Top Ten Stupidest Things Parents Let Their Kids Do at the Age of 10


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81 Let them pick their nose V 1 Comment
82 Let them be naked in public

Not even adults are naked in the public.

I get disgusted when women bring out naked babies in public. No diaper.

V 4 Comments
83 Let them draw inappropriate pictures V 1 Comment
84 Let them litter
85 Let them watch inappropriate cartoons
86 Let them repeat quotes from inappropriate movies and TV shows
87 Let them flip the bird

I accidentally did that. I saw Barack Obama do that O.O. And a baby and some grown up GIRLS!

V 3 Comments
88 Let them break objects

I don't like it when some breaks it makes me sad and I almost shed a tear writing this.

89 Let them leave their clothes around the house
90 Let them push people
91 Let them not wash their face


92 Let them not flush the toilet after using the bathroom

My brother does this all the time. It's So. Gross

Even in elementary school there's always a piece of poop in one of the toilet sa school people think they can "vandalize" the bathroom and get away with it if no one else is in there and one time there was some crap in the sink, THE SINK!

You'll be surprised how many people in my middle school and my sister's high school (well her former high school because she graduated) still do this. Yeah, it's gross. -Anonymousxcxc.

Ok, I flushed the toilet when I was 4. - PanteraForever

93 Let them watch adult shows

Oh your mom is. Sort of over protective my mom is perfect, she isn't too lose so that I get hurt and she isn't so tight that I get hurt.

My friend, Hunter asked "Do you watch Impractical Jokers? "
Me: Not allowed
Then, Hunter shouted out, "OVERPROTECTIVE MOMMM! "
I was mad.
Some classmates were commenting on that. This was in 5th grade, I'm now in 6th grade by the way.

94 Ground their kid for cleaning his room

I just finished this list, so I'm understanding to shut kids down from all society and social media, while also not letting their body function properly. I mean, about 4 out of 87 of these facts I actually agree with.

That doesn't make any sense.. - Navylexi

This is stupid.

If just my parents grounded me for cleaning my room lol I would leave it like this lol
(Now you can't even enter it) - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

95 Let them use voice chat in World of Tanks V 1 Comment
96 Let them listen to uncensored music
97 Let them have action figures made only for Adult Collectors
98 Let them tinkle in public
99 Lettting them drink
100 Letting Them Get Plastic Surgery
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