Top Ten Stupidest Things Parents Let Their Kids Do at the Age of 10

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1 Let them have a cell phone

Parents should not buy phones for their kids. All that's gonna happen is them getting addicted to their phones. Same thing with other electronics, the best thing to do is to limit the amount of time kids spend on your computer or on a console if you have one.

A hine is a great idea but not when you child is in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. You shouldn't let your kid have a phone unless they at least are in middle school. The reason is you can't leave them home alone and if you do at that age but that's not the worst; the worst is when they get the phone what do you think they will do. They will probably not let you see what they do on it. By putting in a pass code and not letting you see it. They will probably make fun of people for not having a phone as well. My sister got a phone and when ever I touched it she attacked me then like cuddled her phone.

Got my first phone at 10. It was actually an alright phone, just that there were no games except for a Scrabble free trial, songs, youtube or internet. I used for texting. The phone did have a voice memos feature thing which I used to record "Firework" by Katy perry then got upset when people yelled so it was annoying. But still was a good phone mostly for texting.

And these days there are 7 year olds with the latest Iphone. Wow.

This is stupid. Especially how they carry it around everywhere they go! Like even if it's to the store or church they always bring there phone and act like little show offs. I can't have mine until I'm in 8th grade or in high school. Every time my friend comes over, she brings her phone. Predictable. I also hate how they always play on there stupid phone and when your talk to them, you don't get an answer.

2 Let them get whatever they want bye throwing temper tantrums

My parents were good parents and they didn't tolerate things like this and probably any of the dumb stuff on this list. Besides in my comment for #2 about the Facebook thing I really could care less about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, et cetera. Besides even though I'll be allowed to start using social media when I turn 14, I'm probably going to wait an extra year before I start using social media. -Anonymousxcxc.

This pretty much covers the whole list. Kids get whatever they want, and don't appreciate it. The kids that are into electronics/computers are the worst, they lose touch with reality and can't communicate with anybody through talking! Help us all, in about ten or twenty years because they are going to be the ones running this country.

This is the only item here that no parent should say eh I'll allow it. You could have a reasonable excuse for anything else here, but not letting them behave as a brat! Having a cell phone could show maturity, or owning a graphic game if they understand, but not this!

Kids need to be wrangled. I didn't appreciate it when I was younger, but when I see kids who can't handle not getting something, I'm grateful my parents gave me the hit in the head to condition me.

3 Let them use Facebook

In high school, sure no problem, but not in middle school. Best thing to do is wait until you feel like your kid is mature enough and understands not to accept all friend requests.

What?! This isn't fair, I'm not allowed on social media until my 14th birthday (I mean now it's only a few weeks away, but for a long time it felt like forever). Although I'm probably not going to go on social media much anyways. It was quite unreasonable back in elementary school because literally almost everyone in fourth and fifth grade already had Instagram accounts.

Why do parents do this to their kids! I'm glad my mom would never let me use Facebook til I was 16 or older. My cousin is 15 and her mom doesn't her have one. Parents can be see on stupid! Are they trying to rush there kid on growing up! Almost every kid at my school has an account. This is NOT for kids! This gets really gets me ticked off!

I don't know why some parents let their kids use Facebook! I saw children under 10 using Facebook! Come on people! Facebook can be dangerous! They can steal apps from you or steal your account! If your 12 and under, don't use Facebook without permission!

4 Let them act like brats

When I was sixth grade, there was a bully who was mean, but also scrawny, whiny, and tries too hard to be tough. He is a stupid brat that is mean to everyone and brags about everything. Even though he has been punished multiple times for his awful actions, they are all not severe enough to make him taste his very own medicine...

My brother gets everything and gets away with stuff, yet my parents CLAIM he gets the wrong side of the stick. He played a 13+ game and I told him to get off and he ignored. So I switched it off. He scratched me and I got mad. He cried like a wimp and I got grounded. For doing the RIGHT thing!

My friend met a brat who was whining at recess about not getting the toy that she wanted, she walked away and she said whats wrong with you, and she said whats wrong with YOU

A good spanking fixes all that.

5 Let them get Rated M games

Ten year olds should not be playing this games because they contain violence or strong language. These games are for ages 17 and up, not for ages 10 and up! If your a parent and you have a child aged 12 or under, please don't let him play rated M games until he is 17! Even some students at my school under 17 play Call of Duty which is a rated M game and be careful with the people that yay that you must play Call of Duty to be cool! If you don't play Call of Duty, please don't make them bully you!

