Top Ten Stupidest Things Parents Let Their Kids Do at the Age of 10


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61 Let them play with matches
62 Let them drink alcohol

I won't do that when I'm a grown up losers, who do that is because they're depressed and their life sucks

It's okay to have a sip of low alcohol champagne at a wedding or new years, but other than that, oh no

Am like 10 and I don't even dare do this I acutally try be alive peeps :p!

63 Let them play with weapons V 1 Comment
64 Let them play with guns

In the UK you would be sentenced for a long time in prison if you did that

V 1 Comment
65 Let them play with highly inappropriate toys V 2 Comments
66 Let them eat junk food

Whoa I ate a French fry! My parents must be idiots! No! Just stop.

By point blank? Oh please don't be like this, you have had so many good items and this?!?!

Really!? Man, who ever put this on this list is a total loser!

So? - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

V 7 Comments
67 Let them listen to Sir Mix-a-Lot's Baby Got Back

A 4th grader was singing that at my school last year...

Same tune as Nicki Minaj's anaconda.

Theodore sang this in The Chipmunks. I'm pretty sure this appropriate.- LetsGoSwagger

V 1 Comment
68 Let them play with knives

Just don't let them do the knife game song... - kaitlynrad11

V 2 Comments
69 Let them go on TheTopTens

You guys are starting to be pricks now - JaysTop10List

Hey I like this this is my favorite list of random stuff I enjoy looking up

Hi, I'm eleven, and you are? A poop

This website is innocent!

V 3 Comments
70 Let them listen to gangsta rap

I've Listened To Gangsta Rap, It's Not Bad - BeatlesFan1964

V 1 Comment
71 Let them read inappropriate magazines

Like we don't know about whats in them

72 Let them play Call Of Duty V 2 Comments
73 Let them watch Miley Cyrus Performances
74 Let them be Bronies

I'm a brony since I was 7! Joking, I was actually 14 years old when I started watching MLP. - nko32

V 4 Comments
75 Let them watch horror movies

Horrors are not scary - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

76 Let them watch Adam Sandler movies

Except hotel Transylvania it's funny and kids and grown ups like it

V 2 Comments
77 Let them play violent video games V 1 Comment
78 Let them get on YouTube

What what age IN YOUR OPINION YOU SHOULD BE TO GET ON YOUTUBE THEN like I0m 13 and what I've been using it since I was 5 years old - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

You prick.

That's where I got all the practice for guitar and piano and drums.

And that's where I found out about Big Hero 6.

Heck, I even watch NatGeo, so suck it up, and get out.

79 Let them watch inappropriate movies
80 Let them listen to pop music

I suppose listening to Whitney Houston and MJ is now aganst the rules. - PeachyBlast

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