Top 10 Stupidest Things Some Feminists Believe

We all hate feminism, look down below to see some dumb things they believe.

The Top Ten

1 Having different beliefs than them is sexist

These people are dumb just like their propaganda - Randomator

This is why I'm not a feminist and I'm a woman myself.

This is why 3rd wave feminists are so stupid - DarkBoi-X

So they can say all these racist and sexist things and to them that is fine and not offending but if you disagree with them they call you sexist or racist. - spodermanfan1000

2 Feminism is about equality

It WAS. Now it's about superiority. - Cyri

It is - blackflower

*Used to be. First and Second wave feminism were good things, but third wave feminism has changed the idea and given them a bad name. - Person12

Women do not have equality they are still treated like an object, they don't have equal pay in jobs. HELLO TROLLS WHO ARE GOING TO BULLY ME NOW.

Prove it. Show me a statistical fact that proves your beliefs. Multiple studies have disproved the wage gap. It does not exist. Men cannot call women objects anymore, that is harassment and men who do that in person are punished or shamed in society. Literally both of your points are false. - Person12

Feminists are 'all about' equality when it only benefits them, if it drags down men it's fine though. - Person12

3 Women are stronger than men

Feminists forgot the definition of "strength". - yamionthetrap

It depends. Commonly, men are physically stronger than women. But women tend to have a quicker mind. But it is possible for a woman to be stronger than a man. You just don't see women like that very often. - LordDovahkiin

Physical no... - Jada

Feminists don't know the meaning of the word 'strength', It is true there are a handful of things that women are better than men at but men are on average physically stronger than women. - Person12

4 There are more than 2 genders

There are - blackflower

Yep. Male, female, and Apache attack helicopter. - Cyri

"There are three genders! Four genders! Even five! "

There's two; male/female, it's a scientific fact. end of story. - RustyNail

5 There is a gender wage pay gap

The two biggest parts of any experiment are the constants and the variables. Constants are things that stay the same during the whole experiment, whereas variables change or vary. You can only have one variable in an experiment, or the whole thing is screwed up. That's the problem with this whole study that's showing that women are supposedly payed less than men. There are COUNTLESS factors that go into this, such as age, experience, job type, degree, etc. IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT GENDER, STUPID!

Preach! If a man and a woman are exactly the same in every aspect besides gender, and the woman is payed less, maybe I'll believe it. Until then, there's too much effecting this whole study. - seancena04

Male models are paid 50% less than female models

The gender wage gap is fake.

This is the "gap" you are talking about: Women tend to go into social jobs that don't pay very well, like therapy or teaching. Men tend to go into physical jobs that pay well, like plumbing or construction. This is your so called gap. - LordDovahkiin

6 All males should be killed

Hmm because wanting to kill the opposite gender is TOTALLY Trying to be EQUAL! Hypocrites - Randomator

I prefer to be alive than killed, feminists are just loquacious from bad stuff that some of the males do. Not ALL of the males are like that and feminists who say crap like that need to be hanged out for awhile cause that is disrespecting the standards of our lives. - yamionthetrap

Extreme feminists in a nutshell. - Userguy44

Only the evil ones should be killed.

7 'Stare' rape, and other 'types' of rape exist

This one is just ridiculous, you know the drill. - Person12

Rape is rape. That's all I have to say. - Cyri

They even came up with fart rape. what!

8 1 in 4 women are raped at college

Read the studies - blackflower

Where is the source? This ratio is impossible.

Okay I'm getting sick of this. Women can rape! So can these feminists stop acting like only men can rape. - spodermanfan1000

Clementine Ford, a stupid Australian feminist, thinks that a third of all people are raped. what? - coolguy101

9 String cheese is sexist

Cause it looks like a penis? - ThatIntrovertedEmo

Explain please. - Cyri

Proof that these people are Stupid. I can’t even fathom the level of stupidity one would have to have to think this - Randomator

10 Air conditioning is sexist

The woman who said this claimed air conditioning is sexist because it made her cold. Really? - allamassal

No feminist with brain cells thinks this. Only those annoying attention seekers. - PanteraForever

They think everything is sexist don’t they? - Randomator

What? Yeah, that's just stupid. - TheFourthWorld

The Contenders

11 Not voting for Hillary Clinton is sexist

I'd rather vote for Donald Trump! - BorisRule

Hillary lies and if we vote for someone who doesn't lie were considered sexist? - spodermanfan1000

I'd rather vote for nobody - Jada

So not voting for an Indian killer is sexist? What is wrong with our society?

