting no one should watch it - Mranonymously

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48 Let them wear makeup

The only way to look like a hooker who ran through a whole episode of My Little Pony and Care Bears while being smashed by a truck made of pastel and colored clay.

They only do it to look like an adult.

I'm 13, I think its stupid for teenagers to wear make-up because you get pimples and it just makes them worse.

This should be in the top 10! It makes girls look like an adult and it looks horrible on a 10 year old girl. - ethanwakeman

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49 Let them not clean their room

TRU that! Mine turns into a stay every five minutes

50 Let them watch NC-17 films

Do these things even exist anymore? - WonkeyDude98

These don't exist anymore, unless they are just banned in theaters. - Skullkid755

I do know this one kid in my grade who bragged because he watched an NC-17 movie 3 weeks ago (I'm in 7th grade).
I would like to have a word with that kid's parents. - Catacorn

My friends little bro (8yrs old) went to a theatre with his momto go see planet of the apes which was INCORECCTY rated as G. Wow - slytherinforever

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