Yes. This is ridiculous. I'm 10 and all I hear at school is 'Oh I'm in FAZE you're a noob.'. I'm friends with most of these people because their really funny, but YOU just walk away when they talk about Call of Duty. Apparently I'm responsible (coming from my dad, who loves gaming), so my dad lets me play Grand Theft Auto. I'm a girl, by the way.

I'm much older than 10. I'm just here to say top comment thinks don't let people see curse words or violence til they're 17 years old? Mind your own business and let parents decide what they want to decide. Time for 15 year olds to stop being treated like some little punks who can't handle violence or curse words.

I'm 12 years old, and I think parents shouldn't let their kids play M rated games. I mean, kids at school act all cool because they play Call of Duty or Halo or Grand Theft Auto or something, but those games are meant for people over 17, not 10 year olds.

6 Let them do drugs

There is a lot of stuff on this list that parents shouldn't let their kids do. You don't have to make a long list, you can make at least 10 things. I don't think parents that do drugs won't let their kids do them.

What parent in the right mind would let their kids do drugs? And we're not talking about some kid having a secret stash, we're talking about letting them do drugs. Something's fishy here.

Even kids older then 10 shouldn't be using drugs. Drugs harm you physically, mentally, and socially. You could die from drugs.

What kind of sick parent would be that ignorant? Drugs can ruin your lives if you're an adult, let alone child!

7 Let them play games online

It mostly depends on which game they play online, if they're playing an E rated game online, then I guess it's okay, but if the game is Rated T, then you should watch what they do in the game online, but they definitely shouldn't play games online if the game is Rated M.

That really depends on the game in question. If it's something like Splatoon, then I'm perfectly fine with that. But I definitely agree that kids at that age should not be playing M-rated games.

I disagree. a lot. I mean, unless its rated M or T (Some 10 yr olds are intelligent and wise enough to be able to play, though. ) No one should think 10 year olds can't play games online!

My cousin's 7 and he plays Call of Duty. Now he's really violent and always tries to kill people with the Xbox controller. .

8 Let them have sex

Parents don't usually know if their kids are having sex so they don't exactly "let them" have sex. Of course it all depends on the situation. I read somewhere that a 13 year old was in a relationship with a 50 year old man and the mother knew and didn't care because apparently they we're poor and the guy helped them a lot or something.

WAIT...what?! You'd have to be very messed up in the head... to let a ten year old have sex with someone. I mean you should at least be 16-17 before you have sex. 18 At the most, nothing less to be completely honest.

Really? They illegal for them to do so, well, in the States of course. If you don't know, the legal age of consent can range from 16-18 depending on which state you live in.

Nobody wants to be pregnant at age 10. Pregnancy is disgusting anyway.. I don't care if I'm a female, I can say that what females do is utterly disgusting.

9 Let them get an earring

I got mine when I was a baby, not even old enough to remember or speak. I think this is totally fine, because the kid is old enough to know not to get an infection. However, I think ear piercing in other parts of the ear, and body parts is wrong. It makes the kid look like a prostitute and/or a gangster.

I got my ears pierced for my 9th bday because I wanted to! It isn't stupid! My mom had three ear piercings and used to have a cartilage piercing, and no--she isn't one of those moms who has tattoos, hair dyed an abnormal color, a ton of weird makeup, and a whole bunch of inappropriate stuff. My mom doesn't have any tattoos, and her hair is dyed red.

Got my lobes pierced when I was 5. I think that is totally fine. I know so many people who get them so much sooner. But cartilage and other body piercing should wait.

There's nothing wrong with babies getting earrings. Lots of parents have their baby's ears pierced because that way you can tell if the baby is a girl or a boy. (Because they're bald)

10 Let them have a YouTube channel

Ugh, my stepsister who's now 10 got a YouTube account when she was like 8 and some of the stuff she watches on there is too inappropriate for her age. I'll admit some of the videos she introduced me to I watched on my own time during my depression, but I don't anymore. I mean I went on YouTube as a visitor because I don't have an account and mainly saw old music videos or just random age appropriate videos, but now I don't even go on YouTube because my old computer (which was crap) couldn't play any videos so eventually I just lost interest in YouTube. Though seriously 10 year olds shouldn't be on YouTube because if they try to go to a video that's age appropriate, but instead click on an inappropriate one then their childhoods could be scarred. -Anonymousxcxc.

