Top Ten Stupidest Things People Hate Daisy For


The Top Ten

1 Hi I'm Daisy - Princess Daisy

Why hate Daisy when she is just saying who she is? Besides, I really don't find "Hi, I'm Daisy! " to be that annoying, anyway.

2 Her Voice
3 Her design
4 Her Fanbase
5 Peach Clone
6 She's Ugly
7 Filler

Her fans are fools

8 Waste of a character slot
9 Her being in Super Mario Run

Her haters are fools

10 Underdeveloped

The Contenders

11 No personality
12 Is a damsel in distress in her debut

Daisy made her debut in Super Mario Land, yet she had the same role Peach had in most games.

13 She is a tomboy

At least, compared to Peach.

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