12 They refuse to acknowledge problems other than sexism that negatively affect society, such as racism, homophobia, etc.
13 KFC chicken was made by rapists' victim's flesh

Even if it was so what...good chicken is good chicken...but it wasn't so stop the lies "some feminists". - Jada

What The hell this is going too far - RoseCandyMusic

Who raped a chicken? - Cyri

This is the line they always say to me! FOR THE LAST TIME I SAY, K-F-C... IS... MADE... BY... CHICKEN... WINGS... AND... CHICKEN... MEAT...! Come on, are you deaf or something?!? - BorisRule

14 Men commit most of the domestic violence

Depending on the country, Men experience more domestic violence than women, example being Australia. However, more likely than not, Women experience slightly more violence than men, domestically speaking. - Person12

To be honest most of the time they are equal sometimes men do domestic violence and women sometimes do it. I think feminists wouldn't understand what I just said cause I said a sentence with the word equal. - spodermanfan1000

Studies concluded that women actually commit more domestic violence than men. - Person12

They are also usually the target of domestic violence. - shawnmccaul22

15 Women never lie about rape

Sure they do

16 Schools are biased against girls

My school is sexist. one day a girl came up to me and started swearing and saying I should go back to my country because I'm not wanted here (I'm a black African and she was British white) I told her to go away and I was given a detention.

That's not true. Schools should treat everyone equally.

Not true, my school favours girls. one girl swore at me in front of the ####### principal. I told her to leave me alone, and I was SUSPENDED.

I mean the dress codes are to strict but that's just because of men... - Jada

Studies have concluded that Women have an advantage in schooling. - Person12

17 All men are rapists

Every man ever is a rapist. what! Some women can be rapists! - spodermanfan1000

Not really - RoseCandyMusic

The classic! - BorisRule

18 Only women can be sexually harassed

Disapproved. Mens can get sexually harassed as well, it's just in some circumstances for that kind, it's just we hear less situations/incidents like that. - yamionthetrap

Men can be sexually harassed! I know a lot of people today think that is impossible (for some reason) but it is possible! There was a highschool near me and bunch of girls sexually harassed boys. - spodermanfan1000

Completely wrong. Anyone can be a victim of sexual harassment, and the mental scars extreme forms of it leaves can be just as painful for both men and women. - Entranced98

"Only women can be sexually harassed"YOU KNOW MEN ALSO BEING SEXUALLY HARASSED! - BorisRule

19 Men can't be raped

They can but nobody hears about it - Randomator

Yes, they do. - yamionthetrap

It seems these feminists go by stereotypes of men.

Actually they can also be raped! - BorisRule

20 All men should never exist

Piplup in a nutshell. - XxembermasterxX

I can't even imagine! - Userguy44

Then the human race would die. - LordDovahkiin

21 Rape is worse than holocaust

To be fair a lot of people were raped during the holocaust - judo8alex

NONSENSE, NONSENSE, NOTHING BUT COMPLETE NONSENSE! ONE rape is horrible, but it is insulting to Germany and Israel as well as other countries that fought against Nazi Germany during WWII to say that sexuall harassment is worse than a HOLOCAUST! - BorisRule

22 Hating Ghostbusters 2016 is sexist

The fact that Ghostbusters 2016's cast is female is the least of it's problems. - alphadan12

Uh I just hated Ghostbusters 2016 cause it wasnt the original cast. I liked the original cast cause they had more character and it was the original crew! But the new one lacked a lot. - spodermanfan1000

23 He and She are sexist terms


24 Everyday is Men's Rights' Day

I watched a video before that says that feminists a protesting against an organisation trying to organise a men's rights' day because of this stupid reason.

No it's not - BorisRule

25 Politeness and kindness are "oppressive" and "stereotypical"

They praise overly b**chy and selfish female characters, especially when they say anything negative about men. Any female who simply displays common courtesy and decency towards anyone regardless of gender is supposedly setting women's lib back 50 years.

26 Men are sexist

Men were very sexist way back in the olden days.

27 Walugi is a representation of the female by not being allowed in smash. He is being oppressed just like us

No! Don't bring Waluigi into this! Please! - Cyri

But wouldn’t they want him killed because he’s a male and they think all men should die? - Randomator

28 The Disney Princesses in "Ralph Breaks the Internet" were a much-needed improvement
29 All guys are disgusting

With this mindset, I wouldn't be surprised if in the next few years all women decide to become lesbians

Only sluts thinks like this

30 That they can hit a man and not get what they deserve

It depends what he did, same the other way around what did he or she do you can always hit them back, in my opinion doesn't matter what gender you are solo like... - Jada

31 Toilet signs are sexist

They say that toilet signs are sexist because it depicts women with dresses when women can wear what they want.

32 Men should sit with their legs closed

Our testicles are literally squeezed when we close our legs.

33 One only dresses nicely in order to please men
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