There is a stupid Youtuber called "harvey beaks and spongebob fan 1999". He's a child and he swears A LOT. He even made a video called "spongebob and patrick breaked my computer and crying". And that video is so darn stupid. Fortunately, most of his videos have more dislikes than likes. He also makes bad toy videos with his bloody sister. He made a video called "The Loud House EXPOSED". He was naked in that video. And he was talking about how inappropriate this The Loud House theme song was. The Loud House DOES NOT have a inappropriate theme song. Remember the colour changing part in the theme song? The boy thought it was INAPPROPRIATE. When I grow up, I want to delete his stupid little Youtube channel.

I saw a kid cussing and he is called "the loud house and SpongeBob fan 1999". I have no idea how old he is but still. He said there was dirty jokes in The Loud House (That wasn't even true) and said he wanted the old one. He doesn't look like he watched it! He must've been copying people. And his titles of his videos are rude. I watched Smosh and learned their foul language. Therefore I will never say them again like What The Heck? He was so annoying and putting his sister's tablet on the screen. He screams so much. He is naked in TWO of his videos! And he said Lincoln was naked and I am like "NO YOU PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON! ". He was only wearing his underwear and he scream in his "The Loud House EXPOSED" video this: "STUPID Nickelodeon I WANT THE OLD ONE BACK! ". These are hillbilly videos.

There was a child that had a YouTube channel and he was trying to show you how to type the lenny face. The child was the same age as me, 9. Although I'm much mature than that little prick. One person said, in the comments section, "That's not how you make the lenny face! ". So the child made a reply and started swearing at him!

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11 Let them have a boyfriend/girlfriend

Yeah... the "dating" situation at my school is too out of control. The longest a "dating" relationship has ever lasted is about three-four months where the people partaking in the relationship don't even acknowledge their "boyfriend/girlfriend". Either the relationships aren't real, or everyone keeps their real emotions outside of a school environment. There are these girls who are supposed to be the so-called "popular girls" of our grade. They get asked out like seven times a week and are constantly "dating" boys. And just so everyone's clear, no parent would want their kid involved in a "serious" relationship at the age of ten, and if they did, they would obviously be naïve as to where the relationship might lead and believe that there's nothing a ten-year-old can even do without supervision or a parent knowing immediately.

I hate middle school because of this. Every single day is, "Nina is dating Josh! THEY ARE SOOO CUTE! 1! " Then you just wait 3 days and they break up. It's so senseless. These parents are so irresponsible to let them do such a thing. When I'm older I'll let my kids date at age 16, no more, no less.
It's so hard to live like this, because every single person of the opposite gender is so controlling and offended. For example, my friend was helping someone's boyfriend with a math problem, until that girlfriend came over and thought she was cheating with him. Complete stupidity.

I remember in my second grade class, this guy named Danny was dating a girl named Lilly. The parapro told them they were too young to date, and then Danny said, " No it's not! I have like, 10 girlfriends! " right in front of Lilly's face, and she didn't even care! Besides, how are you supposed to date in second grade?!

Honestly tacky preteens who think it's cool to be taken drive me up the wall, but CHILDREN reckoning some cringey girl or guy will be their princess/knight in shining armour? That makes me skim the ceiling, hop onto the chandelier and jump into the nearest pool of lava.

12 Let them have too much candy

I don't even like most candy and almost everyone in my school has too much candy. The teachers give them out as rewards, but I deny the candies all the time. Literally on Halloween I got a lot of candy while trick-or-treating and only ate two or three pieces of it, I think my dad donated the rest or threw it away. -Anonymousxcxc.

Main times of year for sweets: birthdays, Christmas, Easter and Halloween and even then I don't have much. My sister has more because she likes sweets that I don't like marshmallows, Haribo etc. So if you've got a younger sibling who likes sweets you don't like, it's fair.

Don't think I'm weird, but I'm 10 and I hardly eat sweets. I prefer cakes and pastries, but no. I never really eat sweets. A square of chocolate, maybe, occasionally.

What if I'm a chocolate addict just to stay awake and keep up with all my homework? And the fact that chocolates are glorious...

13 Let them smoke

You should never smoke anyway. It can cause lung cancer.

Smoking could cause cancer.

Nobody should smoke period.

If there is a parent that lets their 10 yr old smoke they need CPS on their dumb @$$!

14 Let them watch Gravity Falls porn

The first time I saw this was at New Year's Day when Grandma accidentally switched to one of these channels.

If you enjoy sexual fanfictions you are probably a horrible person in general.

I know what porn is, and I'm 10. It's disgusting, and it's way too accessible.

I grew out of Gravity falls. I am trying to get that off my chest.

