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21 Wikipedia

Schools shouldn't stop students from reading it - instead they should help them to understand that they should only trust Wikipedia content when it is backed up with a reliable source. Vandalism of Wikipedia from school computers is also a problem, though Wikipedia admins can block the IP addresses from editing if it happens. - Entranced98

Wikipedia's blocked for good reason it's not factual at all. - BoredJeff02

22 Headphones

Actually, I brought mine and it hung on my neck for the whole day, with no music though. - Fandom_Lover

I always bring these in school! Especially when you have to do projects!

Like guys music can make you focused but why not have it in school

No way I would NOT take my headphones! - SkullKid101

23 Snowball Fights

At my brother's school, they let you make snowballs, but didn't let you throw them. What you gonna do with those snowballs, huh? - PositronWildhawk

Your brother is lucky. We weren't even allowed to PICK UP the snow! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

What is life if you can't throw snowballs?

Really, I've only seen snow once. We weren't allowed to play in it, but only got to play after the snow was gone. Pretty messed up, unless the snow was polluted or something.

When I was in year 5, Some people made a snowman and an igloo, and then had a massive snowball ight with the school next door to us.

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24 Fidget Spinners
25 Spotify Spotify
26 Makeup

That is so pointless. Its not like the kids are going to actually apply it in class.

What was the point of banning makeup?! - GrimmShady

Why would they ban makeup for the students when the teachers can wear it all they long and apply it all day long while if we even wear 1 inch of lip gloss, we get suspended... I say that is a load of bullcrap

At my school we can only wear lip balm

27 Being Emo

I actually had a teacher tell me that if I wouldn't wipe the eom look off my face then I would get OSS for a week. Teachers just ADORE the snobby popular girls. They HATE me. They get mad if they hear me to about a song just because it has a depressing tone. I was talking about a friend at one point and I said the word cut. The teacher said she couldn't stand my emo attitude anymore. Geez it wasn't like I was talking about anything bad I was talking about a solution to a dungeon in a Zelda game. She LITTERALLY says I assume u won't say bad not so jive things anymore and I wasn't saying anything bad. She said that to one kid who cussed her out and I tried so hard not to laugh. Serves her right.

Probably because everyone on this site is emo. - DCfnaf

You are such a jerk, teacher. Being emo isn't a crime and there should be some problems happening to them latey which makes them emo. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Good, they should be banned from every public place, not just schools. Go slit your wrists to BVB somewhere else. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

28 Non Uniform Shoes

We have the right to wear whatever footwear we want.

29 High Heels
30 Animals

This is a good thing. Allergies and flues can spread from animals. - Swellow

31 Hairstyle

I think some black girl like myself got kicked out of school for her natural textured hair, that's stupid... We can't control our hair texture unless if you straighten it or get it treated. - PrincessKiana

Some schools ban hairstyles for family values. If you ask me it is pointless and stupid. - Swellow

This is the stupidest rule and also the most pointless at are school ther are rules about hairstyles
1-NO dye (Sucks)
2-NO upper hair more then 2 cm (Sucks)
3-NO boys having long hair (Actuly a good rule but no one does that)
4-No girls having short hair (I don't know obout thet I'm not a girl)
5-NEVER Dye yor hair:Black,Pink,Green,Yelow,White or any ectreme hair colors alowed (don't know don't care)

There there are

Banning dyed hair in my opinion is not a bad rule, at least it stopped a lot of annoying scene kids. - MChkflaguard_Yt

32 Showing Your Shoulder

Seriously, what kind of school does this? And why the shoulder?

Probably more conservative schools make this rule. - GrimmShady

Before, the schools here make you wear a uniform until our wrists! - Fandom_Lover

No tank tops., showing your shoulders is super inappropriete! NOT.

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33 Video Games

You shouldn't be able to have them in class but at lunch or recess should be ok

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34 Playing Tag

In my old school they banned tag as one kid fell down and got hurt - TwilightKitsune

35 Twerking

I agree with this being banned.

36 Beyblades
37 Henna
38 Kendamas

They are a Japanese toy, they're very popular around where I live an the schools there. Unfortunately the school district banned it because at recess people were playing with them and they should have been getting exercise... - Joansb

My school allows it as long as you don't smack people upside the head with it. - Pegasister12

39 Ipads

At our school, kids can use iPads. However, they are the school's iPads, and only have educational stuff on there. Eh, whatever, I'll finish this math puzzle before Plants vs Zombies...

My school gives an ipad to each kids kindergarden to 8th grade - Batmaniscole

40 Facebook

The question is...why wouldn't you ban this?

This actually needs to get banned. - MChkflaguard_Yt

This shouldn't be on the list

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