Top Ten Stupidest Things Parents Let Their Kids Do at the Age of 10


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21 Let them watch South Park

By the most violent show ever I thought you meant happy tree friends. And let's pray that any parent wouldn't be stupid enough to show their kid such a bloody show (and that goes for watership down)!

Everyone's like "What's your favorite South Park episode"? Well, some people don't watch South Park! - PatrickStar

I hate those dumb children and their dumber parents that watch South Park. I mostly hate how PROUD they are because they watch it. They say, "I'm 8 and I like South Park" If you're trying to look cool, you're failing cause we don't care! And the CREATORS themselves have said that anyone who is a child can't watch it. And no, just because you think you're mentally mature doesn't mean you are. - Drawbox

I thought kids were South Park's target demographic. Sarcasm

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22 Let them scream in public

Especially on the bus while I'm going home from school

Well, there is an exception if a stranger tries to take them away. - Connor360

We are talking about 10 not 5!

It just makes me want to strangle them. - Catlover2004

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23 Let them kill themselves

Parents are so stupid in this generation, that they let 10 year olds kill themselves, they're so stupid.

My friend is so annoying...she claims to have deppression when she doesn't. Self-diagnosis, people!

Wow. Just...Wow. -LetsGoSwagger

24 Let them smoke

Not Even Adults Should Be Smoking - RockStarr

No one does that - simpsondude

Smoking could cause cancer.

Even adults shouldn't -.-

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25 Let them listen to songs about drugs, partying, sex, and butts

This needs to be in the top 10. It really does.

I Made The List Of Songs About Drugs, I'm 10 - BeatlesFan1964

Like we don't know about these things

Yes, songs about partying can be inapropriette. Thanks a lot, Ke$ha.

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26 Let them watch inappropriate music videos

But they just have to because Maroon 5 Sugar is everywhere and that has bad words same with Dynamite by Taio cruz - venomouskillingmachine

They should have ratings on music videos - Sparkjolt

Don't watch cheep thrills - Unknownguy

Stay away from XO TOUR Llif3 that ting is creepy. - DankGodX

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27 Let them dress sexy

That Is How You Get A Boy/GirlFriend - RockStarr

My friend says I keep on dressing like a hooker and if I keep on wearing leather it's because I look too much like a girl...

What?! I just like leather! I don't wanna attract attention!

28 Let them abuse animals

I saw it how this stupid snotty bastard was "playing" with a kitty, and throwing it, and squeezing it, and his jerk father was watching, and smiling like a retard, and enjoying how his dumb brat "loves" animals. Also, many couples have a pet and an idiotic kid and it seems they don't give a single f about the horrible attitude I've seen again and again. This people are so underbred, because they don't learn their children to love and respect animals.

I hope the kid being a jerk to the cat was hanged.

I hope that cat scratched their eyes out

NO ONE should do that. - DankGodX

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29 Let them sing inappropriate songs

I know some second graders on my bus who keep sing Nicki Minaj's Anaconda.

At our Homecoming Pep Rally I played for the Marching Band and during one of the pep rally games, they started to play Hit the Quan and Whip and Nae Nae (not the marching band) and all the elementary kids (we let everyone in our elementary, jr, and high schools join) started to dance to those songs. Even Preschoolers! While the Jr High and High school kids were just standing around like "what? " Seriously. That's the kind of stuff Nazis would've used on Jews in concentration camps to burn their eyes. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I heard a 4th grader at my school singing, " My anaconda don't, my anaconda don't..."

Despacito and shape of you are perfect examples - VideoGamefan5

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30 Let them into a bar

If it's a restaurant bar you could let the kids sit there - Unknownguy

You can't go to a bar until you're at least 21.

31 Let them watch rated R movies

Cannibal Holocaust from Italy I think is a perfect example a violent R movies and don't forget Cannibal Holocaust is one of my favorites but I refused to watch it again - CerealGuy

A kid in my second grade class was obsessed with rated R movies, it's all he ever talked about.

I watched The Shining... It was disgusting and horrible.

It all depends on the movie. - PanteraForever

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32 Let them go on the internet

How are kids supposed to do research for school, eh? - 906389

Overprotective parents, just go AWAY - JaysTop10List

Hi, I'm on the Internet. Oh no, now I am grounded, sarcastic face

I went on TheTopTens when I was 10. - lovefrombadlands

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33 Let them use swear words
34 Let them have Twitter
35 Let them watch porn

I agree adults probably made this list - trender2004

No one does that

I swear a lot of kids, especially teens, do this

Even adults shouldn't... jeezus

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36 Let them cuss

Needs to be in the top ten

I'm 12 and I will NEVER cuss - slytherinforever

It's so bad it was put here twice.

I never cuss! - Spottedtail

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37 Let them not brush their teeth

I brush my teeth 7 minutes if I forget to brush them

38 Let them watch films with tons of nudity

Oh god no, I can't handle nudity.

Inappropriete movie idea: Sluts vs. Strippers

39 Let them be rude to people

It depends on the kid and the parents really. -Anonymousxcxc.

40 Let them listen to Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber

Actually, I think this is bad for ANYONE!

That sums up the list. - nko32

Justin will sing this one to them
"And you're not a Baby Baby Any-mooore."

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