15 Let them abuse animals

I saw it how this stupid snotty bastard was "playing" with a kitty, and throwing it, and squeezing it, and his jerk father was watching, and smiling like a retard, and enjoying how his dumb brat "loves" animals. Also, many couples have a pet and an idiotic kid and it seems they don't give a single f about the horrible attitude I've seen again and again. This people are so underbred, because they don't learn their children to love and respect animals.

That's worse than watching porn? Making 10 year olds see boobies is bad but it's not worse than teaching them to hurt animals.

I hope the kid being a jerk to the cat was hanged.

Animal abuse is horrible.

16 Let them listen to rap music

I'm twelve and I listen to lots of rap artists like Eminem, Logic, Nicki Minaj, etc. If there's one thing that I learned, then it's that you can listen to inspirational rap like Lose Yourself, but there are a lot of artists who rap about money, women, sex, and drugs and you must be 18 or older to listen to them.

They should have checked out Big Bang SpongeBob Ready on YouTube. They go real hard and cool with that in school most likely, regardless of the language. It's a stupid, but funny rap song, involving one of their favorite cartoon shows, but with some swearing in it.

They're way too young to be listening to adult rappers like tupac, Eminem, biggie smalls, nas, easy e, lil Wayne, nicki minaj, drake, tyga, rick ross, the insane clown posse, snoop dogg, and busta rhymes.

Kids are way too young to be listening to adult stuff like drugs, money, making it rain in the club, getting high off weed, and shooting (I know not all rap music is like that but still).

17 Let them cuss

Parents have to teach their kids manners and respect.

There are 8 year olds at my library that cuss, why...

It's so bad it was put here twice.

I guess it's OK if you say "Oh crap." on occasion, but don't say the S word, OK?!

18 Let them have a Instagram account

Almost every 6th and 5th grader I know have instagram! It all started with this kid signing up then he told his friend about instagram, then he told her. And it kept spreading, now almost everyone has instagram. I don't even think their parents know :P

I have account is private. The people I follow are people from my school, Melanie and AJR fan accounts, some other singers that I like, and contestants on Big Brother.

Ugh, by the time I was in fifth grade almost everyone had an Instagram account, except for me and probably some other people. -Anonymousxcxc.

People in my class say they have an Instagram account and 10,000 followers! What liars!

19 Let them read this list

I'm 13, but really, I think, and as well talk, as if I was 23. Minus the explicit content and cursing. It's just unneeded and uncalled for.

I'm eight and reading this. Please do not underestimate me, I'm mentally older than you think.

Unless you're 13 or you are mature enough to handle opinion, don't even think about joining this website.

I actually read this list when I was 10, since I discovered the website in 2015.

20 Let them into a strip club

I'm eight, reading this list, and I think that this is an unecessary reason because technically, there is an age range when you go to a strip club and in most countries, strip clubs are banned due to logical and psychological reasons, many of them which involves sexual interaction. According to my calculations, only 0.00012% of children in the population have already experienced going to strip clubs, most encounters did not go well at all. The blame does not go to the children��"you may as well blame the parents, as habitually going to strip clubs may cause atrocious behavior.

Ok. There are dumb decisions.

There are really dumb decisions.

Than, we have THIS decision.

If I ever brought my child to a place like this, I'd probably go to jail for child endangerment.

Seriously! Ten years old in a strip club? Unless that's their future occupation or something, but NO!

Wow, parents are letting kids do stuff that are illegal for them to do at their age.

21 Let them dress sexy

My friend says I keep on dressing like a hooker and if I keep on wearing leather it's because I look too much like a girl...

What?! I just like leather! I don't wanna attract attention!

That is one way to lure pedophiles near your kid.

22 Let them flip the bird

I accidentally did that. I saw Barack Obama do that O.O. And a baby and some grown up GIRLS!

23 Let them scream in public

That is stupid and emberrasing for their parents, I will tell you guy's a real story, one day I was going to the supermarket with my mom and we were at the cashier line like 3rd or 4th in the line. And in front of us was another mother with her little child like 7 or 8 yrs old I estimated and he wanted a candy bar, his mom said no so she screamed all the way till they left the lline

My good, screaming kids in restaurants are really annoying. Just pipe down!

Well, there is an exception if a stranger tries to take them away.

It just makes me want to strangle them.

24 Let them fart in public

These parents must just simply love seeing people around them get irritated.

Okay, so this is weird, but farting is natural, it is a gas bubble stuck in the intestines being released through the anus

They can't help so can't you.

25 Let them drive cars

No, they haven't even reached the legal age the drive a car so.

Done that at 13, should be fine if they know how to control.

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