Stupidest Things People Say


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1 "It isn't what happens to you that matters; it's how you perceive it."

Do they just not want to accept that some things in life they will not like? Not everything has to be good. There are just some things in life that are bad, and that's that.

Sometimes things which are bad are bad, they don't need any special outlook. - Kiteretsunu

2 "It'll get better." V 1 Comment
3 "Think positive."
4 "Because you got to."
5 "The customer is always right."

What if he says 2+2=5? Or what if he says that his change is 10 K? Or he throws a brick at your head?

And you are allways worng because you are weirdo

6 "Kill them with kindness."

A flying heart wouldn't be enough to kill a person, god damn it. - StephanTheIdiot

Or a gun or a mullet want ever works

7 "If we spend less time together, that will make our time together even more special."
8 "Everything happens for a reason."

Sanjay and Craig happened for no reason.

9 "We're pregnant!"
10 "Things can't get any worse."

And it does it can be any worse than this

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11 "You suck"
12 "Boys don't cry"

Only if a girl breaks their hearts that is...

13 "MLP: FiM is the best show ever!"

Oh god worst list ever I'm leaving this list bye

14 "Just a moment"
15 "I didn't ask you"
16 Gravity Falls and Invader Zim Is Not For Kids

Then what is for kids? South Park? Family Guy? Rick and Morty?

17 "Justin viewer is better than you" V 1 Comment
18 "What?"
19 "I'm confused"
20 "You smell"
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